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Witchery: Scrying Processes Explained

Scrying is some of the most interesting magick a witch can learn to practice. Whether using a cauldron filed with water underneath the moonlight, using a rock crystal sphere, or a magick mirror, the tool a witch chooses is of less consequence than the manner used for scrying. Even using natural methods, such as the tall grasses in a field or the leaves of a tree dancing in a breeze, the dancing light of a fire or simple candle, scrying is a process that speaks to witches around the globe.

The medium you use should be natural to you. If drawn to air, leaves and grass blowing in a breeze can reveal what you seek. If fire calls to you, use a candle or the flames jumping from a fire. For earth, a rock crystal sphere or magick mirror, answers questions, just as a cauldron or charged metal bowl filled with water.

To practice scrying with your cauldron or a bowl, it is as simple as filling it with water to within a few inches of the lip; due to the natural elements it contains, rainwater or spring water works best. If you are inside, add a couple of small votive candles or chime sized candles of an appropriate color (related to the questions asked) to either side but do not allow the flame to touch the water surface while scrying. If you are outdoors, the light of the moon is best, however, do not allow the reflection of the moon to touch the water as you scry. Take several deep breaths and center yourself within your own mind. When your mind is clear, focus on what you want to know and allow your mind to narrow your focus to a single statement or question. When you are ready, allow your eyes to open and gaze into the water. You do not need to focus on the water itself, allow your gaze to sink into the center of the water. Allow your eyes to blink naturally; you are not in a staring contest with the water, after all. Let your mind relax around the single question, hear it in your mind as a whisper, feel it as a weight in your bones. The answer may come in pictures viewed with your third eye in the water, or as a voice in your mind. Let yourself relax and be open to the response you seek.

When using a crystal sphere or magick mirror, after it is magickally charged, do not allow sunlight or man-made light to touch it directly. I.e. protect it from fluorescent or incandescent light. I even set it carefully where candlelight does not reflect directly on the ball or mirror. I feel that candles should sit behind you as you scry, illuminating the medium you are using to scry only indirectly. Again, take several deep breaths and center yourself, as you focus on the question you need answered. Allow your gaze to sink into the mirror or ball, not focus directly on it. It is not like the movies where you see fluid shapes on the surface of the mirror or ball like a film shown on a movie screen. The shapes will occur within the mirror or ball, itself. You may see a snapshot as an individual picture reflected, you might see moving shapes showing you the answer. Some witches hear the answer audibly from the magickal item or as a whisper within their mind. How you share your connection with the crystal sphere or magick mirror will be uniquely yours. It might change as your work with it progresses, or stay the same. Only with continued workings will you learn how your individual connection works.

If you use a candle or fire to scry, it is as simple as it sounds. Once you have lit the fire or appropriately colored candle, perform your deep breathing and centering. Focus on the intent behind your gazing and allow the flames from the fire or candle to draw your attention deeply. The room or area should be darkened, if you are indoors, or nighttime if you are outdoors. When outdoors, make certain it is a still night and that you have taken all necessary precautions to keep the fire from spreading or the candle from falling and igniting other items. You do not want to have to worry about the flames spreading to you or the surrounding while you are gazing. Allow yourself to see the flames movements. Listen to the hiss, sizzle, and crackle of the flames when using a fire. Fire might choose to speak though images and/or through audible means as well. As you focus on the question, listen to the flame and watch as it dances, in order to hear and see the answers you seek. When using a candle or fire, you might also observe the smoke and with the fire, after the flames have burned out, you may try your hand at scrying for answers in the ashes.

When using nature to scry, it is very different from other means. Using nature requires you to have daylight. You may choose to listen, or observe visually, in order to find the answers you seek. Once you have chosen your medium, leaves high above you in the trees, grass on a hillside or open field, or even a tree-shaded brook or stream, you need to make certain you are comfortable. Arrange your body in a position that ensures your safety first, then your comfort. Make certain plants in your area are not harmful, such as poisonous ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Protect yourself from human, animal, insects, and vehicular dangers. Once ready, take your deep breaths and center yourself, gain your focus on the question. If you watch the leaves or grass moving in the breeze, you may see patterns or shapes, conversely, you may hear whispered answers to your question. The brook or stream, may answer you as the shadows of leaves form patterns or the babbling of the water becomes whispers or words you understand.

When you have a focus for your scrying, no matter which medium you chose, it can act as a doorway into your own subconscious, allowing you to interact with knowledge you do not realize you have. It might act as a way to contact the universal energy, elementals, a means to contact deities, familiar spirits, or other entities with access to knowledge beyond your own. You may receive the answer you seek; you may receive more than you seek or less. You may even end up with new questions to ponder.

When you practice scrying, it is best to keep a record of your activities. Use your grimoire or personal journal to track responses. If you experiment with various mediums, recording the results will help to track the most successful workings so you can find the most accurate medium, which works best for you. Each witch is unique and it may take time to discover with medium works best with your unique gifts. Some witches use different mediums for different questions, so, I suggest that you try as many methods as you can to see which works best for you.

Witches’ Tools: Witchery Methods I Have Tried, So Far

During my search for information over the years, I have decided to try and find different ways to access what I want to know. I am a firm believer that we can access information in a variety of ways and that each way may very well give us different perspectives, different access or even flesh out knowledge gained from different sources. As such, while one method of divination may give us some of the answers a separate type of divination may fill in blanks left by the first.

Numerology – Using the vibrational number behind the letters allows you to access information as varied as character, personality, fate, karmic links, divination, a path to follow, etc. about yourself, the people you meet and situations. It is said to be a way of accessing the universal knowledge.

Pendulum – Using a pendulum is said to allow for everything from question and answer style divination, to locating lost objects and more. Some believe that pendulums use the magnetic energy found within the earth and her living creatures and allows us to communicate within these force lines. Others feel that it allows you to access the universal knowledge.

Wind Augury – Using the sounds of the wind and movements of the wind in leaves, branches, grasses, etc. to answer questions, pass messages, and information to the person studying. This is thought to be a way to communicate with the wind elementals, the universal knowledge, or other mystical beings who wish to share knowledge and information.

Crystal Ball – The use of a crystal ball for gazing purposes is used to communicate with those on the other side, access visions, and information from the universal knowledge. Some feel that crystal gazing will allow two-way communication between the different sides of the veil.

Tarot CardsDecks of highly stylized cards used to interpret past, present, and future. A single card may be drawn to give a focus for the day or they may be used in various styles of layouts in order to predict the outcome of a circumstance or answer a question posed.

Medicine Cards – Using these cards is another form of divination. They are said to be a way to gain balance with nature, seek inspiration, and find one’s path in life. They are similar to tarot in that each card has meaning and different layouts provide depth to the readings performed with the cards.

Power Deck of Wisdom – Draw and exhibit a card from the deck daily. It is used as a focal point each day for you to ponder the beauty, health, strength and wisdom inside you which you need to bring out and manifest in your daily life. The cards help you to bring out that which already exists deep within you to help you improve and enjoy life more fully.

Phoenix Cards – Used to access the knowledge and experiences of your past lives in order to help you deal with issues in the current incarnation. All that we are is locked within our unconscious mind and these cards can help to access the talents, knowledge, memories, etc. that we have carried into this incarnation.

Runes – Whether using a single set of runes for readings or multiples, this is a method of divination that has been used for centuries. Whether casting the runes or drawing the runes and laying them out, it allows access to the universal knowledge or divine. The runes are also used in spell work, of course.

Automatic Writing – Using a simple piece of large white or brown paper, allow your pen to flow over it in loops and shapes. When finished review the information to see if there are words, phrases or shapes, which speak to you. This is thought by some to access the universal knowledge, by others to reach beyond the veil and speak to those who have gone on before, or to speak to mystical creatures that have messages to impart.

Pyromancy – Using the flames of a candle or fire to set you into a trance, scry, and allow visions to appear. Some feel that this is a method of communing with fire elementals, which have wisdom to impart; others feel that this is another way of accessing the universal knowledge. You may see visions in the flames, hear messages, or just feel the communication.

Botanomancy – This form of divination requires that you study the smoke of a fire and/or the ashes and other remains of a fire in order to garner messages from the universal knowledge, those who have passed beyond the veil, fire elementals or other mystical creatures.

Hydromancy – This form of divination uses flowing water in rivers, creeks, streams, etc. as a focal point for scrying. Staring into the moving water can allow you to access visions or hear messages. Some feel that the knowledge comes from water elementals, other feel that is allows access to the universal knowledge.

Palmistry – Studying a person’s hand, the lines, shape, fingers, mounts, etc is believed to give insight into the person’s life. Everything from their past, present, and future has a place in palmistry. Studying the hand is supposed to tell of their love life, longevity, travel plans, future happiness and more.

Scrying Mirror – Used in a similar manner as a crystal ball, as a focal point for divination or answering questions posed. It is said by some to access the universal knowledge and by others to speak to others on the other side of the veil. Visions are most common, but some people hear the answers.

Scrying Bowl – Use of a scrying bowl or caudron is similar to using scrying mirrors and crystal balls for divination and answers. It holds water darkened with ink, etc. which allows it to become a vehicle for visions and allows access to the universal knowledge or those on the other side of the veil.

These are the techniques I have used, so far, to try to gain new information, to reach new insights and answer questions I have had. There will be many more opportunities for me to experiment, learn, and grow as time passes. I believe that when we stop searching for answers and stop learning new ways of trying things then we begin to die.

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Witches’ Tools: A Witch’s Personal Journal, Grimoire or Book of Shadows

One of the most important tools that a witch owns is a personal journal. Depending on the tradition, practice or path a witch follows, they may be more comfortable calling the book a journal, a grimoire, or a book of shadows. This is typically a witch’s official record of the steps they have taken on their magickal path. Here, they include any personal observations, the collected information and knowledge, which will help them continue on their path with success.

The journal may include a blessing page, consecration page, or even a favorite quote as a dedication depending upon the will of the witch and their path. It will hold personal data the witch feels is important to their practice of the craft. This may include personal notes and observations on spells and rituals they have performed, data gathered or created, as well as a log denoting any successes and/or failures, properly documenting any good, bad or unusual occurrences during the processes, and other items particular to the practice of their craft. Some witches choose to write spells in different inks according to the spell or ritual being transcribed, such as Dragon’s Blood ink for power spells, Dove’s Blood ink for healing spells, Bat’s Blood ink for spells to bind or hex, and Lampblack ink for common knowledge or correspondences, etc.

The grimoire helps a witch to recognize any fluctuations in the spells. I. e. if one deity works in tandem with the witch better than another, if the witch has more success during a particular phase of the moon with a certain type of spell, or when using a particular herb over another. Even among multiple herbs that are known to have the same magickal property, say for healing, some herbs may work better for one witch than for another. It is common for witches that I know to have a specific group of “go to” herbs on hand as the herbs properties and the way the herbs respond to that particular witch are familiar to their practice. Many keep a list of herbs to mix and match for specific recipes and specific intents.

The personal journal is a handy place to store correspondence charts for candle colors, as well, relating to stones, days and times, seasons, zodiac, woods, metals, as well as any particular recipes the witch has created, discovered or been gifted with.

It is the place where a witch retains their favorite or personal magickal symbols, glyphs, runes, , or sigils. Some wiccans even keep their personal poems and songs relating to their craft or in honor of their deities in their journal, called a book of shadows, for safekeeping.

As a witch, you wish, you may include not only the spells, but also, drawings of any tools, diagrams, personalized spell oils or incenses used; even samples of any individual herbs may be attached to the page for ease of reference. Specific charts showing what all tools were required for the spell or ritual makes it easy to recreate the spell if/when it is needed, again.

Descriptions of various layouts of their altar, tools, descriptions of how their tools were created by the witch, if they were gifted, by whom, or if purchased the name and location of the store.

Descriptions of private and public practices installed in the journal, as well as practical spell work or ritual ideas for future use are handy. However, when logging ideas for future use, be certain to leave sufficient room to document what occurs when you put the ideas into practice.

As with so many other areas of witchcraft, each witch must decide for himself or herself, what to include. A good rule of thumb is to include anything you think you might want to know or remember later. It is easier to remove the information than try to rediscover or recreate it after the fact.

If you prefer, instead of going the route of a hand written journal as has been the way of so many witches in past centuries, modern witches, or geek witches, like myself, may choose to use a digital version. Storing a private grimoire on your computer to track and document your work and only transferring the data to a formal, hand written journal or grimoire, once you are certain the spells, rituals, recipes or other information is something you want to be able to pass down to another witch in the future.