Quicken the Divorce

Begin this spell after sunset but complete it before midnight. For successes in matters of law, you perform it on Thursdays, but Sundays are best for victory over troubles. You can define the issue as one or the other as the best wish for the spell, or if you want to double down and do it twice, it will just reinforce the matter.

You will need:
Two candles of the appropriate gender (or one candle each, colors befitting each person’s zodiac sign)
Red thread
Divorce Oil
A sharp implement for carving the candles
A piece of parchment
Dragon’s Blood Ink (or a black pen)
Black thread
A pinch each paprika, tarragon, tobacco
A lighter
A fire safe cauldron or bowl

First using either a male and female candle (or two candles, one each to represent the zodiac signs of those involved) carve the involved persons’ names into the appropriate candles. Then, only on the sex that is to be pushed away, place the reversed rune for Wunjo.  It will bring sorrow, strife and frenzy to the offending party. Anoint both candles with divorce oil, start in the center of the candle, and anoint it widdershins from the center of the candle to top and then center to bottom to “send” the spell out when the candle burns.

Divorce oil contains Sandalwood to banish negativity, Pine for clean breaks and to promote new beginnings, Yerba Mate to end relationships, Wisteria to overcome obstacles  and Passion flower to diminish stress.

**A single oil can be substituted if you only have one of them, or oils may be left out if you have some but not all, the oils used will bring the properties mentioned above to the spell.

Tie the candles together with a red thread to symbolize the love that the people once shared and set them aside.

Write the spell

On a piece of parchment using Dragon’s Blood Ink (a black pen will work in a pinch) write out the following spell.

We once were  bound with holy ties
Now ripped asunder through your lies (with scissors, cut the thread binding the candles, put in cauldron)
This cord’s now cut to set me free
You’ll walk away and let me be

From here on out I’ll walk in peace
Your influence, it will now cease
Divorce be granted now and here
My life without you will be clear

No heartache follows from this place
Of you there’ll be no lasting trace
You’ll have no power over me
As I declare so mote it be

Once you have finished writing the spell on the parchment, read the spell over the candles. When you reach the place where you cut the cord binding the two candles together, you will light only the candle of the person you are getting rid of, and then finish reading the spell.

Once the reading is completed, you will lay the parchment flat before you.

Add one Pinch each:

Paprika – Adds energy to spells
Tarragon – Heal the abused
Tobacco – Win in court

You will do two tri-folds to hold these inside. (i.e. Fold the paper into threes trapping the herbs and tobacco inside, turn it 90 degrees and fold it into three the other direction. You end up with a small filled packet.

Use the Dragon’s Blood Ink (or pen) the draw the following sigil for “Quick Divorce” on both front and back. All lines should be touching. (Unfortunately, the computer makes this hard to do.)

Bind the packet closed with the black thread, knotting it seven times. This packet you will set fire to by holding it over the lit candle to ignite it, and then lay it aside into the cauldron or fire safe container holding the cut red thread.

Allow the candle to burn to the end before snuffing it out. Once it is out, take both candles and the ashes of the parchment and thread away from your place and throw them in the trash.







By Fidelisblue (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Poppet Magick: Creativity Poppet


Creativity is a handy tool for witches to lay claim to as it helps when creating spells and rituals for themselves. While some witches choose to use the spells of others, either completely, or in part, (which is the reason we share ours here) others choose to create their spells and rituals “from scratch”, as the saying goes. As such, increasing creativity is a good idea for any witch who wants to tailor make spells and rituals to suit their individual needs.

In additional, to spell work, witches often need creativity for many other reasons, sometimes for their career, sometimes for hobbies, or even home and family endeavors outside their spiritual life. As far as I am concerned, enhancing ones creativity is never a bad thing. Such as, creativity in balancing a budget comes in handy for those struggling with money trouble. Creativity in balancing time around a large family’s needs may be crucial in a family with varied interests as any parent with multiple children can tell you. Business owners may need creativity to help develop or grow their business and bring in additional revenue. Creativity on the job as an employee may help solve problems with “out of the box thinking” that leads to a desired promotion. The creativity needed to be a professional artist is fundamental, of course. Therefore, you can see that additional creativity can be of use in pretty much everyone’s life.

A poppet to draw in creativity can be made using any medium. Your creativity in creating your poppet for this particular endeavor will only increased the strength of the spell. Writing a unique parchment spell to include inside the poppet will also strengthen the spell. Create a poppet to represent the person for whom creativity is being drawn, the more creative the design, the better.

  • Poppet Idea: Linen or Cotton Material, Clay, Wood, Wax, Paper Mache, Combinations or Other Unique Ideas
  • Color: Orange
  • Herbs, plants, tree, etc: Carnation, Gingko Biloba, Horehound, Violet
  • Metal: Gold
  • Stones: Topaz, Turquoise, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Petrified Wood, Opal, Blue Calcite, Amber

The only real suggestion I have for this spell is to go all out in the decoration of the poppet. Be as unique as possible, as creative and ornate as you can imagine. The focus on the creativity you intend to draw and inspire, even while creating the poppet, will also translate into power as you contemplate ways of designing it, what to include inside it and what to use as a base for the poppet. If you are brave enough, use multiple mediums to complement each other, such as a Paper Mache head on a carved body with clothing created specifically to suit the poppet. You may choose to sew the body and make clay representations for the face, feet, and hands. Whatever you decide, make it unlike any other poppet you have ever constructed or even seen. Exercise your creativity to draw more creativity, the ways of the witch will win, if you do.