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Witches’ Tools: Creating a Personal Talisman

Talismans are empowered objects created and used to amplify a witches powers or their focus. Whether used to focus on balancing out a problem, protection from harm, drawing luck, drawing love or for another reason, a talisman is created with a specific purpose in mind.

When creating a personal talisman:

  1. You need to decide what purpose you wish the talisman to serve.
  2. You need to decide what form you wish the talisman to take.
  3. You need to decide what medium(s) you wish to use.
  4. Remember that multiple mediums may be used in creating a talisman.

Whereas some people like to use wood, others may favor metals, stones, feathers, a tiny bottle filled with a charged oil and herbs, or a spell written on a piece of parchment, with either Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, or Lampblack ink depending upon the needs for the spell, inscribed clay, etc. The medium does not matter as much as the empowering of the individual talisman, although I will say that a talisman made, which incorporates more than one natural element in its construction that have power in their own right, will make a talisman more powerful in the end than simply empowerment by the witch creating it. You may even choose to invite a specific deity or deities to bless the item with their power in addition to your own.

Let us say we want to create a talisman to bring peaceful relations in our working life. We might choose to make a charm bracelet. First, we would need to determine which metals, stones, woods, figurines; etc. would best represent this purpose. Choose any deities and representations of their power/strength we want to add.

Gathering the items would be the next logical step, then once gathered, they would need to be consecrated and charged individually, and then the bracelet would be created and aligned in a manner to please the individual witch. After building it to the witch’s satisfaction, it needs to be charged as a completed whole and consecrated to the purpose or intent for which it was created.

When the items is worn, it not only allows the witch to link to the natural power of the items in the talisman, harness the power they have imbued the talisman with but also serves as a focal point in keeping the witch on task throughout the time the talismans is worn. Often times, just the act of wearing a talisman will help a witch to remember to focus on the purpose of the talisman throughout the day while attached to them. They will often touch the item, feel it moving about, and focus on it, which helps to reinforce the magickal intent of the talisman. As they touch it, feel it moving about, they remember the focus of the magick and their focus narrows to the intent, which causes the intent to become stronger each time they refocus. The talisman helps access the law of attraction when a witch focuses on the intent, which helps to attract the very thing the intent was created to bring into fruition

In constructing a talisman, there will normally be one major piece of the talisman used as a primary focus. While you may choose a specific metal for the bracelet, target colored ribbons, or other various items, there is one piece that will hold the greatest focus. You may decide to use a medallion of wood specific to your needs. On the medallion, you can carve or burn your personal sigil, or make the focal point from clay and inscribe a rune related to the intent, use metal and stamp it with your favorite glyph to focus your power and symbolize the intent of the talisman. Buy a tiny bottle and fill it with charged spell oil that you can access and use to anoint yourself or an item, or a charged essential oil, even a tiny piece of parchment with a spell, sigil, rune, etc. You may target the intent based on a certain color of beads or ribbon used, or choosing certain gemstones based on their magickal properties. Help the magick along by closing the tiny piece of parchment with drippings from a spell candle of a certain color, which was anointed and inscribed to your purpose. The crafting of your talisman is limited only to your own imagination.

You may decide to make different talismans for different days of the week if you choose, focusing on work life one day, home life another, personal prosperity on a third, etc. These are very handy tools to use and they become stronger, more potent tools with every use, so why limit yourself to creating just one talisman? Creating them as gifts is a lovely way of letting someone know how much you care about them.

23 thoughts on “Witches’ Tools: Creating a Personal Talisman

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    • Well, there are some people who are more than happy to create talismans for people they know or even create them for people they do not know for a price. There are even online companies who make them en mass and sell them, as well, just as any retail store would. The point behind making them for yourself is to imbue them with your specific power, your knowledge of the situation, your specific intent for an outcome. A talisman does not have to look like it was professionally create just to do its job.


  3. You are so interesting! I don’t believe I have read something like this before. So nice to find another person with genuine thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!


    • Thanks, Zoey. It has the added benefit of being able to be customized even if you buy charms from common sources. That is one of the beauties of witchcraft, taking ordinary items from ordinary sources and empowering them to serve your needs.


    • Erin, I don’t think “easiest” is the point is it? I think the best way to make a talisman if (like many witches) a person is “craft making challenged” would be to get some of the quick dry clay from a craft store. Then, adding a chamber in the center of the clay, put in a bit of charged metal, a tiny stone fragment or two targeted toward the purpose, draw a personal sigil or rune into the exterior of the clay and let it dry as intended. The talisman can then be carried in a certain colored bag or wrapped with a charged metal, then added to a colored ribbon and worn.


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  12. Hi! I found this post incredibly interesting. I am a writer. I am working on a book and I wondered if you could give me some information on modern witchcraft. To my understanding it is a religion like voodoo. Is that correct? The reason I ask is because I want at least 1 (but probably more) of my characters to be practicing witches and I would like to portray them accurately. If you can’t help, perhaps you can provide some links to some websites where I might find reliable information. In case you were wondering, the story is about a hidden matriarchal nation. It is a work of fiction. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


    • Some people practice it as a very strict religion, others practice it as a craft with no religious overtones, then there are all the steps in between. There are just as more ways of practicing witchcraft as there are ways of practicing Christianity. Will the characters belong to a coven or be solitary practitioners? Have you decided on a country of origin and/or pantheon? Will they cast only light spells, only dark spells or somewhere in between? Did they learn it from teachers and mentors, did they attend a school, or a private study? If you have specific questions, I will try to assist or recommend books, websites, groups that may suit your purposes.


      • I suppose some will be solitary and some will join covens. As for country, the “underground nation” is literally a subterranean nation peopled by people from every corner of the globe. People who were tired of the way things are. I don’t know enough about spells to say light or dark, but it’s the kind of place where everyone is free to do as they wish, providing no one else comes to harm. The nation was founded about 150 years ago I’m thinking. So the modern witches would have learned their craft from their parents or grandparents.


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