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Poppet Magick: General Healing Poppet

One of the most common requests asked of every witch I have ever spoken with, and certainly, the most consistent request I receive, is for help with healing. In today’s world, there are so many diseases, illnesses, such a plethora of ways to damage our bodies, that there is always need for healing among friends and family. Whether an illness is diagnosed or undiagnosed, witches can provide assistance with the situation in a general manner with the use of a healing poppet.

Witches can create poppets to serve the needs of people with short-term illnesses, such as the flu, or a simple infection, but also, longer term problems, such as broken bones, cancer, AIDS, etc. The most important thing to remember is that using poppets to bring back health, does not replace the need for seeing a doctor, taking prescriptions, and following the doctor’s advice. Poppets, as sympathetic magick, are always used, in addition to, not in lieu of the assistance of medical professionals.

A healing poppet can be made using any medium and including any or even many items with magickal properties. Some items may be targeted directly for the heath problem, if the specific problem is diagnosed, if not, then the witch will want to include items that promote general good health. As long as the witch remembers to add something of the person and link it to the person, for whom it is intended, before casting spells with it, all is good.

• Poppet Idea: Linen
• Color: Blue for healing is the default color as green can cause more problems if the nature of the illness is unknown.
• Herbs, plants, tree, etc: Allspice, Balm of Gilead, Chamomile, Cinquefoil, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Ginseng, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Thistle, Yarrow, Yerba Santa
• Metal : Tin, Gold
• Stones: Sugilite, Smoky Quartz, Petrified Wood, Amethyst, Amber

Create a poppet to represent your target. It can be a simple “Gingerbread Man/Woman” shape or something more complex. Embroider it, draw on it, whatever it takes to make it resemble the person for whom it is intended in order to strengthen the link for the sympathetic magick to work at its best.

As you create the poppet focus on the person, think about their physical, mental, and spiritual attributes. Think about what makes that person distinct from everyone else you know. Focus on the specific health problem they are experiencing. Think about what the symptoms are, the diagnosis, if there is one, the prognosis, and what needs to happen to help them heal.

When it is ready, the witch may stuff it with any or all of the above listed items, not forgetting to add something from the person to link to them. Speak a short spell and be certain to name the person the poppet is meant to represent and name the type of healing that needs to occur. Write a spell for good health on parchment and include it inside the poppet, anoint the poppet with healing oil, etc. do whatever

The poppet can be given to the person as a gift to keep near them or retained by the witch so that he/she may supplement the energy given toward the target’s healing on a regular basis until the healing has been completed. Even though loved ones of the ill can generally feel helpless in situations where someone they love is ill, as a witch, we do not have to feel the same powerlessness as the non-magickal folk feel. As a witch, we can still contribute our desire, intent ,and power to help resolve the situation in the way that best suits us.

healthy heart spell

Witches’ Spell: Bring Heart Health Spell

Witches are just like anyone else. Sometimes we meet people when we are out and about in the world, or even online, they tell us a little bit about their lives and their struggles and we simply feel the need, a deep desire to try to do something to help them with their problems. That is one of the perks of being a witch. We do not have to sit and cry over things we learn, we don’t have to feel ineffectual because there is “nothing we can do” to help. As a witch, we can become inspired to craft a spell to help, we can perform the spell, and we can send a copy to the person so they can do the spell, too. We can even choose to share the spell online with others who may have a similar need or who may know someone who does.

This spell is for heart related problems. It can be used for specific issues that are known and diagnosed, so they can be specifically targeted. It can also be used for generic issues or for issues that cause trouble where the specificity of the trouble has not been diagnosed.

This is a candle based spell so the ingredients, and tools needed, will be based on the way the spell needs to be cast. The color of the candle you choose can be crucial. A blue candle is best for non-growth based healing, will work if there is cancer or growth related problems of the heart due to heart disease. A green candle would be preferable to stimulate a re-growth of healthy heart muscle where existing muscles have experienced atrophy or damage due to heart disease or heart attacks. Since heart muscle is slow to heal and can heal imperfectly, it can use all the help it can get. A black candle can be used in banishing scar tissues from the heart to allow healing to take place, banish cancerous growth within the heart, or to banish plaque build ups in the arteries around the heart, etc.

Before doing any targeting healing relating to someone’s heart health, make certain you know what you are doing, you know the correct diagnosis and the ways in which the heart, itself, is being affected. For example, if the diagnosis is cardiomyopathy, make absolutely certain which form it takes. If you think it is due to weakened heart muscle, but instead, there is an enlargement and swelling of the heart and you use a green candle and target growth based healing, you can do more harm to an already weakened heart. Similarly, if the cardiomyopathy is related to thickened muscles which are not working as well and you use a green candle for growth… you see where this is leading.

Absolutely know the diagnosis or use a blue candle! Personally, for safety reasons, I would suggest using a blue candle unless you have intimate knowledge of the exact cause and effect of the problem, or unless you are a health professional with training in cardiac related issues. Likewise, a white candle may be used for a general healing, just as a blue candle can be used and for the same reasons. The energy of a white candle is not specifically focused, unless you focus it, and can be used as the body needs.

Please, always remember, that any healing based spells are to be used only as an addition to the health advice and treatment prescribed by a trained physician. Never, ever, under any circumstances, should a person use spell work in place of the treatments or medicines prescribed by a licensed, board certified, physician. In addition, when a spell calls for, or suggests, ingestion of anything specific, even the natural foods and herbs that will be suggested below, make absolutely certain to check with your physician or a licensed pharmacist to guarantee that there will be no drug interactions with any possible medicines or chemotherapy prescribed.

As always, your focus when tending to each part of the spell, from gathering the items, centering and preparing, to working through each step should be focused on the ultimate outcome you require. See the best possible outcome in your mind’ eye, feel that the spell will work with every breath you take, plan what wonderful results you will have to celebrate and as you walk through the components of the ritual, feel the problem (whatever it is) gathering into a tight little knot, ready for that problem to be ended or to be expelled from the unhealthy heart and the life of the person in need.

Beginning with a long straight pin, awl, or similar sharply pointed tool, you will want to carve the first side of the chosen candle with the runes: Laguz (for life energy), Uruz (for Physical strength), nauthiz (for endurance and survival), Sowulo (for life force, hope, and health) from top to bottom in any order. If you know enough specificity of the issue, you may use one rune multiple times; however I have included these four to cover all the bases.

laguz Laguz uruz Uruz nauthiz Nauthiz sowulu Sowulu

Make absolutely certain that you do not turn, reverse, or invert these symbols in any way as doing so does the same to the energy; it gives it a “twist” from healthy power to potentially very unhealthy power that is used or even a direct polar opposite reaction for the energy.

On the second side of the candle, carve the specific given names for the person, their commonly used or nicknames, or the names as given at birth. If they are all the same, excellent, if not, add the names as best you know them for certainty, for clarity of your spell.

On the third side of the candle, carve the following sigil. It is made of the letters HLTYR, which is the focus of the spell, “healthy heart”, with the duplicate letters and vowels removed. This can be used in any direction, just whatever fits best, as the way a sigil is turned or facing does not matter as far as the energy of the spell is concerned.


On the final side of the candle, if you are artistic enough and able to draw an anatomical picture of a heart great, if not draw a stylized picture of a heart, whichever you believe is needed for the spell at hand. If you draw the anatomical version and you definitively know where the healing is needed, in specific, you may draw or reflect that area as the focus for additional specificity.

anatomical_heart Anatomical stylized_heart Stylized

The next step is in anointing the candle. Using a good quality healing oil, if you are building and “calling” healing toward you, start at the top and anoint downward to the center of the candle in a deosil manner, then, begin again from bottom to the center of the candle in the same manner making them meet at the center. This achieves the effect of locking the energy of the spell in that place for “local” use in the area of the spell. If you are building, but will be “sending” the energy away from you for another person to use, you be using a widdershins motion from middle of the candle out toward ends, first toward the top and then the bottom, to send the energy from your location to the location of the person in need.  Set the anointed candle in its holder and proceed to the writing portion of the spell.

On a piece of parchment, or a squared section of a thick, brown paper bag, if no parchment is available, you will write out the spoken portion of the spell. Ideally, you would use Dragon’s Blood ink for the power it presents, if you do not have it, you can easily make lampblack ink, or if you do not feel comfortable with either, you may use common blue ink, for the same reason you would use a blue candle. You will need a good sized length of thread to match the color of the candle you intend to use, as well, as you will be folding and binding the power of the written spell and any additional components added toward the end of the casting.

When writing out a spell, personally, I prefer to use a specific cadence, so the spell flows more like a poem or song. The words will  rhyme when spoken aloud. If you prefer to write your own spell or simply tweak mine to suit your needs, of course, do what feels most right for you. I can assure you I will certainly have no hard feelings either way. The only important thing is working toward solving the health problem, itself. Take up your the pen and write, in the center of the parchment, the following lines.

I call upon the power of East,
To ease my/his/her mind and make surceased
The troubled mental woes I/he/she bear(s),
Dissolve them now into the air(s).

I call upon the power of North,
To bring physical respite forth,
Increase my/his/her strength and cure its dearth,
With energy pulled from the earth

I call upon the power of West,
Bring forth my/his/her emotional best.
Release me/him/her from this heart-felt strain,
With water make me/him/her whole again.

I call upon the power of South,
Vitality to bring in routh.
And deep within it starts to build,
‘Til with the fire of life I’m/he’s/she’s filled.

As elements patch any holes,
Their powers do fulfill their roles,
Cure illness caused inside of me/he/she,
Joined with my spirit, now I’m/he’s/she’s free.


Once the spell is written out, on the four corners of the parchment, you may again use the runes: Laguz, Uruz, Nauthiz, and Sowulo or the sigil, power words you choose for personal importance, chosen deity names, etc. whatever calls to your particular sensibilities as a witch.

Once the writing is complete, light the candle (visualizing its smoke carrying healing energy toward the person) and read the spell in cadence. Once this is completed, you may choose to include a bit of herbs before you fold it closed. If so, some common herbs, the same ones that are good for use in recipes for the person to ingest (promoting healing from within) are safe to introduce a tiny pinch of into the center of the parchment spell before folding it closed. They are:

Allspice: Healing

Cinnamon: Healing

Coriander: Healing

Fennel: Increase Strength

Garlic: Healing

Onion: Endurance

Oregano: Energy

Parsley: Restore Well Being

Rosemary: Healing

When everything you wish to add to the center of the parchment is complete, you will then perform a double tri-fold to contain the power, and any additional ingredients as well, within the parchment. To do so, carefully fold the parchment in thirds, lengthwise, first, then turn it 90° and fold into thirds, widthwise. After folding it in both directions, you will wrap the colored thread around the parchment in both length and width directions. Knot the thread by fives each time in each direction. This symbolizes the unity of the four elements working in concert with your spirit, your will, to get the healing done.

Carefully, holding one edge of the spell packet, light it with the candle’s flame all along one or two sides and place it in a cauldron or fire safe container to burn away and release the spell energy held within. Let the candle burn down to a small nub, releasing all the energy you poured into it, as well.

The spell may be repeated as needed to keep the energy building and stacking one time after the next.  If it is to be repeated store the remains of the candles in plain view and each time you see it, add a little “oomph” of your energy to keep it going and growing.

As always, if you want to strengthen and weave a tighter web for your spells, you can do it by adding layers. If, in your witchcraft, you go by correspondences, set up to cast the spell on the correct day and choose the proper time to either banish the illness or draw healing in. Use the moon phases to target the spell to the waxing or waning moon as needed. If you want to circle the candle with stones as they relate directly to the elements, or for the innate properties found in stones, do it. Use a specific metal for the candle holder, or use it around the area where you will be casting the spell. Use an altar, use a wand you create from wood that promotes healing. Personalize your use of the spell in whatever way works for your particular brand of witchcraft. You are casting, you are the witch, and you have the power to do it your way.