By Fidelisblue (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Poppet Magick: Creativity Poppet


Creativity is a handy tool for witches to lay claim to as it helps when creating spells and rituals for themselves. While some witches choose to use the spells of others, either completely, or in part, (which is the reason we share ours here) others choose to create their spells and rituals “from scratch”, as the saying goes. As such, increasing creativity is a good idea for any witch who wants to tailor make spells and rituals to suit their individual needs.

In additional, to spell work, witches often need creativity for many other reasons, sometimes for their career, sometimes for hobbies, or even home and family endeavors outside their spiritual life. As far as I am concerned, enhancing ones creativity is never a bad thing. Such as, creativity in balancing a budget comes in handy for those struggling with money trouble. Creativity in balancing time around a large family’s needs may be crucial in a family with varied interests as any parent with multiple children can tell you. Business owners may need creativity to help develop or grow their business and bring in additional revenue. Creativity on the job as an employee may help solve problems with “out of the box thinking” that leads to a desired promotion. The creativity needed to be a professional artist is fundamental, of course. Therefore, you can see that additional creativity can be of use in pretty much everyone’s life.

A poppet to draw in creativity can be made using any medium. Your creativity in creating your poppet for this particular endeavor will only increased the strength of the spell. Writing a unique parchment spell to include inside the poppet will also strengthen the spell. Create a poppet to represent the person for whom creativity is being drawn, the more creative the design, the better.

  • Poppet Idea: Linen or Cotton Material, Clay, Wood, Wax, Paper Mache, Combinations or Other Unique Ideas
  • Color: Orange
  • Herbs, plants, tree, etc: Carnation, Gingko Biloba, Horehound, Violet
  • Metal: Gold
  • Stones: Topaz, Turquoise, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Petrified Wood, Opal, Blue Calcite, Amber

The only real suggestion I have for this spell is to go all out in the decoration of the poppet. Be as unique as possible, as creative and ornate as you can imagine. The focus on the creativity you intend to draw and inspire, even while creating the poppet, will also translate into power as you contemplate ways of designing it, what to include inside it and what to use as a base for the poppet. If you are brave enough, use multiple mediums to complement each other, such as a Paper Mache head on a carved body with clothing created specifically to suit the poppet. You may choose to sew the body and make clay representations for the face, feet, and hands. Whatever you decide, make it unlike any other poppet you have ever constructed or even seen. Exercise your creativity to draw more creativity, the ways of the witch will win, if you do.

By Fidelisblue (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Poppet Magick: Get a Job Poppet

At one time or another, every witch needs to find a job. Even during the times when we have jobs, it may happen that a friend or family member needs one. We may decide we want to find a specific new job. These uncertain times are maddening and we want to put an end to our suffering and the suffering of others without steady employment. As witches we can build poppets to help find just the right job we want, or even build poppets to help a loved one find a job.

Poppets designed to help find a job can be made of cloth, as they are simple to create and long lasting. They can be reusable should the job not work out to the satisfaction of the job searcher.

Cut the poppet to represent the job seeker. Make certain the shape reflects the job seeker and decorate it with embroidery, paint or draw matching features on the doll with ink. You may stuff the poppet with a selection of the herbs and stones listed, as well as the hair, fingernails, etc, from the job seeker. You may add scraps of clothing the job seeker has worn inside the poppet, or dress it in remnants to build a link to the person seeking the job, be it the witch or a loved one, keeping your concentration on the person getting a job as you work through the poppet creation.

If you want to anoint the poppet with spell oil for interviews, or speak a short spell to specifically name and visualize the job the seeker wishes to have it will add strength to the spell. You can add a written parchment spell using Dragon’s Blood ink to empower the spell further and sew the parchment inside with the other stuffing.

Adding gold or green ribbon, stitching a list of requisite job functions, a specific “want ad”, or a list of qualities the job seeker has to offer to the poppet, add another layer. As always, each witch should use his or her best judgment as to what needs to be added to the poppet to bring about the greatest success.

By Malcolm Lidbury (aka Pinkpasty) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Poppet Magick: To Silence a Gossip Poppet

Many times witches are the targets of gossip from people who barely know them or people who know them well, but do not approve of witches in general. Virtual strangers, co-workers, enemies, or people who simply hate witches, etc. may spread lies and gossip designed to harm the witch, cause problems in specific or in general. Other times, family members, or old friends, who do not approve of the witch’s choice of spiritual path, may choose to slander them as a means of retaliation against their choice. These types of attacks can be subtle, indirect, or even blatant, at times. If the witch knows where the gossip about them is coming from, they may choose to use a poppet to work sympathetic magick to stop that specific person from wagging their tongue. If the gossip source is unknown, a general stop gossip poppet may be most useful.

Creating a poppet for specific people can be difficult, however, as it is extremely helpful for the magick to gather personal items to include in the poppet. While a drinking straw or cigarette butt with their saliva on it will work, hair, fingernails, or a scrap from a piece of clothing they have worn is preferable. Difficult, yes, but impossible, no. If you know the person works in your office, visit their chair and search for hair, and even dandruff (which is, after all their skin) on the chair. Swab the speaking end of their office phone with a bit of slightly damp cotton to collect saliva. Get imaginative to protect yourself.

If the source of the gossip is known, I suggest a Paper Mache poppet, so that the necessary items may be placed inside the poppet as usual. Gather the herbs, stones and personal items from the source, include them inside the poppet with a written parchment spell to end gossip. Decorate it to reflect the specific look of the person and add the trim colors mentioned above as “x shaped” stitches drawn over the mouth to delineate the source’s connection to you, whether friend, or foe, jealousy based or general gossip, etc. After the poppet is completed, bury it in the ground and allow it to rot away to nothing and focus on the gossip itself rotting in the target’s mouth. Visualize that every time they try to spread additional gossip about you, going forward, they will have a foul taste in their mouth and eventually, their gossip with die away just as the poppet dies away when it finishes rotting into the earth.

If the source of the gossip is unknown or possibly wide-spread, create a generalized figure neither male nor female; add the herbs and stones, as well as a generalized parchment spell to stop gossip about you. Over the mouth, you will actually stitch X’s with a rainbow of colors of thread to cover all bases. Visualize the person(s) spreading the gossip as having pain in their mouths, tongues, and throats with each piece of gossip and each lie they spread but do not bury the poppet, yet. Any time you hear of a piece of the gossip being told, add another stitch of the necessary color or if unsure, add another stitch of each color to the doll until the gossip ends Once it slows down considerably, you may bury the poppet and allow the poppet to die along with the death of the gossip being told about you. In this manner the witch silences the gossip regardless of the gossiper(s).