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Witches Tools: Trees Correspondence

Trees have been sacred throughout our known history on the earth. Whether referred to as The Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, The Tree of Knowledge or the World Tree, it is clear that the worship of trees has been a widespread commonality between most if not all of the various religions.

In witchcraft, whether practiced as a religion or a standalone practice, witches consider that all things on earth have their own natural energy. This energy may be incorporated into magickal workings in many different ways. When it comes to the magick of the trees, these uses abound. Their branches may be fashioned into wands, staves, and stangs. Their fruits and nuts have special properties beyond their nutritional uses. Carrying a nut or piece of bark from a tree may transfer the magickal properties to the carrier. Using the leaves, flowers, fruits or bark in spells, incenses and rituals will incorporate the magickal properties into the spell. Simply placing a wish bag in a tree, decorating it with ribbons, flowers, etc. or sitting beside certain trees and communicating with them can work magick.

Each species of trees is known for having unique capabilities and properties. This is a brief correspondence of the most well known varieties. Hopefully, this will help you decide what types of trees to use in your own magickal workings.

Acacia: Clairvoyance, protection

Apple: Fertility, optimism, honor, health, love

Ash: Courage, reverence, confidence, broaden perspectives, protection, healing, induce prophetic dreams

Aspen: Protection, healing, purification, trustworthiness, female fertility, wishes, stress relief

Beech: Wisdom, healing, determination, nature and earth magick, organizational skills

Birch: Fresh starts, protection for children

Cypress: Protection, consecration

Elder: Working with the fey, healing

Eucalyptus: Healing

Fig : Creativity, fertility, health

Hawthorn: Beauty, protection

Hazel: Protection, leadership, mental acuity, fertility, insight

Hickory: Endurance

Juniper: Protection, love

Magnolia: Loyalty, love, strength

Maple: Animal and nature magicks, family bonds, healthy relationships

Mimosa: Comfort, calms anxiety, lift spirits, relieve nightmares

Myrtle: Fertility, love, strength, stability

Oak: Protection, increase intuition, physical and emotional strength, working with fey, shifting consciousness

Orange: Happiness, fertility, calmness, change, peacefulness, relieve nightmares, relieve insomnia

Peach: Abundance, happiness, fertility, mental and emotional peacefulness

Pine: Protection, fertility, purification, new beginnings

Rowan: Protection, healing, divination, luck, moon magick, transition

Walnut: Prosperity, abundance, fertility, healing

White Willow: Protection, healing, harmony, draw down blessings from the moon, wishes

Wild Cherry: Reconciliation, tranquility


19 thoughts on “Witches Tools: Trees Correspondence

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    • Mike, let us look at it this way, if you were a branch and you were separated involuntarily from your home/family/tree, without being asked, with no sacrifice given, not even a token of respect shown, no payment given to your tree for that which was taken from it, namely you. How likely would you be to want to cooperate in the magick of the person who took you, forcibly, from your home? Magick between our tools and ourselves is based on respect, cooperation and sharing of properties and abilities between us. Walking up to a tree and hacking a portion of it off without planning the correct season, time, date, least damaging manner of removal, bringing a gift for the tree, etc. is not only rude, but dangerous for the tree, as well. You need to know when and how to take the wood at the very least. Just taking “what you want” as you state it seems like a bad idea to me for the reasons given and many more personal ones.

      Do as you will, but do not be surprised if the manner of taking affect your spells, rituals, magick as a whole, when the wood is used. Just sayin’…


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