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Witches’ Spell: Banish Anger Spell

Sometimes, in life, we have people who seem to delight in making us angry, other times it may be a situation, which frustrates us and draws our anger to the surface. When you need to get rid of anger, this spell will help you to pull peace and happiness in to replace the negative emotion of anger, instead. Make certain you have a comfortable chair to settle into during the spell, as you will be relaxing deeply during the spell.

First, cleanse yourself with a ritual cleansing bath before beginning the spell.

Second, you will need to decorate a blue candle with symbols and/or words of peace and happiness. Carve them into the candle all around the surface of the candle. When finished carving, anoint the candle with Peace oil. If you do not have a Peace oil blend, you may use either bergamot or clary sage essential oil as a substitute. Be certain to dress it deosil from top to center and then from bottom to center in order to draw peace into yourself.

Third, place a piece of rose quartz beside the candle while you write the name of the person, or the situation, which is causing the anger on a piece of parchment with Dove’s blood ink, if you have it, if not any red ink, will suffice, and set aside. Have a fire safe container to hold the burning parchment.

Finally, you will begin the spell by taking your seat and lighting the candle. Pass the piece of quartz through the smoke of the candle three times. Focus on absorbing the peace from the candle into the quartz. Then, holding the piece of parchment in your sending hand and the rose quartz in your receiving hand, breathe deeply in through your nose to the count of ten. Hold your breath for one heartbeat and release it through your mouth.

As you draw each breath, concentrate on this thought:
Let peace now enter me and stay.
As you breathe out, concentrate on the thought:
As anger in me, goes away.

Focus on feeling the peace as it eases into your body from the rose quartz. Feel it seeping into your hand and moving toward your heart. As it reaches your heart, focus on pushing the peace out to every part of your body. As you push the peace into your body, push the anger out of your body and into the parchment in your sending hand.

Continue to repeat the chant in your mind as you continue to breathe deeply. You may choose to concentrate for a set number of breaths or you may focus for a set amount of time. The choice is yours. Do which ever seems best for your needs.

When you feel the peace has flooded throughout, when you feel it in every part of your body and know that it is radiating out from you, with your sending hand, set the parchment aflame. Concentrate on seeing the anger go up in smoke and dissipate. It no longer exists for you.

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