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Poppet Magick: Get a Job Poppet

At one time or another, every witch needs to find a job. Even during the times when we have jobs, it may happen that a friend or family member needs one. We may decide we want to find a specific new job. These uncertain times are maddening and we want to put an end to our suffering and the suffering of others without steady employment. As witches we can build poppets to help find just the right job we want, or even build poppets to help a loved one find a job.

Poppets designed to help find a job can be made of cloth, as they are simple to create and long lasting. They can be reusable should the job not work out to the satisfaction of the job searcher.

Cut the poppet to represent the job seeker. Make certain the shape reflects the job seeker and decorate it with embroidery, paint or draw matching features on the doll with ink. You may stuff the poppet with a selection of the herbs and stones listed, as well as the hair, fingernails, etc, from the job seeker. You may add scraps of clothing the job seeker has worn inside the poppet, or dress it in remnants to build a link to the person seeking the job, be it the witch or a loved one, keeping your concentration on the person getting a job as you work through the poppet creation.

If you want to anoint the poppet with spell oil for interviews, or speak a short spell to specifically name and visualize the job the seeker wishes to have it will add strength to the spell. You can add a written parchment spell using Dragon’s Blood ink to empower the spell further and sew the parchment inside with the other stuffing.

Adding gold or green ribbon, stitching a list of requisite job functions, a specific “want ad”, or a list of qualities the job seeker has to offer to the poppet, add another layer. As always, each witch should use his or her best judgment as to what needs to be added to the poppet to bring about the greatest success.

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