By Coley Christine Catalano [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Children’s Spells: Make A Wish Dandelion

Most yards have dandelions at one time or another and generations of witches and children of all ages have grown up knowing the magick of whispering a wish into a dandelion and blowing the dandelion into the wind. Passing this on to your own little witchlings is a simple and fun adventure.

Next time you see dandelions growing in your yard, wait until they have reached the stage where they are ready to blow away. Carefully cut the stems away while keeping the “wishing ball” intact. Store these gently in an airtight jar. Create a cute label to put on it, stating, “Wishes for Witchlings” and set it in your altar area.

  • When your little witch comes to you and says they had a hard day at daycare, ask them if they want to make a wish for a better day tomorrow.
  • If they make a bad grade in school, tell your little witch that they can wish for their studies to become easier.
  • If your little witch wants to wish for good weather during a week of storms, break out a dandelion.

Any simple childhood opportunity to make a wish is a good way to introduce your little witchling to the joys of simple spell work designed for their age group. Dandelion wishes are good for grown witches, too. If you do not have children save the dandelion wishes for yourself. A witch is never too old to enjoy a good dandelion wish!

Children’s Spells: Find What I Lost

Just because young children, or witchlings, are still in school, does not mean their lives are so much simpler than adult witches lives. They have a lot of stress in their lives just as we full grown witches do and one of stresses we have in common is the problem of misplaced items. Witch or non-magickal, we all have this problem. On your way to work or school, you realize you forgot to grab something, an important paper, your keys, your wallet, or your head. You run into the house quickly just to grab the item, because you know exactly where it is, but of course, it is not where you thought.

I do not care to admit how often this happened to me. I only know that was I paid a dime per event; I could buy a new car annually out of pocket change. It is frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. We do not always have time to grab the pendulum and start quizzing, or set up to scry for a location in our crystal ball. Sometimes we need a quick and simple spell just to get the job done. Therefore, in honor of tonight’s “missing homework” here is a simple chant to use as you go room to room in search of that, which is lost.

What’s lost makes its position known
Through Maiden, Mother, and the Crone;
All other things in sight recede
Illuminate the thing I need.

While you are chanting this and looking around in each room, visualize everything in the room growing dim, except the one thing you are searching for, visualize it glowing with a golden warmth to lead you to that which was lost.

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Children’s Spell: Wish Magick Spell

In my opinion, this magick is only for older children even though it is very simple magick because it deals with candle flames. When using fire or flames, it is best that you wait until you can make certain the child is old enough to understand that they should never play with fire and that this magick is to be performed with adult supervision, only! Personally, I would suggest waiting until the young witch reaches their early teens, at least, to start teaching Wish Magick Spells. Prior to that children will be children and sometimes their wishes are not very well thought through on an ethical level and might be best to remain ungranted.

The assumption I am making here is that by the time you are ready to teach wish magick, that you have already been working with your child on teaching them ethics and morals they will need for life. That they are beginning to understand how they relate to the world around them. I would start this lesson by explaining that wishes are powerful things because so much energy is focused behind a true desire to have a wish come true.

The early teens are an age where so many kids become wrapped up in the personal dramas of being a teen and forget that they are a vital part of the world’s future. They need to be reminded, their generation will be coming into its own soon, and the decisions they begin to make now, will affect, not only how others see them, but also, how they see themselves in relation to the world around them. If you have not already done so, this would be an excellent time to introduce your child to thinking about the interdependence of the world around us. To point out that we live in a global community and that, in addition to working spells for ourselves, it is a witch’s duty to think about others and to want the best for the world as whole.

In this spell, it is a simple matter of using bay leaves as conduits for creating magick. Wishes are written on bay leaves, which are then burned in a candle’s flame in order to release the spell and allow it to come true. There is no recitation needed. Just the simple act of focusing on the wish as it is written on the leaf and the visualization of it coming true as the leaf burns. The simple act of desiring to make a change and focusing on it is sufficient.

Because wish magick may affect more than the caster of the spell, teaching wish fulfillment is about making certain the young witch is ready, ethically, to make changes to the world. That he or she is ready to mold the forces and bend them to their will in a responsible manner, while maintaining a good character that they can be proud of in decades to come.

In teaching children magic, it is important that parents make certain that their children take the needs of others into account and teach them that doing for those who cannot do for themselves, is a large part of magick.