By Coley Christine Catalano [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Children’s Spells: Make A Wish Dandelion

Most yards have dandelions at one time or another and generations of witches and children of all ages have grown up knowing the magick of whispering a wish into a dandelion and blowing the dandelion into the wind. Passing this on to your own little witchlings is a simple and fun adventure.

Next time you see dandelions growing in your yard, wait until they have reached the stage where they are ready to blow away. Carefully cut the stems away while keeping the “wishing ball” intact. Store these gently in an airtight jar. Create a cute label to put on it, stating, “Wishes for Witchlings” and set it in your altar area.

  • When your little witch comes to you and says they had a hard day at daycare, ask them if they want to make a wish for a better day tomorrow.
  • If they make a bad grade in school, tell your little witch that they can wish for their studies to become easier.
  • If your little witch wants to wish for good weather during a week of storms, break out a dandelion.

Any simple childhood opportunity to make a wish is a good way to introduce your little witchling to the joys of simple spell work designed for their age group. Dandelion wishes are good for grown witches, too. If you do not have children save the dandelion wishes for yourself. A witch is never too old to enjoy a good dandelion wish!