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Reincarnation Vs Speaking to Spirits

A question came up in one of my online witchcraft groups regarding how reincarnation can be real if we also have mediums, channelers, and those who can speak to people or entities who have crossed over. There are many different ideas shared by many different people of many different paths as to why it works that both statements can be true without canceling each other out.

Some of the witches I spoke with believe that the energy that is representative of the soul while a person exists is not entirely reincarnated as a whole. These witches believe that there is a portion of the energy that personifies the person to whom the energy once belonged, which is able to remain separate of the energy that reincarnates. It is the life energy which reincarnates and the memory energy which remains to assist others. Therefore, when we speak to those who have passed beyond the realm, we are speaking to the portion of energy that is the retained memories of that specific person. In this manner when we ask questions of a spirit it is this “left over” portion of the energy that we speak to in séances, pyschomanteums, and via spells, etc.

Other witches in the discussion believe that in speaking to spirits we are accessing the energy pool that exists as a whole. The combined energy of all things currently living and not currently living that exists at all points of time. Some refer to this as the Universal energy. Since energy can neither be destroyed nor created, this energy pool always exists and we are always linked into it even as it exists within us concurrently. They believe that this energy is able to respond to our queries whether or not it has ever existed in a physical body, has been reincarnated and currently exists in another life, or is in a state of pure energy awaiting its initial incarnation or reincarnation.

Then there are those witches who do not believe in the strict belief of reincarnation as the rebirth of a single soul. They believe that the energy of each person, upon their death, reverts back to the Universal energy and that reincarnation is a remolding and remodeling of these individual points of energy and that they reform, taking certain bits from what was one person and bits from other persons and that this new pool of energy then enters life as a whole new being. As such, the energy itself when contacted can be the energy of a single lifetime, multiple lifetimes, or even multiple energies of multiple lifetimes.

All we discovered from this discussion was that there are as many possible answers as there are questions and half as many ideas as there are people asking questions. I do not have a specific answer that I can say “This is how it is” any more than I can tell you how many different lives I have had in the past or will have in the future. I believe that a great part of our reason for living is to question what we believe to be true and to search for answers to these questions. Do I believe that we will find all of the answers we seek in this lifetime? Of course not. I think that is part of the reason that we return lifetime after lifetime. I think it is part of the reason we seek knowledge from those beyond the veil. Witches are human and as humans we are constantly seeking to know more, to understand more of this universe we exist in.

Musical Interludes Highland’s Apparition

Highland’s Apparition

Chevelle’s song is about a house that some of the band mates shared for a time. They said they experienced some rather creepy effects during their time living in the home, which inspired them to write about the events. The song is lyrical and haunting all on its own.

See it, startled
Afternoon I had to ask
Or dare I, ever know
Tell us, we are demented
Watch as attention span
Hold, so fast
Then go up in smoke

I don’t think you’re nervous enough
It happened to show its own face
Search for the soulless ends
Now point him towards rest

Culprits, shudder
Apparitions left in time
If we’re honest, sight unknown
Crowing, frozen, bedroom
Awoke up certain
Lays a tomb, her tree holds it
Unbeknownst, still sending chills

I don’t think you’re nervous enough
It happened to show its own face
Search for the soulless ends
Now point him towards rest

You won’t find me curling up
A place that should make sense
Well, excuse me for this better judgment
Night is so worth waiting for
A blinding scare so cauterizing
Arms out pointing, sit and stare
At this proof, this living proof
This proof, this living proof

Sun’s up, braver
Hands and legs untouched
Before we forget, save this
Unaging proof

I don’t think you’re nervous enough
It happened to show its own face
Search for the soulless ends
Now point him towards

I don’t think you’re nervous enough
It happened to show its own face
Search for the soulless ends
Now point him towards rest

Produced by: Chevelle and Brian Virtue

Witches’ Spell: Blessing the Home

When blessing the home, whether it is a new one, or it is a re-blessing of the current home, a witch’s first job, after the cleansing and purifying of the home, is to determine what blessings they intend to draw into the home. After all, blessing the home is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Some witches among us may choose to bless the home with child or baby blessings, prosperity, marital bliss, and protection. Other witches among us may choose to bless the home with magicks, spell work, divination, spirit working, and protection. Still more witches may choose to imbue their homes with the blessings of friendship, luck, success, and protection.

Just as every witch is unique, so are the individual needs of every witch and every witch’s home. Whether there is a family sharing the home, a roommate, or a single witch, focused on using and strengthening their specific gifts; the most important thing is to tailor the blessings drawn into each home to meet the needs of the people inside that individual home. After all, any Taitsu, Hassan or Moshe may bless a home according to various and assorted spiritual beliefs, be they Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, etc. However, only a witch should bless a witch’s home. Why? Because, even though some witches also practice a religious faith alongside their magickal craft, a simple but traditional blessing from many of the world religions, or their chosen religion in particular, may prevent portions of their craft from working, as it should. Especially since most religions seal the homes to spirits and thus nullify the spirit work that many witches perform. Yet, practicing witches know which herbs to use to draw specific blessings into the home and to surround the home. We know which metals or which stones to place inside the home or outside the home to pull in specific blessings.

Just as when preparing a new home prior to moving in, during the cleansing phase, a witch cannot go wrong when adding a few tablespoons of New Moon Water to their cleansing products to get rid of negativity. As such, during the blessings phase using specific Moon Waters may serve as a base to create the Holy Water used during the blessings phase, if that specific witch uses Holy Water in blessing the home. Starting the process by making certain the space is clean and uncluttered and including the Sweep Away Negativity Spell, and cleaning the space via ritual cleansing and purifying of the home as we previously posted.

When re-blessing an existing home, choose your preferred season to bless your home based on what purpose and intent you have for your home. Personally, I suggest autumn if you plan to do it annually, instead of seasonally, as I do. Autumn is the season for working on magickal protection for yourself and your beloveds, as well as for spells focusing on prosperity, wealth, and success, but if you want to bless your home specifically for friendship, healing, love or marriage, etc, you will want to target the blessings to the appropriate season.

Witches may even choose to narrow the focus to a specific day for blessing the home if there is a specific need. For example, if someone has been recently diagnosed with a serious disease and the household is going to start working toward the good health of that family member, planning to bless the home on a Saturday when the moon is waning would be ideal. You are not going to want to wait until springtime, which is the time for healing in body and mind, even though the focus is healing, but targeting the blessing for specific day and moon phase will strengthen the magickal working.

You may choose to create a house talisman or two to hang over the main entrance doors using various mediums. If you choose to, you might wrap an iron nail, with bits of copper, silver, and/or tin, charge it, and hang it over your entrance to draw their specific properties into your home.

Create a personal sigil from your desires for the home, such as: “Protection, Prosperity and Peace” to mark on all doors of the home using Holy Water and let it sink into the doors or air dry upon them to become a part of them. Some witches may choose to use an Anointing Oil to mark the sigil or even a preferred protection rune and/or holy symbol into each door and/or window of your home.

For protection for the home from the outside, the witch may bless and bury a piece of fluorite along with other chosen stones in each quarter of the yard, starting East, South, West then North, and weave the properties of the stones into your protection and blessing spell for of the home.

Walk the outdoor perimeter of the home and the outer perimeter of the yard while scattering what I refer to as the “grocery store blend” of protective herbs: basil, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, garlic, and rosemary. Easily grown in your own garden, purchased from local occult stores or even your local grocery store, once cleansed and purified for magickal use, these herbs are wonderful for protecting against a multitude of harms.

Choosing the candle color(s) based on the properties of the blessings that the witch wants to draw into their home and inscribing them with rune, glyphs, and/or sigils to enhance those properties. Writing out a spell for blessings on parchment to carry and recite in each room before it is “bound and burned” by a colored candle in the center of the home.

Witches can add extra layers of power to the blessings by using the Holy Water in their cauldron (if cauldron is “positively” charged) and using fresh springs of basil, pine, or rosemary as aspergillums for the Holy Water. Burning incense specially created for the blessing or general blessing incense can add another layer.

As always, it is only the limits of the witch’s imagination that will limit the blessing ritual for the home. If you can think it, you can do it. Be a creative witch and see how many layers of blessings you can work into your own personal ritual to bless your home!