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Witches’ Spell: Fight Cancer Spell

Please remember that healing spell work is to be done in conjunction with other work in curing diseases, not in place of them. Do not ignore the need to work with your oncologists and other doctors, take all medicines as prescribed, follow diet and health plans advised by your health care workers. Spell work is always, in addition to, others’ action plans.

Using a black candle for banishing, carve the name of the person you are casting the spell for into the side of the candle. Anoint the candle with an oil blend comprised of equal parts violet and honeysuckle essential oils. Anoint it in widdershins motion from top to bottom in order to send the illness away.

On a piece of parchment, draw a shape of the body that is ill in Dragon’s Blood ink and mark the placement of the cancer(s) on the body. Roll the parchment and tie it with a thin black thread, knot the thread five times.

Visualize the person for whom you are casting the spell. Light the candle and recite the following:

With help from Maiden, Mother, Crone,
I seek to make good health be known.
Bring happy days and illness end,
That this one may with loved ones spend,
More blessed days with no health strife,
Bring joyous days into his/her life.
Increase the harmony inside,
That healthiness can now abide.

Take the parchment with the markings of the diseased body and carefully light it with the flame from the candle and set it aside to burn in a cauldron or other fire safe container. As you visualize the cancer shrinking inside their body, recite the following while the parchment burns:

Inside this flame we seal the power,
Diminish cancer hour by hour,
Make cancers shrink and disappear,
Banish this illness and the fear,
With combined power win this fight,
We need to set his/her health to right.
With strength from Holy Trinity,
Now, as we will so mote it be.

Concentrate on seeing the cancer disappearing, as you watch the parchment burn out. Continue concentrating on the cancer shrinking and allow the candle to burn until you can no longer hold the image in your mind. Set the candle aside and repeat the spell daily or weekly as desired.

As always, you may choose to add layers to the spell, by including herbs such as hyssop, mandrakewormwood and folding them inside the parchment as it burns, carve sigils or a rune for health into the candle, or surround the candle with stones to bring health, such as aventurine, golden quartz, petrified wood, and sugilite. Each witch has to determine for themselves what they feel will bring the best effects from their spell.


48 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Fight Cancer Spell

  1. My husband James “Jimmy” has stage IV Prostate cancer that has spread … Is this’s possible that you could perform this spell for him and I could send a fee…I can do this spell also but would feel so much better to know it was also performed by someone with more experience… just let me know if this is possible … thank you


    • If you feel comfortable sharing a bit of information openly, I would be more than happy to help. For example, prostate cancer is what took my father. He was a hardcore Southern Church of Christ preacher as I was growing up, a real bible thumping, fire and brimstone type. He knew of and despised my conversion away from his belief system to my own. In his more hateful moods he would refer to me as the devil’s daughter, or the devil’s advocate. I knew he would be pissed but I did some minimal spell work on his behalf simply to help ease his pain, even as I was adding his prescriptions for advil and morphine into his food and drink. He declared many times over that he wanted to go be with Jesus and was ready to do so. I respected his beliefs as his own and did not attempt to extend his life for myself and the rest of the family no matter how tempting it was. I felt it was not my place to go counter to his beliefs and his medical choices. I knew he would object to any spells, but I refused to let him lie in the hospital bed in my master suite and moan in pain hour after hour out of his stubbornness because it hurt to sit up and to lie down, he could not stand, the location of the cancer meant almost all parts of his body hurt.

      Has it metastasized to other parts of Jimmy’s anatomy? My father’s started in his prostate, but due to his distrust and hatred of the medical profession he ignored it initially. He finally agreed to have the initial cancer removed when his favorite child finally convinced him, but he refused to go in for chemo or radiation which was indicated to prevent any cancer cells remaining from moving and growing further. As the lack of treatment allowed, it spread to both scapula, both humerus, one radius and ulna, it spread all down his spine, to the ribs on one side of his body, his pelvic area, both hips, and to one femur. It also metastasized to the base of his skull and began to invade the brain tissue at the end.

      I tell you this because I know how bad a stage IV can be. I want you to feel free to share only what you are comfortable with sharing. I do not need his entire name, however the more information on the locations of the disease, the better. What is the purpose of the spell you are seeking to perform and that you wish me to perform? Ease of pain, reduction of mets or the main cancer, emotional ease? I need those specifics. Does he know and approve of the spell casting or will it be on his behalf whether he approves or not? I have no problem with casting against someone’s will in certain circumstances, but you realize any spell is much more effective with the participation or at least compliance of the person it is cast upon. If he is going to actively fight the spell with what energy he has, it may be detrimental to him. That is why I hid my casting from my father. He was not able to leave the bed unless I lifted him out of it, so I could get away with it easy enough.

      Any bits of info you may share that is detailed specifically to him, but safe to share online would be helpful. Such as, you said his name is Jimmy, I need to make certain that is true and you are not simply being overly cautious. I do NOT need the full name for his identity protection, a nickname is sufficient. Does he have any tattoos located in specific places, what was the mascot of his high school or college, (I do NOT need the school name, this protects his identity), his favorite pastime to enjoy was what? His favorite color? Any little details I can use to build a sort of “image” of him would be helpful. I will write the details out on parchment on top of the image I will draw with the cancers.

      I am so sorry that your family is having to go through this horror, and I will do what I am able to assist. As for a fee, think of what it means to you to have me assist this way and pay any sort of gratitude forward to someone you know who could use your help, that is my fee.


  2. I am very happy. I have been suffering from a deadly disease for the past 2 years. I had spent a lot of money going from one place to another, from church to church, hospitals all over. Constant checks up have been my life until this day, I was searching through the internet, I saw how to cast this spell. After casting the spell, I felt better because I was fighting the disease, not only letting others fight it for me. Thank you for this. I know I have to do what the doctors say too and not just this spell, but this spell feels like it gives me a chance to fight in a whole new way.


    • Vicky,

      I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. I hope you are able to beat the cancer and come out the other side of your suffering stronger than ever before.

      You are absolutely right about using this WITH the advice and medicines your doctors prescribe for you. I hope this spell is able to help you and give you the power you have been missing.


  3. Po 6 latach małżeństwa z żoną i trojgiem dzieci moja żona zaczęła spotykać się z innym mężczyzną, pokazała mi zimną miłość, jest zagrożona rozwodem przy kilku okazjach, ponieważ bardzo ją kocham, dopóki mój stary przyjaciel nie powiedział mi o wielkie zaklęcie w Internecie, które pomogło wielu osobom w ich związku, problemy małżeńskie i wiele innych problemów dzięki mocy zaklęć miłosnych, początkowo wątpiłem, czy coś takiego było, ale postanowiłem spróbować, bo to była moja ostatnia nadzieja , Skontaktowałem się z tym wspaniałym zaklęciem rzucania, pomogłem mi rzucić zaklęcie iw ciągu 48 godzin byłem podekscytowany, gdy moja żona zadzwoniła do mnie i przeprosiła, czy to nie jest wspaniałe? Dzięki temu wyjątkowemu czaru rzucania, teraz wraca do mnie i kocha mnie bardziej niż kiedykolwiek wcześniej.


    • Cieszę się, że ty i twoja żona pracowaliście nad tym, a ja życzę wam obojgu radości i miłości w przyszłości, ale nie jestem pewien, dlaczego napisaliście o naszym zaklęciu miłosnym na stronie zaklęcia do walki z rakiem.


  4. I bought all that was listed here, to perform this spell with my mother (tomorrow), the day before she begins a new course of treatment: her last 6 courses of chemo causers the tumor to grow ;(
    She has colon cancer. We have always felt a bond to the mystics and the scared. And we will be reporting back how we experienced the spell. Please, ask for guidance and that our needs are answered. Thank you so much for providing this space


    • If you can send me your mothers name, I would be more than happy to cast this for her as well. I will not post her name, and will erase the comment instead of allowing it to post, (for y’all’s privacy) if you do not mind.


      • My mom had the whipple procedure performed last year then 6 months of chemotherapy(Gemcitabine) for pancreatic cancer. A week ago, we found out that the pancreatic cancer spread to her liver. It is complicated because she had Ovarian Cancer 10 years ago and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Large B-cell 6 years ago. She did R-Chop for the Lymphoma. We are trying to stay positive but be realistic. I’m looking to try this spell but not sure if I will do it currently. What is the most important part of this spell. Do I mix the oil in the wax and should I let the candle burn out? I have black tea candle will that work?


        • Scott, I am so sorry to hear of all that your mom, and her loved ones, have gone through and continue to go through. As to your questions, if you are creating the candles you use, and want to add the oil to them, adding a few drops of each to the wax is absolutely fine. If you want to take it to the point of grinding herbs to mix their powder in with the wax as well, it will give another layer to the spell. If using commercially made black tea candles and they are small enough for you to maintain your focus throughout the burning, feel free to allow them to burn out if you wish. With any candle, regardless of size, stopping the fire and then restarting it each time is absolutely fine. I hope this information and the spell work for your beloved mother. It sounds like y’all are doing everything possible, so adding your additional intent behind this spell to the other options can do no harm, and may help both you and her in the long run. I wish you the best in this effort.


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