Az: On Using Runes

runes, divinationRunes are one of the oldest forms of divination known to exist. The number of runes vary dependent upon the runic system used.

My personal favorite is called the Elder Futhark. Elder Futhark was in ancient times not just for divination, but also for the performance of magick and the creation of charms. As my origins are very similar, they work very well for me. There are 24 individual runes in the Elder Futhark system. The runes, as divining tools, were used in many different ways. You could toss them, you could draw an individual rune out to guide you through your day, or you could lay them out in a manner similar to a tarot spread to divine answers for yourself.

One particular layout that I had was for our friend Nightshade. He was leading his first gravestomp and asked me the night before it was planned to occur if I would read the runes for him. After I laid them out in the Celtic Path layout, I had no choice other than to inform him that, a good time was not in store. Being the trooper he is, he forged on nonetheless. As I understand from those who attended, not only did they never get to the correct graveyard they had been aiming for, but they also lost half the party as they got split up exiting the wrong graveyard by different roads which never converged again. Then, when some of the cars pulled to the side of the road for a conference, they had a close call with an eighteen-wheeler, which almost struck them.

When using the runes in spell work, you might be surprised at the turn of events. We were under psychic and spiritual attack by some people who did not approve of our religious choices or their daughter’s friendship with us. As a result, there was a great deal of negativity coming our way. They were even driving around our neighborhood spying to see if she was visiting us each time she left the house with her boyfriend. They had spies who were reporting our actions and hers to them. At one point, we feared that they might cost us our home as they had threatened to go to our landlord with lies about our religion.

Therefore, I put together a spell using the information I knew about them, namely the stepfather who was the instigator, the rune “Isa” and some choice Latin phrases. On a piece of parchment, I drew out the information I had on him, his name, his religion, and any other facts I knew of him, and then I covered it with the rune “Isa” drawn out in Dragons Blood Ink. I inscribed the Latin on the page and then rolled it up into a cylinder and tied it with black ribbon, to bind any energy he sent at us to my spell. Then, this whole went into a jar, which sealed tightly, then I sealed, again, with wax. The jar itself was sealed with the symbol of “Isa” which means “at a standstill, stagnant, frozen, no movement possible.”

This spell not only worked, it worked extremely well! Not only did it stop his assault upon us, but everything he tried to do to hinder us had an opposite effect due to the phrases I had chosen.

If you have had an interesting experience of your own, using runes, or have any stories you would like to share feel free to share.
runes, divination

9 thoughts on “Az: On Using Runes

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    • After stripping away any energy that came with them (if they were previously created) or from the medium you are using to create them, you may charge them to you specific use, by “blooding” them, which is literally to prick a finger and smear your blood over them as you focus on their individual properties and the use you have for them.

      Thee are many ways, but this was the way that Azrael charged his and he always had amazing results when he used his runes.


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