Fight cancer, healing, chemotherapy

Witches’ Spell: Fight Cancer Spell

Please remember that healing spell work is to be done in conjunction with other work in curing diseases, not in place of them. Do not ignore the need to work with your oncologists and other doctors, take all medicines as prescribed, follow diet and health plans advised by your health care workers. Spell work is always, in addition to, others’ action plans.

Using a black candle for banishing, carve the name of the person you are casting the spell for into the side of the candle. Anoint the candle with an oil blend comprised of equal parts violet and honeysuckle essential oils. Anoint it in widdershins motion from top to bottom in order to send the illness away.

On a piece of parchment, draw a shape of the body that is ill in Dragon’s Blood ink and mark the placement of the cancer(s) on the body. Roll the parchment and tie it with a thin black thread, knot the thread five times.

Visualize the person for whom you are casting the spell. Light the candle and recite the following:

With help from Maiden, Mother, Crone,
I seek to make good health be known.
Bring happy days and illness end,
That this one may with loved ones spend,
More blessed days with no health strife,
Bring joyous days into his/her life.
Increase the harmony inside,
That healthiness can now abide.

Take the parchment with the markings of the diseased body and carefully light it with the flame from the candle and set it aside to burn in a cauldron or other fire safe container. As you visualize the cancer shrinking inside their body, recite the following while the parchment burns:

Inside this flame we seal the power,
Diminish cancer hour by hour,
Make cancers shrink and disappear,
Banish this illness and the fear,
With combined power win this fight,
We need to set his/her health to right.
With strength from Holy Trinity,
Now, as we will so mote it be.

Concentrate on seeing the cancer disappearing, as you watch the parchment burn out. Continue concentrating on the cancer shrinking and allow the candle to burn until you can no longer hold the image in your mind. Set the candle aside and repeat the spell daily or weekly as desired.

As always, you may choose to add layers to the spell, by including herbs such as hyssop, mandrakewormwood and folding them inside the parchment as it burns, carve sigils or a rune for health into the candle, or surround the candle with stones to bring health, such as aventurine, golden quartz, petrified wood, and sugilite. Each witch has to determine for themselves what they feel will bring the best effects from their spell.