Continuing Past Life Regressions

Later the same night, after Nightshade and White Jasmine had gone home Lysander again attempted to take me under.

After the experiences earlier, we were both a bit nervous and did not want to take any chances, but still wanted to get some results, which meant something we could understand.

In a return to the more “nature based” setting, Lys had set me to trance in an area, which was heavily wooded. As I looked about and studied my surroundings, the trees were thick, varied and I could see several varieties, among them many oaks, elms and firs. The underbrush was lush and populous.

Lysander turned me. I saw ahead of me that there was a cave leading into the side of what was either a small mountain or a very large hill. The cave opening was almost theatrical in looks. Craggy rocks protruded around and over the opening, the sparseness of the greenery on the sides of the mountain, the depth of blackness seen inside the opening, yet there was a peaceful feeling about the place. I had no hesitation about entering it. As I approached it I saw the ground in front of it was worn down to bare dirt, there was no true path behind me, I knew, but this place looked to be often visited.

Lysander had given me a bit more freedom over my personal control after the earlier experience and so I remember giving a nervous laugh and making a joke about how with my luck tonight, just as I entered the opening a train would run me over. I think Lysander was trying not to laugh as he told me to continue walking into the cave.

He had me look over the walls as I walked, advising me to see doors, but there were none for me to see, it was so very dark. I continued walking and he continued quizzing me.

Suddenly, I had a very strange feeling. I must have reacted physically because he stopped prompting for doors and started with questions about what had happened, what was I seeing, feeling. I laughed and said, “I think I screwed up” when he asked what I meant, I explained that I think I went a bit too far. The cave must have ended or turned, for suddenly I found myself “inside” the rock of the cave walls. No matter which way I turned to look I could see the striations of the rock before me, it was a very weird feeling knowing I was looking at stone from the inside. When we had both absorbed the realization that this was going to be another weird experience instead of a normal regression, we decided to go with the flow.

I continued forward, with Lys checking in frequently to see what was going on and make sure that I was okay and could breathe. ( I think he was a bit nervous about that.) Then, he said, “You are smiling. What do you see?” I explained that I was seeing green. I thought it must be great veins of emeralds in the stone. It was not like one large solid batch of green it was like threads as I moved through it, some thicker than others, some thick enough to feel as I walked through them, others were so thin that they were unable to be differentiated from the feeling of walking through the rest of the stone. I continued through and the emerald disappeared, so I was still just plodding along.

Since this seemed to be leading nowhere, Lysander turned me and was going to bring me back out of the cave. I made what I thought was a 180 degree turn, but either it wasn’t, or the time was different, because as I was walking through it this time I saw no more green, I was just walking through the stone further and further, then suddenly I was out but not where I began.

I saw before me a tunnel such as I had seen in movies. It looked like a subway, with the track area under me by about 20 feet and I was floating in the air just beyond where dome shaped lights hovered over the track beside the platform. There was a platform area, which was done in large fairly dark tiles, a reddish brown shade on the floor and this was to my left hand side. They started out of the darkness about 50 feet from me and maybe 70 feet long, so I was looking away and down on the scene. I could not see much besides bit of the floor between the pillars, which were massive, but I could see there was a narrow path close to me maybe three or four feet wide that lead from the darkness to the open space in front of the huge square pillars. The pillars were covered in tiles same color only a lot darker, I could see several pillars from my vantage point and the area around them was brightly lit, but empty as if it were the middle of the night and no one was traveling. It took a split second to see all this detail.

Suddenly, there was a woman walking out of the darkness of the path beside the area leading to the platform. She was walking away. I did not really see much, but I noticed the outfit she was wearing had an older look to it. It had a tight navy blue skirt to mid calf, which had a small split up the back just to her knees. The jacket matched the skirt had wide shoulders and tight fitting sleeves from shoulder to cuff, the waist of it was snug and fitted to her perfect form and then flared out slightly in a sort of ruffle again just under her trim waist. She had high heels that made the distinctive clacking noise as she walked briskly on the tiles. She had a small round pill shaped hat on her head and it had a black veil, just a few short stiff inches of veil used as decoration. Her hair was pulled into a very smooth chignon which kept me from knowing how long it was. I could not see the color but it seemed dark. She came out of the darkness and walked maybe 10 feet into the light and then crossed behind the first pillar and was gone from sight though I could hear her steps fading as she continued away.

I must have jerked or something, for suddenly Lys was full of questions again “What? What is it? What do you see?” I told him all the details I could see. I began moving again, back into the rock and finally found myself out of the rock again and in the dark walking along again.

A short time later I found myself coming out of an opening, but this time, the opening was perfectly formed, man made. It was an opening to a road inside a mountain. The pavement was dark and divided by lines for driving. As I approached the opening from the inside, I could see there was a very old-fashioned looking lamp over the center of the opening, a big swooping light with a brace for supporting the weight of the wrought iron and the lamp itself. There was no traffic; thankfully, it seemed to be in a deserted area.

As we were discussing the details one of the kids started fussing upstairs, so Lys went to check on them as I sat there regaining my equilibrium. As I was sitting there with my eyes open, resting, and breathing, suddenly I had a vision of a doorway before me with shadows moving beyond it. It was like an old screen door, the ones, which are wooden on the bottom and have the opening to see through only on the top. There was a great light from the other side of it and there were shadows moving around in the light. The light was varying from brilliant reds and oranges and yellows, like a very bright sunset seen through an opaque glass, the shadows were indistinct, moving and flowing and then suddenly there was one, a large mans shadow perfectly outlined and then the vision was gone.

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Drowning On Dry Land…

While the mood was still set from an unsuccessful, previous attempt, Nightshade decided to give it a go. Knowing my love for nature matches his own; he had me lie down, and then used nature to relax me into a deep trance.

I was in beautiful woods, there were trees all around me, and there was the sound of flowing water in the distance. I was strolling along the wooded area describing it and hunting for the water, I saw a large stream in the distance, it was glorious in its beauty, and then he mentioned a bridge, asking if I could see it.

I remember the shape of the bridge, it was wide and thickly made of roughly hewn stones placed together to form a graceful and steep arc over the water. It rose majestically and I knew I could see only to the center of the bridge, the far side was hidden from me by the steepness of the arc itself. I was doing great until he mentioned crossing the bridge. There was a bit of mist coming off the water and it started getting thicker as I approached the bridge. It became a full fog, which covered the area so thickly that I could not see well any longer. He guided me by sound to the bridge, as I stood at the base of the bridge I could see around my feet where the fog was less thick, more swirling and I could see the way the banks of the stream ended and the grass over hung the side down to the water’s edge a scant few feet below. Thinking of the incarnation when I had drowned I got a bit nervous, but as I stepped onto the bridge and felt the sturdiness of it under my feet, any fear of it collapsing and dumping me into the water proved baseless. I crossed slowly hearing the water below me, feeling the vibrations as it moved strongly against the supports of the bridge.

As I stepped off the far side of the bridge the fog was less thick, more roiling with patches of clear vision between them, but still nothing was truly visible. I wandered about in the fog, seeing snatches of foliage and nothing in entirety.

Nightshade asked if I could see the garden around me and asked me to explain what I saw there. I could see colors in the mists enveloping me and not much more but then suddenly a swatch of orange blossomed out of the mist and I clearly saw a beautiful flowering bush. The leaves were a deep dark forest green, long and somewhat thin, furry looking to my eyes and the flowers were perhaps 2 inches in diameter or so. Their petals were sharply spiked, almost star shaped from the center to the ends of the petals and a more vibrant and beautiful shade of orange I have never seen. There were other plants, bushes, and flowers as well but none so clearly seen.

Then he mentioned the fountain to me and I wandered over to have a look at it. The fog was still thick around me, but I could hear it and see snatches of it through the moving clouds of fog around me. I was approaching it and it was beautiful, a bit Gothic looking. I described the pool to Nightshade and the others. It was about 20 feet in diameter, and in the center was a fountain, which rose about 12 feet or so in the air. It was like a single stem of a flower and from about 8 feet high to just over mid way down the shaft of this “stem” there were long leaf shapes, which were very similar to those of the flower I had just seen. Thicker at the base and thin at the ends, gracefully molded in a smooth arc, water flowed from the base of these slowly and ran down the center of the “leaves” and off their tips back into the pool. The top of the pedestal was as a flower with all the petals stripped off, merely a ball at the end of the stem. The walls of the fountain were thick probably 18 inches wide and were roughly cut on the outside of the fountain. I got a feeling it was almost as if there were scenes cut into the stone itself, but I did not think to look closely at the outer walls at the time. They were mostly straight from the top of the pool wall to its base on the outside, but then as I sat on the smooth rim of the pool and looked at the inside of it, I saw the inside was more concave and as smooth as silk, solid gray stone. It was as if the entire thing were carved out of a single piece of stone.

Nightshade had me step to the wall of the pool, which were only two feet tall, yet the fountain seemed much deeper than just two feet, when I looked into it the water was waist deep. As instructed I sat on the lip of the fountain and tested the water with my hand, feeling the water which was the perfect temperature flowing against my skin. As I traced light patterns in the water, I was told to swing my legs over the side of the pool, so I did. The water against my bare feet and legs was so deliciously teasing, I was instructed then to ease myself into the water and lie back and float on top of the water. It was heavenly, so I was happy to oblige. Nightshade then allowed me to adjust to the silken caress of the water on my body and through my hair, putting me at ease, as a babe must feel in its mother’s womb. It was a safeness and security that I did not recall having ever felt before. There was lightness to my body that was impossible as I floated almost on the surface of the water.

Then Nightshade was speaking again, the others reported that he said, “As you feel yourself relaxing completely, you sink under the water and realize that you can breathe in it.” Unfortunately, at this point, all my mind heard was “As you feel yourself relaxing completely, you sink under the water…” and suddenly there was a great weight on my chest as the water closed over me and I could not breathe.

I was drowning. I could feel the pressure on my chest and tried to get up but it was too great, I could only gasp out “I can’t breathe!”

Suddenly the entire group was in action. Lysander yanked himself back into his body, I did not learn until later that he had been trying to astrally find me in the fog and lead me out. White Jasmine, who had been dozing, was suddenly awake again and alert and Nightshade was pulling me out of the trace as quickly as possible. I do not remember sitting up, but even as I realized I was sitting I still had the feeling of a great weight on my chest.

After having drowned in a previous life and almost drowning in this one a couple of times before finally learning to swim in my mid to late 20’s I knew the feeling well, there was water in my lungs and not enough room for air. I was coughing, crying, and trying to get completely out of trance state but my overwhelming fear of drowning was blocking what Nightshade was trying to do to help. It was several minutes before I was able to take a normal breath and about 15 minutes before I could breathe without chest pains. I must say that drowning on one’s own couch is definitely NOT the way to go! That ended the past life regression attempts for a couple of hours.

The Belle of the Ball

(For those who may have heard the story before, on the old SHC website, my most sincere apologies… I misstated the session with Lysander and Azrael previously. I was restricted to bed rest only by that time of the pregnancy with our twins, and as such, I was not privileged to witness the actual events with the others. It has now been explained in depth and corrected here. My apologies for any confusion.)

During a session with our friend, Lysander, Az found out some “disturbing” information about a past life. For all his pride at being, a “Damn Yankee” this particular regression was a shocker on so many levels. For those who do not know any hardcore Southerners, “Damn Yankee” is the term used for a person from the north who moves to the south and stays. This is the difference between “Yankee”, i.e. one who visits and/or moves down but leaves soon after arriving, and a “Damn Yankee”.

As I was saying… for all his pride, he was very cocky and playfully obnoxious at times, especially toward those hardcore Southerners of whom I was speaking , my husband was happy to tell anyone he met that he was a “Damn Yankee” living in Texas. Therefore, you can imagine he was rather shocked to find that some of his spiritual “roots” had come from much farther south than he expected, in previous lives, especially this one in particular, a Lil’ Ole Southern “Belle” who was quite flirtatious by nature.

Lysander had regressed Az and the resultant voice alone was startling to hear. It was high pitched, very feminine and formal, which reportedly sounded a very odd coming from my tall and husky husband. As Lys was taking him through “her” surroundings at the time, she described the bedroom she was standing in. The very frilly draperies, the four-poster bed, and dressing station with large mirror, several pots of creams and perfumes on the top, and right down to the man currently in her bed. When asked about the man, quizzed if he were her husband “she” was quite amused and replied “Oooooh Lordy, Noooooo!” When the laughter died down from those in the room hearing this very prissy, very southern exclamation coming from my 6’5” husband, the session continued. It seemed that he was a young “former belle” of an honorable family who had fallen from the family graces. “She” was forced to live in the Natchez red-light district and was earning her living as a “soiled dove” (for those of you who never read any romance novels… that is a polite way of saying my husband was a hooker in a previous life.)

Needless to say, from this point on, any time I wanted to be chased around the house, all I had to do to was bat my lashes a bit and say “Oooooh Lordy, Noooooo!” and the race was on.