Witchery: How to Make Mars Water

Witches have many tools at their disposal for both light and dark purposes. One beneficial tool is Mars Water, also called War Water. Even though Mars Water/War Water sounds ominous to some non-witches, it has many helpful uses in protective magick as well as its darker side uses. Using it for protection, reversing curses, banishing negativity, and evil is common. Using it in placing curses, declaring war on an enemy, and causing harm is equally frequent. As with all magick, the intent behind the magick is where the shades of magick are determined. I consider them separate, when I use them, as there are very distinct variations between the two types of water in my household. The Mars Water is the base and when I choose to add intent and other items to the Mars Water, then, it becomes what I will refer to here as War Water.

A witch may create Mars Water in advance and keep it on hand for use in cases of emergency. Whereas War Water, is a more personal blend and needs personalized creation for individual use against a specific person who has wronged the witch and needs retribution. Starting with the Mars Water on hand is an excellent option for creating War Water. It simply needs the added intent of the witch, and any other ingredients the witch wants to add to strengthen the power of the War Water, itself.

Mars Water and War Water are both prepared on Tuesday to honor the God of War, Mars. The preparation for each is almost identical. In order to prepare War Water, the witch takes a few iron nails, and rainwater from a severe storm, the more strength and violence the storm shows, the better and combines them. The witch puts them in a clean glass jar and the open jar is set aside for a few hours to let these two become acquainted and adjust. The witch will then return to the jar and briskly stir it for a minute or so every 30 minutes. This continues for three hours, as the witch stirs and focuses their intent on instilling this water with the strength of their anger focusing on all the dire repercussions they want to befall their enemy. The stirring allows the oxygen to flow through the water and mix with their intent. After a few hours, the witch seals the jar and places in the refrigerator for one week untouched. Create Mars Water in the same manner of stirring briskly every 30 minutes, for three hours; however, in the case of Mars Water, the witch focuses their intent of the objective of instilling this water with the power, dignity, and strength of Mars himself. Male witches may instill the virility of Mars, as well. If you already have a relationship with Mars, ask him to bless the jars of War Water or Mars Water.

After a week, the witch will open the jar to allow more oxygen inside, stirring it again, and focusing their intent as before, details matter. As such, focus specifically on what you want to happen to your enemy. Do you want their car to break down in traffic, their job to become unbearable, trouble in their relationships, etc? Make the punishment fit to the transgressor’s crime against you for the best effect. When you have finished, close the jar and put it back into the fridge, again. For Mars Water, focus on the God’s attributes, again. This continues until three weeks have passed. On the Tuesday of that third “stirring” week, it should be sufficiently strong for the witch to use in spell work and rituals.

At this point, some witches will add additional ingredients, like graveyard dirt or black salt in order to strengthen the Mars Water or War Water. If you have either graveyard dirt or black salt, they are both great additions as they work for both light and dark spell work and rituals alike. In addition, the black salt helps to speed the oxidation process of the iron.

  • Mars Water sprinkled around the perimeter of a witch’s home protects it from evil and negativity.
  • While with a few modifications, the same War Water sprinkled around an enemy’s property will curse them and bring negativity and strife to the property.
  • If a witch adds a few drops of Mars Water to cleansing baths, it can add additional protection while they perform their ritual cleansing bath.
  • Using War Water with a go away spell will chase a person form your life.
  • Adding Mars Water to your favorite floor wash will add additional protection to the wash
  • Spilling some War Water in the house of an enemy will bring strife, negativity, and turmoil directly into their home or in their vehicle to bring them troubles on the road
  • Wash your altar with Mars Water to erase any negativity left over from previous spell work.
  • Sprinkle War Water onto a picture of your enemy when psychically attacking or freeze a picture of your enemy inside a cube of War Water to freeze them into bad luck, bad experiences.
  • Use Mars Water in general spells for uncrossing and unhexing.
  • Use War Water in general spells for crossing and hexing.

When preparing and using War Water in spells and rituals, witches should remember never, ever, to spill it inside their own home, vehicle or on their own property. Also, remember, that enhancing a spell is always possible. Witches may paint a reversed Algiz, rune of protection, on the container to strip away their enemies’ protection, craft and paint a personal sigil to bring a specific ill to their enemy. In addition, adding baneful herbs to the water, adding Goofer Dust, or adding graveyard dirt form a malevolent grave instead of a neutral or good grave will increase the potency of the spell. As always, the only limit to a witch’s magicks is the witch’s imagination. As such, go forth and imagine well, witches, that your strength be manifest in your magicks, so mote it be.

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Witches’ Tools: Metals Correspondence

Metals are especially useful to witches when it comes to building amulets and talismans. Simple chains of certain metals aid in the purpose of the items with their natural magickal properties, increasing the potency of the item when combined with other items of power. Metals also increase the focus of intent in spell work and rituals by way of their properties. Using a base metal or combinations of metals can target you magickal power when crafting special tools such as wands and runes. If you have a personal sigil and access to thin metal leaves or plate metal, which is soft enough to carve or stamp and will then hold the shape, your creation can have long-term use that increases the power of the item with every use.

Magickal uses of Copper

Copper used for magickal purposes promotes love, sensuality, luck in love, beauty, art, balance, harmony and peace, receptivity, friendship, femininity, kindness and gentleness, enjoyment, peace, money, wealth, luck, negotiations, transference of power.

Magickal uses of Gold

Gold is used for magickal purposes relating to masculinity, male fertility, self-confidence, authority, , strengthening the heart, creativity, financial riches, wealth, investments, good fortune, hope, common sense, longevity, comfort, healing (especially great with arthritis), increase power, and inner strength.

Magickal uses of Iron

Iron used for magickal purposes to promote energy, will power, assertiveness, courage, strength, aggression, determination, win in competition, grounding energy, protection, self-defense, power, male fertility rites, new beginnings, speed, wards against ghosts and spirits, astral travel.

Magical uses of Lead*

Lead used for magickal purposes to promote contact with the spirit world, aids material construction of houses and businesses, grows business, provides stability, banishes negativity, useful in breaking addiction cycles, protection, personal perseverance, decisiveness in business, concentration, conservation of resources.

Magickal uses of Palladium

Palladium used in magickal workings relate to, increasing general knowledge, wisdom, ancient knowledge, working within the spirit realm, increasing psychic power, and safe travel.

Magickal uses of Platinum

Platinum used in magickal workings relate to overall balance between body, mind, and spirit, meditation, insight, foresight.

Magickal uses of Silver

Silver used in magickal working relating to female fertility, femininity, menstrual cycles, hormonal balance, motherhood, emotions, emotional stability, lunar magick, intuition, cleansing, repel negative energy, protection, peace, psychic abilities and spiritual work.

Magical uses of Tin

Tin used for magickal purposes to promote abundance, wealth, prosperity in business, success in legal matters, stimulation, attracting what you desire, energy, healing, regeneration, rejuvenation, meditation and relaxation, honor, wisdom.

*Remember: Always use gloves and a mask when working with lead. Due to its highly toxic nature, you should not touch it with bare skin, breathe it (dust) in, or consume anything that exposed to the lead. Lead is especially toxic to children because it interferes with proper development of the nervous system. It is known to cause damage to the nervous system, reproductive system, bones, heart, and other organs. Once a talisman or amulet has been created using lead, it should not be worn in direct contact with your skin. Clean any items which come in contact with the lead very carefully and very thoroughly.

There are so many uses for metal in spell work, amulets, talismans, magickal tools, rituals, etc. that you really should invest in some raw metals. Likewise, if you know someone who does metalwork professionally, it may be worth it to set up a barter system with him or her. You can supply them with witchcraft items they cannot create for themselves while they work their magick with the metals you need. The natural magicks in metal can be a witch’s best friend, when used properly.