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Recipes: Black Salt

As most witches who have been around for a while know, black salt is a handy little all-purpose tool. Previously I gave several uses for black salt in magick working and spell work. However, I did not explain how easily it is made. This post will explain exactly how easy it is to make, store and even customize for your spell work and ritual use. It is so easy almost any witch can do it! All it takes is a little time, effort, oil, sea salt, some heat, a cauldron or cast iron pot.

Creating it by using the cauldron you typically use for spell work, will give the black salt and extra “oomph” or “kick” to the black salt based on the spell work the cauldron has recently done. For example, if the witch has been casting quite a few spells to repel negativity, then the cauldron holds on to some of the magick raised in that spell and it will carry over to subsequent spell workings until the cauldron is cleansed of that type of spell energy. Every time you cleanse and then re-season your cauldron, use something to scour the remaining oil and salt from the cauldron as well and save the salt and oil mix left over in a clear, airtight, glass jar. This is your basic black salt starter and used for general magickal workings. You can choose to differentiate the basic black salts based on the types of spells you are cleansing the cauldron of and keep these black salts separated and clearly marked.

Targeting black salt to a specific use adds another step or a few other steps, depending on your personal cabinet of kept items. If you are a witch who keeps the remains of any herbs and parchment based spells burned to banish anger, get rid of negative influences, banish nightmares, etc. those ashes may be added to the salt and oil mixture, as well. Simply focus your intent for the combination and you have intensified the use of the black salt and charged it to your specific needs.

(On a personal note from one witch to another, I would suggest that every witch gets into the habit of saving at least their basic “spell remains” for this and other purposes. It is a simple process of collecting the remains when using a parchment spell and/or any herbs needed to suit your spell. By saving the burned remains from your spells in Ziploc bags and marking them clearly, you later have the choice of adding the ash from the herbs, the parchment spell, and even the charcoal ashes, if a small bit of charcoal is used to burn them to future spells to increase their efficacy. These can come in handy for many reasons in the future as you will learn.)

Mixing a portion of these “spell remains” with a doubled measure of the black salt you have stored in the airtight jar and it creates a targeted black salt. Focus on the black salt as you mix them together well, setting your intent on charging it to your specific use for someone, or to a general protective use if you prefer.

General black salt may always be charged with specific intent when you are ready to use it without any additions. The “spell remains” are not required for any working they are merely an addition to your spell work, just as spell oils, spell candles, etc. used to increase the power of the spell. Always remember that any additions increase the strength of the spell in specific ways that may benefit your spell work once you become accustomed to using them. In this instance, simply separate out the portion of black salt you wish to charge to your specific use and charge it to that purpose. It is a handy tool, for being so easy to make. Keep available for all uses and you can even share it as needed with other witches you know.

If you want to enhance its use, you may create a sigil, draw a rune or a glyph on a piece of parchment, include a pinch of black salt, a selection of relevant herbs and burn it during spell work. (I would suggest saving the remains each time it is a “general” spell, to keep increasing the potency as you go on, such as for protection from nightmares, general protection, banishing negativity, etc.)

Some witches use basic ashes from their fireplace, to mix with the base salt/oil combination, however, I prefer to use only ash created during spell work and/or rituals for purity as it is more powerful, unless you are burning specific charged woods in your fireplace for spell work, as well. Then, definitely save some of that ash for use in future workings, as well.

Some unscrupulous people will try to use black dyes or black food coloring and market the results as “black salt” to young witchlings, and people unfamiliar with its true composition, via untrustworthy Internet sites or less than reputable shops. Although, this will give a “black” tinge to the salt, these are not the sorts of black salt that will affect your spell work and improve it. There is no power behind the creation of this salt. If you are going to purchase it rather than making it, at least make certain the seller you use to obtain it is one you can trust, one who actually knows their magick.

Frankly, I have had ill-educated people argue with me in the past that Indian black salt and black lava salt are the same things as the black salt used for spells and rituals. If they try to tell you this, feel free to call them an idiot, a liar or send them to me, and I will do it for you, if you are not comfortable calling them out. These types of “black salt” are actually foodstuffs, not for use in spells. Anyone telling you differently should not be trusted at all.

Always remember that the type of black salt used in spell work and magick rituals is nothing like the type that is used when cooking. Ritual and spell oriented black salt can actually be slightly toxic to highly poisonous due to the ingredients, such as if any of the herbs used to mix into it are poisonous, and the scrapings from the cauldron itself should not be eaten.

As always, mixing in other elements when working spells will add layers of complexity and strength to your spells, it is up to you to decide which elements to add and what changes to make. Your spells should be a reflection of who you are and what you want to accomplish. Your path is your own, only you can decide how to walk it.


9 thoughts on “Recipes: Black Salt

  1. I never thought about making a big batch and premixing bit for special targets. That is a great idea. I am seeing a lot of great ideas on this blog, so I bookmarked it.


    • If the leftovers are from a spell that has been tailor made, or is very specific, and you do not intend to ever use such a spell again, or cast a spell for the specific thing or person ever again, I would say it is a toss up to use or discard. However, when doing general spells, all purpose sorts of magicks, or ones such as for someone’s health, someone’s protection, spells for nature, etc that will be a part of your ongoing work in the future, I suggest keeping the items for inclusion in all sorts of other magickal works, just in case, especially when it comes to spells for someone’s health or a cure for their illness. However, this is MY way, not THE way.


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