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Witches’ Spell: Go Away! Spell

We witches have options that other average citizens do not. When we are attacked and harmed we can turn the other cheek, sometimes we forgive and forget, we may rise above, or even choose to fight back, etc. just like everyone else. One more thing we can do, which the average citizen cannot, is strike back with magick. We can harness the energies available to us to handle an issue in a more permanent manner. However, just because we can do something, does not mean that we should. As always, logic, reason and ethics should be applied to any magickal work. Personally, I believe they should be applied doubly so to any hex spells, hexing in general, crossing spells, binding spells, etc.

Crossing a person, binding actions, binding people, hexing people, causing harm. These are things I do not like to do. I am not a pacifist, but I am a lot closer to being a pacifist than I am to being a warmonger. This said, I believe that this spell should not be used lightly. Use this spell only against people who have repeatedly caused you and others serious harm. My Go Away! spell is for those people who will not stop trying to harm others even when others try to work with them politely. The Go Away! spell is, in my opinion, a spell of last resorts to get rid of people who refuse to learn to behave properly toward others. When everything else has failed to bring a harmful person to heel, or to make them behave justly, then  use this spell to make them Go Away!

You will need a bit of parchment, Lampblack ink, black ribbon, a small empty bottle, a black candle, plastic gloves, small bottle of Four Thieves vinegar, small bottle of War Water, two cotton balls, two small Ziploc style bags and a small trash bag. You will also need a small bottle of wormwood essential oil and access to fast flowing water, which flows away from your home or (depending on where you have to deal with this person) business.

First, carve hex symbols into the candle; carve the person’s name in as well. Visualize the person packing up their belongings the entire time you work. While wearing the plastic gloves, anoint the candle with wormwood oil, top to center and then bottom to center in a deosil manner.

Wash the gloves and remove them, set them to one side. Light the candle and recite:

Harm to others and harm to me,
You should have stopped and let us be.
You harm by night, you harm by day,
It’s time for you to Go Away!

As the candle smoke rises, repeat the chant as you pass each item (other than the gloves, garbage bag and wormwood oil) slowly through the rising smoke three times each.

In black ink on the parchment, write the person’s name and “cross it” with a list of harm, they have done to you and others. Fold the parchment into thirds with the writing inside. Turn the parchment and fold it three more times, to hold the spell in. Tie the black ribbon tightly around the paper on all four sides. To bind the intent, knot the ribbon three times. Place the parchment into the small jar and fill it two-thirds full with Four Thieves Vinegar.

Pass this completed item through the smoke three more times while reciting the chant. Extinguish the candle, travel if you must, out to the fast flowing water, toss the bottle gently to the center of the water, and watch as it floats away. Recite the chant slowly until the bottle is out of sight.

Return home and prepare the next steps.

Relight the candle and recite the same chant. Again, as you work visualize the person packing and moving. Don the gloves, again and open the Ziploc bags. Put one cotton ball into each bag. In the first put a few drops of wormwood oil on the cotton ball and rub it around to very lightly saturate the cotton ball, while reciting the chant. When finished, zip it closed securely and pass this finished item slowly through the smoke of the candle three times, as you repeat the chant.

Move to the last Ziploc and put in just enough War Water to thoroughly saturate the cotton ball as you recite the chant. Zip the bag securely closed, and pass this completed item through the smoke three times slowly as you recite the chant.

Put the items aside, extinguish the candle, and make certain it is completely cooled prior to putting it in the garbage bag. Wash, then remove the gloves and throw them in the same small garbage bag. Take these immediately to your outdoor garbage bin and disposed of them.

Put the two Ziplocs in a safe area where they will not be disturbed so that you may take them with you to visit this person’s home or office. When you arrive, discreetly, open the bag with the War Water, squeeze the cotton ball to release the water and sprinkle it lightly where this person is sure to step. A doorway leading to home or office, or even the ground just outside their car door is ideal. Recite the chant quietly as you sprinkle then re-close the bag and put it away. Avoid stepping in it, yourself. With the other Ziploc, open it and using the bag to protect yourself from the oil, lightly smear the oil on something the person is certain to touch. Recite the chant one last time as you daub the item for them to touch. A mailbox handle, office doorknob, office phone handset, or car door handle is ideal. Remember, a little dab will be more than sufficient. Re-close the bag and put it away. Be certain not to touch the oil, yourself!

Once this has been completed, throw the remains away in an outdoor trash bin, sit back, and wait for the person to leave your life. Whether they are leaving on a jet plane, in a car or by a bus, does not matter… since they are leaving for the last time.

Note: While you are preparing the War Water and Wormwood travel packs, be certain not to spill either item inside your own household.

13 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Go Away! Spell

  1. This is exactly what I needed to get this evil person out of our lives that has done so much damage to my family.
    Thank you so much.


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