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Witches’ Tools: Basic Days Correspondence

Just as learning how to cast a spell is important for witches, so is learning when to cast a spell. In times of dire need, no witch is going to wait to cast a spell. If someone is seriously ill now, you are not going to wait until a convenient Saturday with a waning moon presents itself to spell the disease away. It is just not possible to schedule your spell work, every time.

However, when you do have the luxury of planning your spells, working a spell according to a specific date and time, can add an extra oomph to the spell, just as including a specific stone or color of candle. When scheduling your spell work, make certain to pay attention to lunar cycles as well as the can help with the magickal affects, as well. For example, when casting spell to effect emotions, if you wish to increase them, perform the spell on a Monday when the moon is waxing toward full. If you want to decrease emotions during times of grief or sorrow, cast when the moon is waning.

Monday: Spell work concerning feminine strengths, female fertility, children, childbirth and labor, animal magick, domestic peace, reconciliation,  banishing strife, emotions, intuition, dreams and nightmares, divination and prophecy, psychic abilities, purity, peace, the public, receptivity, reincarnation, meditation, imagination, initiation, inspiration, healing, justice, and gardening are best conducted on Mondays.

Tuesday: Spell work concerning physical coordination, stamina and endurance, sports, competition, hunting, conflicts, battles, war, defense, courage, confidence, confrontation, winning, action, aggression, energy, combat, banishing fear, binding enemies, reversing negative spells, driving away enemies, repairs, mechanical issues/things, and politics are best conducted on Tuesdays.

Wednesday: Spell work concerning knowledge, wisdom, education, intelligence, memory, increase awareness, healing, communication in all forms, family, neighbors, mental abilities, acuity, and agility, creativity, commerce, speaking, writing, and contracts, money, banishing bad luck, safety in travel, and healing/banishing illness are best conducted on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Spell work concerning generosity, success, business growth, prosperity/wealth, material wealth, publicity, good luck/fortune, male fertility/virility, impotence, job seeking, raise/promotion, banishing career problems, ambition, business goals, gambling, political power, self-improvement, logic, foreign travel and interests, increase/grow business, money, financial gain, success in business, power, success in legal matters and victory in general are best conducted on Thursdays.

Friday: Spell work concerning love, attraction, romance, sensuality, passion, lust, relationships, dating, friendship, partnership, marriage, general fertility, pleasure, happiness, balance, travel, nature, humanity, social activity, decorating, artistic endeavors, love lost and broken hearts, performing arts, music, luck, new friends, beauty, peace, joy, gracefulness, gratitude, parties, luxury, shopping,  are best conducted on Fridays.

Saturday: Spell work concerning increasing prosperity, banishing poverty, cleansing/blessing/purifying the home, gardening and harvests, increasing fertility of crops/livestock, psychic attack/defense, astral travel, astral magick and travel, banishing negativity, anger/hatred, crime/criminals, clear away obstacles, patience, stability, debts, inheritance, real estate, limitations, fears, communicating beyond the veil, séances, psychic abilities, the occult, meditation, death, reincarnation, serious illness, long-term projects, endings, protection from libel and slander, and bindings are best conducted on Saturdays.

Sunday: Spell work concerning charity work, volunteerism, truth, awards/honors/recognition for accomplishments, leadership, finding lost items or people, preventing war, encouraging peace, harmony, new friends, physical strength, healing energy, the law, job or career, ambition, job advancement, job success, personal success, breaking bad habits, victory over troubles,  personal finance,  power, change, protection,  excitement, and fun are best conducted on Sundays.

Remember: When you wish to cast for positive or negative results, use the waxing and waning moon cycles as a component in your spell. If you are bringing good health or good fortune, use the waxing moon. If you are banishing a disease or a financial debt, use the waning moon. The moon cycle and day you cast are only two components of a spell, you can add as many varied components as you like in order to strengthen the spell.

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