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Witchcraft Tools: A Witches Wand

Down through history, wands and scepters have been symbols of power across many of the world’s cultures, in Norse, Germanic, Celtic, Greek pantheons and more. In the Egyptian culture, the Pharaohs were known for having both a scepter and a wand. After all, magick was supposed to be passed to Pharaoh as a part of his divine right to rule since he was considered to be a God walking the earth.

Just as with the witches staff, a wand is a very personal item chosen carefully by each witch. Whether a witch is called to use a certain type of wood, metal or stone, it is a personal choice that the witch makes based on what the witch feels is the best choice for their type of magick and the main focus of their intent. Some witches may have more than one wand depending upon the purpose behind each wand.

Often, a witch’s wand is used to direct the focus of magick within a witches spell work or rituals. Being held so often during the actual spell work helps to attune the wand to the witch’s power and specific intent as the power wielded passes through the witch, through the wand and on to the recipient of the ritual or spell.

Just as with staff creation, you may choose to purchase a pre-made wand that you feel drawn toward, personalize, and decorate it yourself. You may commission one to be made for you by a professional, and attune it to your magickal intent, or you may make your own.

If you wish to make your own wand, as with a staff, you will want to research the strengths of the woods or metals to discover the most appropriate one to suit your purposes. If using wood, you may carve sigils, glyphs, runes or your own choice of symbols into the wand to personalize it to your use. Embedding crystals or stones can help focus the intent of the wand. Weaving it with metal can also be a great way of focusing a specific intent into each wand.

If you wish to craft your own wand, take a walk through the woods and seek a tree that calls to you, or seek out a specific type of tree that suits your primary magickal intentions for the specific wand you intend to create. Once you find the tree, you may search for fallen branches (check for infestation and avoid any ill limbs) to use, or you may wish to get permission from the tree to take a portion of a branch. As with staves, asking permission, thanking the tree, and leaving an offering for its gift to you is a simple common courtesy. It also increases the power of your wand if you receive the branch from the tree as a gift, instead of simply taking it away from the tree.

I prefer to visit construction sites for both staves and wands. When trees are being “removed” for the purposes of construction, harvest and save representatives of the trees who are losing their lives is a great way of honoring the lives they are losing. If the construction company is uprooting the trees, you may even be fortunate enough to harvest some of the roots, which are extremely powerful, magickally.

The next step is allowing the wand to dry naturally. Allow 30-60 days for it to “cure” completely. You may hang it up-right suspending it off the ground, or allow it to lie down, every day visiting it and touching it, sending strength, and specific magickal intent into it. After it has cured, it is time to make a few more choices.

Next, you will need to decide if you want to strip away the bark, or leave it. Some trees derive at least a portion of their power from their bark, so it is your choice, ultimately, and you may discover simply by handling your wand whether he or she works best with or without their bark.

If you do choose to remove the bark, you may wish to oil your wand to bring out the lustrous beauty of the underlying wood, or leave it bare. I have been known to add specific essential oils to rub into the wood in order to increase certain magickal intents in the wands that I have created. Some witches even choose to use an all-natural lacquer or varnish to highlight the wood’s beauty. As with all choices, you must decide what is best for your wand.

7 thoughts on “Witchcraft Tools: A Witches Wand

    • Absolutely! If you are doing a variety of spell work on a regular basis, such as you often do healing work for others, a large quantity of work relating to earth magic, if you work with power based spells weekly, a wand dedicated to each specific magickal intent will be helpful in many ways. On the same hand, some witches choose to use the same wand for all their magickal work, they feel it lends flexibility to the wand to have it charged with the work across the board. It all depends upon the way you believe is best for you and your wand(s). What works best for one witch may not work the same way for another.


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