Witches’ Spell: Reversing Negativity Spell

When a witch is being attacked, this spell to reverse negativity, will work whether the attacker is known or unknown, is simple to follow, but can be dangerous if used around young children, animals, or improperly followed.

The witch will need to get a small jar (1/2 pint to a pint size) and fill it half full of War Water. Add some tacks, pins, needles, broken glass, almost anything sharp and put it into the jar. Pieces of broken mirror work wonderfully in this spell, but never break a mirror for magickal purposes. When the witch has added all the sharp and reflective materials they can find, finish filling the jar with War Water and close it tightly and seal it with wax from a black candle.

The second portion of the spell calls for an outdoor fire, preferably in a very deep fire pit or a thick metal barrel for the protection of any bystanders or people passing by. Make certain the fire is blazing high and then recite the following three times.

Fire dance and brightly burn,
Evil magick now return,
Jar of pain reflect for me
Sender’s negativity,
Through this spell success I’ll see
By my will, so mote it be.

Gently toss the jar into the fire, making certain not to break the jar as you toss it, and step back inside and away from the fire for safety. Make sure no people or animals have access to the area around the fire, as the jar will be under great pressure and when it breaks, flying shrapnel will pose a great risk to health.

As the jar is heating up, the witch should visualize the negative energy caught up in the flames. As the flames burn bright and high, they suck the negativity directly from your life and into the flames of the fire itself just as the fire sucks the oxygen out of the air surrounding the fire. The negativity curls into the flames of the fire, roiling and heating their way into the jar until the sudden bursting of the jar sends the negativity crashing back out to its sender in the same manner as the glass, needles, pins, tacks, mirror shards, etc. fly out from the shattered jar.

As soon as it is safe to do so, clean up the area around the fire, but be careful of any shrapnel, which may have escaped the fire pit or barrel, as it will be sharp. Clean up the area thoroughly using a large magnet to attract any small metal pieces. A bright sunny day will help to identify any fragments of glass or mirror, which escaped, as well. Gather the remains and keep them in your garbage bins outside the house and as far away from you as possible until time for the trash collectors to remove it.

As with any witching process, the witch may choose to layer the process, adding a parchment spell or a copy of the above spell written out in Dragon’s Blood Ink, a specific rune, glyph, or sigil to the parchment. You may seal the jar and then use an herbal or specific spell oil to anoint the jar with the persons’ name (if known) or a picture of the person. Add a pinch each of graveyard dirt, cayenne pepper, burdock, Solomon’s Seal Root and Vetivert to remove the negativity from the witch, repel it and/or ward against it returning to the witch. There are so many ways to layer the spell to send the current negativity packing and protect the witch from negativity being an issue in the future, all it takes is a little imagination, a witch with determination and a plan.

6 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Reversing Negativity Spell

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  2. Is that all? Can’t I make it stronger somehow because I have one person sending me alot of negativity all the time and I am so over it already.


    • Actually, thanks to your question, I went back in and edited this one quite a bit. I am thinking of doing the same with several others as in the beginning, I was trying to keep it simple, for beginners, but I think reminding others that simply adding layers to spells can increase their efficacy as the witch works toward a specific goal. Thanks for the reminder!


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