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Common Witchery: Simple Binding Spells

As previously mentioned, witches and magick have been around for centuries. Many of the older, more well-known spells are so common that no one actually knows where they originated. As such, they tend are passed on by word of mouth, in books and on websites frequently because they are so simple and so easy to use. They may be used as is, or “doctored” up to add additional layers of power to the spell, which is something I, personally, prefer. I suggest that others do so in order to increase the potency of their common spells. It is not necessary, of course, but adding in a few simple elements to a common spell, puts their own special touch on a witches’ spell. As I see it, better to shoot for the moon and hit the stars than to underestimate your needs.

Here are a few of the simpler and better-known spells to bind an enemy and/or sweeten their disposition toward you. Remember to focus on the intent of the spell and the outcome you want to see as you gather the items needed and actually work the spell.

Spell 1: Use a picture of the person, draw an “X” in Bat’s Blood ink over the face, fold it into a small square, freeze it in a mixture of sugar water, and keep it in the back of your freezer as long as you wish.

Spell 2: Write their name on a piece of parchment, draw an “X” or a circle with a line through it over the name in Bat’s Blood ink, freeze it in a mixture of sugar water and keep it in the back of your freezer as long as you wish.

Spell 3: Write the person’s name on a piece of parchment in Bat’s Blood ink,  add a small bit of Solomon Seal Root and a Morning Glory bloom and fold them into the parchment, tie it closed and bury it.

Spell 4: Create a poppet for the person, add in any personal items of theirs you have, hair, nail clippings, saliva (such as contained on a cigarette butt, a lollipop stick, etc) fill the poppet with graveyard dirt, add a pinch or two of black salt, sew it closed, and bury it deep.

To layer on more strength to the spell, you can always use Dragon’s Blood ink for the writing portion in place of the Bat’s Blood ink. Burn an Exorcism incense to pass the parchment, poppet or picture through. Burn a black candle engraved with the appropriate runes, or a sigil you have created for them carved into it and drip black wax over the parchment or picture. Use black ribbon or twine to bind the picture before freezing or burying it. Write a quick spell to read over the item, etc. Always remember that the more thought and care you put into the creation of your spell, the stronger it will be due to the extra intent and focus you are putting into it. As always, this is my way, not the way, since each witch always knows best how to handle their own situations in life.

"Black candles Speyer 3" by Vassil - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Witches’ Spell: To Bind an Enemy

Everyone has enemies, even the nicest person you can imagine has enemies, and witches are no different. Often, we have enemies who do not even know us, that hate us simply because we are witches. The intolerant people, who still believe the propaganda against witches, seem to find great delight and joy in sending all sorts of negativity our way.

While your average witch’s jars can handle a great deal of what comes your way, sometimes a binding is necessary for people who do not know when to quit. This is a simple spell on the surface but strengthened by the addition of other elements incorporated in the spell, if the witch chooses to add them.

You will need:

Gather all the items together and place them on your altar (if you use one)or in a sacred space. If casting a circle, do so now. Keeping a focus on the person’s face thoughout the casting. Use the scissors to cut a length of black cord or thread about six inches long. Set it beside the jar, take up the pen or quill, and write the enemies name on the parchment. “Cross their name” with your own on top, written diagonally on theirs to symbolize that you are the victor in the battle and see their energy fading before your eyes as you. Add any sigils, runes, or glyphs you deem necessary to the parchment. Place the iron nail inside the parchment. Using a tri-fold method, fold the parchment with the names inside, then, fold it again on opposite sides with a tri-fold again to lock the names inside. Using the ribbon or thread you previously cut, tie the parchment securely closed. Light the candle and drip a bit of wax over the knot and onto the paper to hold the knot in place.

Recite the following:

I bind you here with my own might
You cannot harm me day nor night
From your ill will, I’ll be set free
Thus as I will so mote it be.

Place the bound parchment inside the small glass jar and add any modifications to the jar that you wish before sealing it with wax around the top of the jar.

Witches, who want to increase the power of the binding, may add representatives of the elements to the jar to aid in strengthening the spell. Perform the spell during the proper time and on the proper day for ending troubles or binding enemies to help the magick. Witches may add a specific stone to the jar to enhance the spell that symbolizes the target. If the witch so chooses, they may paint glyphs, sigils and runes on the outside of the jar, as well.

If you want to a way to distract the enemy, so they lose focus on you, or give them some of their own medicine in return to worry about, you may place one of the following runes in an inversed position in each corner of the parchment before folding it and binding it closed, Ansuz, Berkana, Jera, and Nauthiz.

Remember, the imagination is yours, use it to craft unique spells that perfectly suit your needs. Use what is helpful and discard the rest. If the work of other witches is sufficient to your needs, then great, use it! If not, then build on their work to craft a spell that fits your needs. Always remember, the only limits to your magick is your imagination.