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Witchcraft Ritual: Solitary Witch Circle Call

At the mention of deities and elements, you will want to assume a stance, which you feel is appropriate for each, in order to honor your chosen deities. This ritual is for a solitary with a tiny space to work in. Just turn in place to point out the perimeter of the circle. As you work, you are calling the power of your personal God and Goddess of choice into you and commingle it with your own natural power. You are ready to begin.

    The God and Goddess divine power
    Will join with my own at this hour
    While with that power I am filled
    A sacred circle I will build
    I’ll start at east and when I’m through
    I will have paid all homage due
    Hail to the east where air is found
    May Raphael’s spirit abound
    Hail to the south where fire is stored
    ‘Tis there stands Michael’s flaming sword
    Hail to the west where water goes
    Where Gabriel’s cup over flows
    Hail to the north where earth is done
    Stands Uriel the dark winged one
    With quarters drawn and firm in place
    I have on earth a sacred space
    With God and Goddess, I am one
    I’ll work my rites until I’m done

Now you are free to do all the magick you raised the circle for, be it to celebrate, cleanse and consecrate your tools, or work a special spell. When finished close the circle with these words.

    Thus end of rites, now spell work’s through
    I’ll clap my hands and bid adieu
    To all who joined me in my plight
    To help me with my work tonight
    With thanks to all, by my decree
    Now as I will, so mote it be.

Clap where appropriate and the circle is undone. Do not forget to share any food or libations with the necessary entities… be they deity or fey or whomever else was involved.

Heather Treehugger

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