Witches’ Tools: Elemental Correspondences # 2

Element Time Season Zodiac Places Guardian Magickal Practices
Earth Midnight Winter Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo Caverns, Caves, Forests, Mountains Uriel Agriculture/Crops, Ancestors, Animals, Buildings/Construction, Business, Conservation, Death/Rebirth, Ecology, Fertility, Food, Grounding, Home/Household, Investment/Stock Market, Jobs/Promotions, Material Wealth, Money, Mountains, Nature, Old Age/Elderly, Progress, Prosperity, Protection, Stability, Strength, Wealth
Air Dawn Spring Aquarius, Gemini, Libra High Mountain Peaks, Towers, Raphael Abstract Thinking, Astral Travel, Beginnings, Change, Channeling, Communication, Community, Divination, Education/Learning, Finding Lost Objects, Freedom, Happiness, Intelligence, Laughter, Memory, Mental Acuity, Order, Psychological Power, Study, Teaching, Telepathy, Thought, Travel, Visualization, Wisdom
Fire Noon Summer Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Volcanoes, Deserts Michael Athletics, Banishing Anger, Banishing Negativity, Banishing Illnesses, Competitions, Conflicts, Contests, Courts, Desire/Passion, Destruction, Dowsing, Empowering, Energy, Exorcism, Gambling, Good Health, Law Enforcement, Military, Purification, Sex, Success, Treasure Hunting, War, Willpower, Work
Water Twilight Autumn Cancer, Sorpio, Pisces Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Swamps Gabriel Affection, Beauty, Childbirth and Children, Clairvoyance, Emotions, Cleansing, Compassion, Contract Negotiations, Dissolution, Dreams, Emotions, Family, Fishing, Friendships, Healing, Love, Meditation, Partnerships, Psychic Powers, Psychicism, Receptivity, Recuperation, Rest, Sadness, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

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