Witches’ Tools: Glyphs in Modern Magick

Many modern witches have taken to using glyphs in their magickal workings. Some glyphs are shapes and symbols used for thousands of years, some of the most ancient ones date back tens of thousands of years BCE, others may be created for a specific use by the individual  witch. The addition of glyphs to other elements of spell work can increase the power of the spell in many ways.

Think back for a moment; have you ever use a glyph before in your magick? It is entirely possible that you have. The most commonly used and easily understood of glyphs is the simple circle. Many wiccans have used it for decades as a barrier against evil and interruption. Some wiccans and witches on other paths raise a circle to create a sacred space to work out spells, yet some do not even realize that it actually is an ancient glyph in its own right.

Another way that many modern witches commonly use glyphs is in the reading of tarot. Many symbols on the more commonly used decks incorporate glyphs of Italian, Germanic, Hebraic, Nordic origins and more to foretell occult knowledge during readings. These glyphs worked into the foreground and background of the cards act as powerful symbols to help strengthen the meaning or the efficacy of the readings.

Some of the more popular glyphs for modern spell work are the symbols of Elder Futhark. These Nordic runes are used in conjunction with various types of spells every day. They are written as symbols included with spells on parchments, drawn in the air, and carved into spell candles. Some people even carry or wear them as personal talismans. As you can see from some of the spells on this blog, we use glyphs mixed into our magick on a regular basis to help increase the magickal properties of our spells.

Try adding glyphs to your next spell to add an additional level of power to your working and note the difference in the results. I am willing to bet that once you start using glyphs as potent additions you will not want to stop.


78 thoughts on “Witches’ Tools: Glyphs in Modern Magick

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  3. Hello, I was wondering if there are any sources I could find that you know of that contain massive lists of Glyphs, Sigils, Seals, and Runes. I’m trying to get a cumulative list of all of them and basically cross reference them to pinpoint the most effective, and also the most morphed, because I don’t want to use a custom sigil from Google Images that says its for one thing and is actually something entirely different. I love everything on here that I have found so far, and I am VERY interested in using Sigils, Glyphs, Runes, and Seals in my Magick, in fact, in some cases that is ALL I have used, and still have achieved results, depending on the sigils used. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for taking the time to make the website you have as it is already furthering my understanding of Magickal workings. I have magic in my blood line, My grandma cast a curse or hex on my father (before he was my father) to curse him and all his kin, but that was before he had impregnated my mom, and now I am worried as to how I would go about removing said curse/hex. She has never admitted to doing it and quickly changes the subject, but my issue is; if she cursed/hexed him and all of his kin, and I reverse the hex or curse, won’t it in turn, go back on her and Her kind 3,5,or 10 fold since that is how magic usually works, and in turn, still curse me, and even worse since she is my grandma and part of her kin is my mom and therefor it would actually make the curse/hex worse? Might it be noted that both me, My dad, and my baby sister on my dads side have all suffered the short hand in everything, run ins with the law, bad side of luck, etc.
    Also, if its any consolation, I am a direct Descendant of John Proctor, Who was pressed to death in the Salem Witch Trials. Though there is no proof he ever used or practiced magick it is nearly impossible to distinguish the truths and lies of the past.


    • Thank you for the kind words. I am pleased that we have been able to be of assistance.
      As far as a single source for symbols, glyphs, seals, sigils, runes, etc. I have not found one yet that I could trust, IMO. The creation of a cumulative cross-referenced database is intriguing and a worthy way of spending one’s life to be certain, but bearing in mind the hundreds of thousands of languages, and civilizations throughout history and the fact that most, if not all, practiced some form of magick and/or religious practices tied to their individual Gods and Goddesses… I am not certain it is practical or possible.
      As for the curse your grandmother may have cast, if you break it and send it back to her, then yes, she will suffer repercussions from your use of magick. Instead, simply break the curse. There is no automatic three-fold, five-fold, or ten-fold repercussion in magick use. They are a fallacy created as a way of controlling magick users. You can choose to create repercussions for her or not in the way you create the breaking of the curse.


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