Pendulums: Yes, They Can Have A Good Laugh At Your Expense…

My sister-in-law and I were both heavily pregnant when we made the mistake of using a pendulum together. For those of you who are “differently gendered” or those who have not yet or will not become pregnant, trust me. There is a point in every pregnancy (when you hit that fortieth month of pregnancy) the month when you cry because you are always tired, always going to pee, cannot get off a chair or couch without assistance and cannot remember not being pregnant…ever. This is not the time to use a pendulum.

Pendulums are great for communicating, but when using one together with someone else, especially if one or more of you are pregnant, it is a good idea to have one person, only, asking the questions and holding the pendulum. If there are questions for another person, write them down before hand. It just helps to keep things from becoming confused.

This was my first pregnancy and her third, so to make a long story short we were asking about our pregnancies. How would they turn out? Would the babies be healthy? We were simply asking the usual pregnant woman type of questions, when suddenly we both started getting scared. It kept answering questions for us about a multiple birth. She had already decided to have a tubal ligation, as this would be her third and final child. We had both had sonograms and knew there was only one child, each. True, there were two babies currently gestating, but our due dates were more than two months apart. It said there would be a single birth date. We began to worry that she would have to deliver early for some health reason. However, when asked we would not deliver our babies on the same date. I knew I could not get pregnant again, because my current pregnancy was already a miracle according to my doctors as I was told I would never be able to get pregnant in the first place. We were under a lot of stress together, our father-in-law was ill and she had been in the family for so long that it was like losing her own father, again. I had twins, divination, scryingjust married into the family the previous November, and was very close to the end of my surprise pregnancy. We were both asking questions by this time trying to learn anything that would be good news. Yet, we kept hearing multiple births and one date.

To the question of a multiple birth. Yes. To the question of one of us having a stillborn baby. No. Are you SURE there is a multiple birth? Yes. Will she and I deliver on the same date? No. Multiple meaning more than one baby? Yes. Okay… is it her son and my son you are talking about? No. Okay… is she going to get pregnant again? No. Well I cannot get pregnant again. No. We were both almost in tears by this time so we just stopped asking anything for fear of what we would discover.

All it took was about thirteen months for everything to become perfectly clear. That was when I had the sonogram, which announced the expectant arrival of my twin sons, who were due to arrive 17 months after their elder brother. That was the only question we did not think to ask. Since the first pregnancy was supposed to be impossible, of course we never thought to ask about another one for me, other than me stating, “Well I cannot get pregnant, again”. To which it answered, “No” and we did not think to explore that particular, “no” and apparently, that was our mistake. Sometimes I am not the brightest witch in the coven.

3 thoughts on “Pendulums: Yes, They Can Have A Good Laugh At Your Expense…

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