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Witches’ Tools: Seasonal Correspondences


Autumn: Winter:
Money, Success, Prosperity, Water, Magick Meditation, Banishing, Earth, Magick
Spring: Summer:
Healing, Fertility, Prosperity, Air, Magick Marriage, Love, Friendship, Courage, Fire, Magick


As witches, we realize that there is a season for everything within the natural realm. While spells are not bound to specific seasons, they do work during all seasons, they also have a period during which their intent and focus seems to be stronger and more focused due to the season that nature experiences as a whole. When possible, aligning spell work with certain days, hours, colors, herbs, stones, metals, deities, etc. helps to increase the power of the spells.

Autumn: It is the season to review your actions and say goodbye to the previous year. It is time to harvest your crops, whether they are physical crops or the emotional and mental crops of the work from your magick and your soul. Take time to enjoy the change of the season in nature as you reflect on the fact that in order for there to be new births and growth in the future we have to say goodbye and respect the death of the old. Work on magickal protection for yourself and your loved ones. Spells focusing on prosperity, wealth, and success are excellent choices for autumn.

Winter: It is the season for family, for looking within ourselves and staying close to home. It is time to sit around the fire, make plans for the new year, and remember the past. Check off your achievements of the past year and make a list of what you want to achieve in the coming year. Enjoy the sleep of nature and remember to get plenty of rest, yourself. Work on spiritual healing magick and on letting go of the things that have held you back in the past. Spells working with the spirit realm, meditations and reflections on spiritual things are perfect focuses for the winter months.

Spring: It is the season to have a long stretch and reawaken your senses to the rebirth of nature. Clean your house, donate unnecessary items, and open your windows to enjoy the fresh scent of awakening nature in the seasonal storms and scents of new grown grass and flowers. Work on fertility and love of all kinds since this is the time to grow. Spells working with the healing of the body and mind, the growth and fertility of all things physical from families, to new relationships to prosperity in business matters are best in spring.

Summer: It is the season to work hard and achieve. It is the time to get out, be active, and rejoice in the sun with your loved ones. Activities with family and friends are opportunities to celebrate the full growth you achieve in this season. Approach everything boldly and fearlessly in the heat of summer. Work on magick of abundance and growth in this season for yourself and your loved ones. Spells for strengthening your marriage, increasing the love in your life and building upon existing friendships is best for the summer months.

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