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Doing the Spell Work and Getting a Big Zero

There are many reasons for the spells witches cast. Whether it is for yourself or for others, you want to get the best results possible for the time and effort you put into your spell work. Sometimes, though, it seems like you create and cast your best spell ever, yet nothing happens. Other times, you cast a spell and the results are completely off target, or the spell seems to work, but is muted and weaker than intended. Witches are no more infallible than any other human beings are, so check your methods, processes, and reasoning for flaws.

You want to be successful… at something.
Well, I do, too. We all want to be successful but you need to determine exactly what you want to be successful at, before you can succeed. If you do not have a specific intent in mind, then how will you focus on the intent of the spell work, much less know if the spell works after you cast it. Make certain that you know the point behind the spell before you decide to craft it. Without a specific intent, you may as well be whistling a tune as casting a spell.

You had the intent, what about the focus?
You can write the most eloquent spell ever written. You can decorate your altar, use the right candle, and call on the perfect deity (with whom you have a previous relationship) to aid you. What were you thinking of when you cast the spell? Did your mind wander? Were you thinking about picking your kids up from school on time? Was your mind on an argument with the boss? Did the knocking on your front door cause a distraction? Was it hard to “tune out” the dog barking in the yard next door?

Chances are if you cannot concentrate on the spell at hand, it is going nowhere. Stop the effort and wait for a more opportune time to perform it. Take time to meditate before beginning, again. Wait until you have the peace you need, inside yourself and outside yourself, to cast your spell work for a successful outcome. Prepare for a time when you do not have anything preoccupying your mind. Start with some deep breathing to center yourself and prepare for the spell work. Set up in a location that is quiet and not prone to noises and distractions. Remember, spell work is all about the intent and the focus. You need both for the best results.

Okay, so you wrote a spell… but did you spell it out?
When writing a spell there is no such thing as too specific, in my opinion. If you are trying to achieve a specific result, such as good health for your cousin battling cancer, you need to specify exactly which cousin. Chances are there could be more than one with cancer, either diagnosed or undiagnosed. You may even have two cousin Franks, one who told you about his cancer, and another one who is fighting his cancer privately. Write the spell to name the specific cousin, name the specific cancer, and state what you want the cancer to do. Are you looking for the cancer to go into remission? Do you want the cancer removed successfully in surgery? No detail is too small when crafting and casting a spell. Write the spell out on parchment, including a special sigil that you create for the specific person. Write out details about the person and burn it in the flame of a spell candle.

You cast the spell and then sat on your ass waiting.
Wow, really? There is an adage that fits here, believe it or not. It is called the deities help those who help themselves. You wanted to get some extra income so you cast a spell to bring money your way. Now, follow that action by doing things that will be profitable for you. If you sit around waiting for money to fall into your lap, not only are you going to have a very long wait, but also you will likely have a very empty lap. Get off your duff and doing something to get the ball rolling. Go out and make a product, offer a service or look for a new position or promotion. No effort will usually equal no gain. If you have no idea what to do to get the money coming in, then cast a spell for the inspiration you need.

You asked for it, now what are you willing to do for it?
There is another adage, which says, nothing in life is free. This is true in magick, too. Just because you want to gain something, does not mean you do not have to give something up to get it. If you want to have a better relationship with your partner, write the spell so that you are giving due time to invest in the relationship. Just writing a spell to improve the relationship, will only take you so far. If you want to get measurable results, write it so you are sacrificing something of your own desires, expectation, and efforts to achieve the better results. If it is worth crafting a spell for, then surely it is worth a sacrifice on your part.

You want it, yes, but do you need it or deserve it?
You want to get a newer, bigger house in a gated community. You need to think about it honestly first. Do you want it because your sister-in-law made a snide comment about how tiny your house is, and she pissed you off? Do you want it because your friend (who makes twice what you do on the job) has a huge, beautiful house and you are envious? If so, these are negative feelings and chances are your spell is going to have limited results, at best. If you have a sincere need for a larger house because your family is expanding. If you need something newer because your current house is a rental and falling down around you. Chances are you are not only going to have more determination going into the spell, but also the powers that be, your deities, the cosmic energy, etc. will be more likely to align your favor because your need is positive.

Just because you called on a specific deity or deities does not mean they are listening or care.
This goes back to a previous post about creating and having a relationship before you start working with deities. Just because you find a spell or create a spell involving a deity, does not mean that calling on a specific deity or deities is going to add anything to the spell. It is like the difference between calling your best friend and saying “Can you help me move a bookcase?” and going to a local grocery store and walking up to the first person you see who appears to be strong and asking them to help you move the bookcase. Where one has a stake in your preferences, happiness, and success based on a relationship with you; the other does not know the difference between you and the next Joe or Jane and could not care less where you stick your bookcase.

Spell energy is like a child; just because you raise it one way, does not mean it is going there.
That is the thing about working with energy; just because you want a certain response from a spell does not mean it is going to happen according to your plan. In casting a spell to increase your personal power, your intent may be to get a specific promotion at work. You may even craft your spell with the intent to do exactly that; however, if you call on a deity, ask a specific spirit or entity for assistance, or just apply the universal energy to your efforts, your response could be drastically different than you expect. The spell could result in you being fired from your job and finding a new one that gives you the power you aimed for with the spell. Just because you think you know the best way for you to achieve something specific, does not mean that the universe, deities or other powerful entities are going to agree.

These are just a few reasons why a witch’s spell goes awry, as you can see. There are many more reasons why spell work may fail to achieve the result expected or fail completely. However, before assuming that you are cursed, or someone or something is blocking you, do the time, put in the effort to think it through. It could be something listed above, or some other reason. If you believe that you have crafted the spell properly, have your intent, focus, and needs aligned and it still does not work, double-check your work. Try it again, later. It could be that the universe is not saying “no”, it is just saying, “not yet”.

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