Witches’ Holiday: The International Day of Peace

As a witch, two of my favorite things to do are celebrate and cast healing spells. In a case, like this I get to do both, which thrills me. It is a worthy goal to cast spells for international peace, on Sunday September 21, 2014; this is day the world has set aside to focus on international peace. As such, I know that the energy from my spell work will join with energy from other witches, and the prayers of non-magickal folks from all over the world on this special day.

Intl Peace Day 2“Let us not use bombs and guns to overcome the world. Let us use love and compassion. Peace begins with a smile. Smile five times a day at someone you don’t really want to smile at at all. Do it for peace.” Mother Teresa

The International Day of Peace established the same year that I left high school, is a day that needs a LOT more recognition, in my opinion. I think it should be every bit as well advertised as every other world holiday. It should be bigger than Samhaine; more widely celebrated than Yule, and generate more excitement than the World Cup, World Series, and Super Bowl combined. It is an important opportunity for citizens of every nation to concentrate on finding peaceful solutions to the problems between different factions the world around. It is a chance for leaders of nations to talk about solutions, explore new ideas and work together to end the ravages of war and discord that exists in and between so many countries. It is a time for rebels and regimes to find a better way than wholesale slaughter of one another to exist.

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” Nelson Mandela

If we learn to talk to one another, work with one another, discuss terms, come to agreements, and realize that we all need the same things. We Intl Day Peace 1need sufficient clean air, clean water, and safe food. We need shelter, safety, and security for our loved ones and ourselves. We need to be able to contribute to society, to feel a part of something and help build toward a greater future for the whole world. We need the freedom to worship our God, Goddess, Gods, Goddesses, all or none of the above as we see fit without persecution from others for our beliefs. There are many more, but these are the most important to my mind with only one exception. We all, as human being, deserve and have a right to exist in peace. We need to stop killing over possessions. We need to stop killing of resources. We need to stop killing in the names of our deities. They are surely as sick of it as we are, yet it does not end.

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi

During this time of global ceasefire, global concentration on peace and non-violence, we need to focus not only on making peace from an external standpoint of putting down our weapons, but also of finding peace within ourselves. We need love in our hearts and most importantly peace for those who think differently, peace for those who worship differently, peace for those who love differently, peace for those who act differently.

If we can find the peace in our hearts, we can bring it into our actions. It is a small step from the heart to the mind. It is a step worth taking to save lives, entire generations, to end the genocides, the wars against brothers, neighbors and friends.

poster_sm“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” Dalai Lama

Every year there is another International Day of Peace observed. Every year, millions of people take part, the world over, people celebrating from state to state, nation to nation, and continent to continent.

When we will realize that just as with everything else in life, if we take peace day-by-day, starting on September 21st, this year and carry it forward, one day at a time. With each step we take away from violence, we begin to heal. With each day that passes it will become easier. Each day that passes will save more lives; each day will make a phenomenal difference even taken one single day at a time.

Can we try it this year? Can we take peace one day at a time? Can we see how long we can make it last, not just for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, but also, for the world as whole? I am ready, are you?

Birthstones from Days Gone By

Well, this is a funny little chart from days of old. However, it makes you wonder where they got their information. I suspect it was a simple little advertising trick as I cannot find any data to back u the claims, those some of them seem to hit the nail on the head, others miss by a mile.


Found on: http://hurricaneblaise.tumblr.com/post/16011745428

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Witches’ Tools: Seasonal Correspondences


Autumn: Winter:
Money, Success, Prosperity, Water, Magick Meditation, Banishing, Earth, Magick
Spring: Summer:
Healing, Fertility, Prosperity, Air, Magick Marriage, Love, Friendship, Courage, Fire, Magick


As witches, we realize that there is a season for everything within the natural realm. While spells are not bound to specific seasons, they do work during all seasons, they also have a period during which their intent and focus seems to be stronger and more focused due to the season that nature experiences as a whole. When possible, aligning spell work with certain days, hours, colors, herbs, stones, metals, deities, etc. helps to increase the power of the spells.

Autumn: It is the season to review your actions and say goodbye to the previous year. It is time to harvest your crops, whether they are physical crops or the emotional and mental crops of the work from your magick and your soul. Take time to enjoy the change of the season in nature as you reflect on the fact that in order for there to be new births and growth in the future we have to say goodbye and respect the death of the old. Work on magickal protection for yourself and your loved ones. Spells focusing on prosperity, wealth, and success are excellent choices for autumn.

Winter: It is the season for family, for looking within ourselves and staying close to home. It is time to sit around the fire, make plans for the new year, and remember the past. Check off your achievements of the past year and make a list of what you want to achieve in the coming year. Enjoy the sleep of nature and remember to get plenty of rest, yourself. Work on spiritual healing magick and on letting go of the things that have held you back in the past. Spells working with the spirit realm, meditations and reflections on spiritual things are perfect focuses for the winter months.

Spring: It is the season to have a long stretch and reawaken your senses to the rebirth of nature. Clean your house, donate unnecessary items, and open your windows to enjoy the fresh scent of awakening nature in the seasonal storms and scents of new grown grass and flowers. Work on fertility and love of all kinds since this is the time to grow. Spells working with the healing of the body and mind, the growth and fertility of all things physical from families, to new relationships to prosperity in business matters are best in spring.

Summer: It is the season to work hard and achieve. It is the time to get out, be active, and rejoice in the sun with your loved ones. Activities with family and friends are opportunities to celebrate the full growth you achieve in this season. Approach everything boldly and fearlessly in the heat of summer. Work on magick of abundance and growth in this season for yourself and your loved ones. Spells for strengthening your marriage, increasing the love in your life and building upon existing friendships is best for the summer months.