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Witches’ Tools: Creating a Magickal Amulet

Previously, we discussed creating a personal talisman to work on specific magickal intent. Here we will discuss the creation of a magickal amulet. While many people believe these items to be interchangeable and while they may sometimes serve a same or similar purpose, the primary difference is that a talisman and the majority of its power come from the creation and creator of the talisman, itself. With an amulet, you are relying on using a naturally magickal item, or items, and turning it/them into something worn or carried as a protective device, or a device to repel bad fortune. Amulets are a more generalized form of magick usually used to send something away. Talismans are for focusing intent or drawing something toward you.

Some of the most common items used for amulets are different types of crystals, gemstones, nuts, hag stones, etc. which already have power on their own. Once you determine the item you intend to use it and find it, it needs to be properly cleansed prior to use.

After you have cleansed the item, you may choose a colored ribbon to help strengthen the power, or a specific type of metal chain based on its magickal properties. This allows you to wear it and receive the protection of the amulet. You may even choose a colored bag to contain it and carry it in a pocket if you choose not to wear it. As long as you have it on your person, the protection is the same.

As with other tools, an amulet may be painted or carved with a rune, personal sigil, or magickal glyph to increase the power of the item, as well. Once it meets you personal specification for the purpose, charge it for your personal use or the use of the person you intend to gift with it.