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What is Spell Work and Why Do It?

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – Tesla

Everything in our universe is made up of energy. When you look at the periodic table of elements, you can see that each element on the chart has a number reflecting its energy at different vibrational rates. Everything on earth and in our known universe is made up of these elements singly or in combinations of two or more. This being said, why is it so difficult for some people to grasp the concept?

Everything is energy. In the world around us, the trees, stones, plants and animals we share the world with, the people we know and those we do not, even the very thoughts in our brains are made up of energy, transmitted by energy, and our bodies are controlled by energy. Every person reading this uses energy not only to power the machine you are reading it on, as you move your eyes across these words, but also to comprehend and visualize the meanings and concepts behind each word, whether you agree with my ideas or not. The very decision to agree or not requires energy.

The point behind this rant is that I get tired of trying to explain to people what I mean when I say I am “working a spell” or doing “doing spell work”. I get tired of people who ask why I do spell work for things, which do not profit me, personally. Every witch has met at least one of those people, the idiots who say, “Well if you are a witch, then why aren’t you fabulously wealthy? Why don’t you live in an enormous castle and fly around on private jets if you have all that power?” With these types, I find it easier just to walk away than try to explain. If that is their idea of being a successful human being, then their particular energy needs to be far away from mine.

This is what it means when I say I am doing spell work. It means that I am working with the energy found in abundance in the natural world around me. This is what witches do. We harness energy and focus it to achieve a purpose. This is the principle, which we have learned to work with when we craft our spells. We take our own energy, combine it with the energies we feel in the world around us, we may incorporate the energy of specific elements, herbs, stones, etc. to increase the power or the focus of the spell, as well as any deities we believe in. This is spell work.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Einstein

Now, my personal belief is that we are all here to grow and learn. I believe that we are supposed to be advancing our souls, our spirits, along a path of greater enlightenment. Each person’s path is unique to them, just as they, their mind, body and soul is unique to them. Our energy is made up of not only the energy of the elements which have been used to construct our bodies, but also the experiences we have had which are written in energy as memories, from past lives and our present life, our beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears, and everything else which makes us who we are, which are also made up of energy.

I believe that as witches, we are accountable for all our actions and inactions. It is our duty to ourselves and to this incarnation to learn to harness this energy. It is our duty to ourselves and to this incarnation to study the world around us and to see how we can improve upon it. It is our duty to ourselves and to this incarnation to make changes, which will benefit all we share this earth with, be they animal, plant, or human. As we learn to grow and to care about everything around us, our energy grows and we raise the level of our consciousness and our energy, our vibration rate increases as well.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrases, “mind over matter”, “the power of positive thinking”, and even, the more recently popular, “law of attraction“. These simply state what is occurring when you use your energy of your mind to think. If you form a thought, that is using the energy in your mind and what you focus on is what will happen. This doesn’t mean if you sit and think “I want to be rich” for 15 minutes straight every night for a week that you will wake up on day eight with your bank account bulging. When you spend the rest of your time thinking about how little money you have, about how many bills you owe, and about how little your job pays you… you defeat the purpose. Everything is relative. When you spend the majority of your time focusing on the negatives, you are creating and bringing them into your life. Thoughts are energy. Everyone uses energy whether they do so consciously or unconsciously.

When witches talk about spell work, we are not talking about a fast and easy fix for everything in our lives. It is about a focused and measured way to achieve changes that we see are needed. It is about taking the time to focus our energy toward addressing something we see that needs fixing, whether it is an injustice on the other side of the world that we want to help focus our energies toward stopping, or whether we see something within our own community, or our own life, which needs to be addressed. Spell work is just as unique to the witch as our individual path.

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