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Witches’ Spell: Protection for a Child

Whether witches or mundanes, all parents and other loved ones know that protecting a child from harm and guarding its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is the first priority in being part of the child’s life. This is a simple protection poppet and spell, which anyone can create to protect the child/children in their lives. Poppets are forms of sympathetic magic and very useful as spells in their own right.

First, gather white cotton or linen cloth and white thread. Using a freehand style, or a human or baby shaped cookie cutter if you are not talented at drawing freehand, lightly trace out two matching sides for the protection poppet. Cut them out carefully and stitch the two sides together with a sewing machine or by hand. Leaving the head portion of the poppet open for stuffing, you will carefully turn the poppet inside out. If you choose to add runes, symbols, glyphs, sigils, a personalized motif or design to differentiate the poppet from others you may be preparing, now would be the time. When finished personalizing it to your satisfaction, you will set it aside.

For the filling of the poppet, you will want to gather caraway seeds (which have protection as one of their many uses)  clippings of the child’s fingernails and toenails, and a few snippets of the child’s hair. If the child is old enough to have lost a tooth, you can include a tooth as well to strengthen the bond between the poppet and the child.

Carefully add the filling to the doll, making certain that you get the child’s personal items into the bag first and afterward filling it the rest of the way with seeds. It does not have to be stuffed full of seeds. Just add enough seeds to give the poppet a fully human shape and still allow you to stitch the top of the head closed easily.

When the poppet is complete and you are ready to place it, take it into the child’s room and with these words hide it inside the crib or bed where it cannot be seen or reached.

   I hide you in my/this child’s bed
   I place you here by stealth
   Guard my/this child from toe to head
   And keep him/her in good health

Remember that as the child out grows one bed and moves to another, you will need to either transfer the original poppet, or if you have sewn it into the bed, you will need to divorce the original poppet and its contents from the child and then create a new poppet.

Though it is not necessary, to add layers to the strength of the spell, you may choose to anoint it with a protection spell oil,  write the spell on parchment and include it inside the poppet, adding sigils, runes, the child’s name, etc. to the parchment. Allowing it to lie in a magickally charged space or on an altar, surrounded by colored candles and stones or crystals to impart specific protections may further enhance the protection it provides.

13 thoughts on “Witches’ Spell: Protection for a Child

  1. Hi I have a question. I need something my 4 year old can take with her. I need something to protect her from possible harm from another. Any suggestions please????


    • Melinda, I am so very sorry for the lateness of my reply, life became so hectic that I was not checking the blog for comments. I heartily apologize for the neglect of your question! The good news is that there are so many things you can send with her! You can create a custom designed amulet or talisman for her. Depending on the medium you make it from, you can include specific metals, stones, herbs, colors to target specific needs she has. You can create a poppet for her to carry that includes herbs, ribbons with specific colors to target her needs, include a parchment inside with a spell, add sigils and/or runes to add an extra layer of protection. You can create a custom “perfume” for her to wear daily, or as needed, made of essential oils that target her specific needs. I hope this helps. Please feel free to let me know if you need other ideas or more specific help with this.


        • What you do is IMMEDIATELY call child protective services, report them and provide them with any proof you have to show the abuse exists. After he is safely removed from the home, let me know and then we can make plans to protect him going forward, but the first step is to get him legally removed from any abusive situation.


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  3. Thanks yet again for your nice techniques you have featured. It has been so remarkably generous of you to offer for free what a number of people marketed for books to make some dough for their own end, precisely considering the fact that you might well have done it in case you wanted.


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