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Witches’ Tools: Basic Zodiac Correspondences

Zodiac Symbols Element Gemstones Flora
Aries Ram Fire Diamond beets, snapdragon, horseradish, tarragon, curry, red oak, cayenne, garlic, radish, allspice, cinnamon, barberry, paprika, spinach, cashew, galangal, sweet briar
Taurus Bull Earth Emerald horehound, avocado, plantain, cowslip, tulips, pear, rice, strawberry, blood root, aster, Balm of Gilead, elder, chickpea, ragweed, columbine, elder, hydrangeas, rose
Gemini Twins Air Pearl dill, parsley, lily of the valley, Valerian, lavender, fennel, caraway, pistachio, Jacob’s ladder, pecan, sassafras, papyrus, colts foot, daffodil, liquorice
Cancer Crab Water Ruby camphor, fir, peach, lettuce, Clary sage, sesame seed, watercress, willow, eucalyptus, milkweed, pumpkin, peppermint, lemon, chamomile, mother wort, agrimony, moon flower
Leo Lion Fire Peridot cactus, banana, sunflower, marigold, orange, tarragon, mustard, celandine, angelica, birch, rue, frankincense, citron, heliotrope, eye bright, pineapple
Virgo Virgin Earth Sapphire anise, oregano, cypress, moss, fennel, savory, coriander, peppermint, alfalfa, uva-ursa, walnut, bittersweet, gentian, lobelia, oats, Queen Anne’s lace, carrot, myrtle
Libra Scales Air Opal golden seal, catnip, cherry, heather, thyme, marjoram, cranberry, bergamot, corn silk, hollyhock, sweet pea, apple, dittany, gardenia, hibiscus, lady’s mantle, vetivert
Scorpio Scorpion Water Citrine cohosh, wormwood, ginseng, cattail. myrrh, aloe, ginger root, cumin, tobacco, vanilla, monkshood, asafoetida, basil, damiana, belladonna, burdock, foxglove, pine
Sagittarius Archer Fire Blue Topaz carnation, dandelion, anise, juniper, African violet, betony, periwinkle, sumac, borage, cardamom, henna, lilac, mulberry, red clover, sandalwood, tonka bean
Capricorn Goat Earth Garnet cypress, mullein, comfrey, wintergreen, holly, slippery elm, vervain, black poplar, burdock, ivy, morning glory, potato, fern, witch hazel, mandrake, hen bane, elm
Aquarius Water Bearer Air Amethyst lemon balm, skullcap, mace, almond, lavender, patchouli, acacia, almond, gum benzoin, citron peel, cypress, lavender, gum mastic, mimosa, peppermint, pine
Pisces Fishes Water Aquamarine mugwort, Irish moss, catnip, jonquil, apricot, celery, sea weed, gardenia, mastic, echinacea, poppy, jasmine, iris, agaric, wisteria, papaya, mushroom, hemp, cabbage, lovage

14 thoughts on “Witches’ Tools: Basic Zodiac Correspondences

    • I will put basic information on the blog as time progresses and perhaps ask that others help out. Please bear with me though, Io, as I am not much of a star child, I am more of a numbers cruncher, as you will see when the numerology information begins to surface 😉


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