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All Psychics are Fake. Seriously?

As a witch with a talent of my own, (though it is certainly not tarot reading) I can understand that people who do not believe in psychics have a right to their opinions. When a person calls a psychic hotline, or visits a psychic online and gets a badly explained reading or trips over a person who has no legitimate talent, they have a right to be angry and dissatisfied. However, for some people to say that “no one” has the ability or the power to read a person based on a special skill is ridiculous. Sorry. I have to call bullshit on that one! That is like saying no one can do advanced science because you cannot understand it. It is akin to stating that because you do not “believe in” string theory that it does not exist and the people who work in the field are “making it up” as they go along. It is preposterous.

I have met only a handful of people, who have a great deal of talent in my lifetime. The first was when I was in my early twenties; she provided some excellent advice that served me well concerning my immediate question. Having been someone who investigates things thoroughly beforehand, I made it a point to give her my first birth name (which I have never actually used in my life) and a single word as the question only. I refused to banter with her, giving the “Interesting!” or “Oh, that is so me!” type of leading comments that can lead to a clue for fakes. I did not nod along with the good info or purse my lips at the bad. I did not look her in the eyes, kept my mouth shut and my eyes strictly on the cards she used. After it was all said and done, the answer to my question was absolutely not what I wanted to hear, but it was the answer she gave. I accepted it as such and walked away with the information I sought, leaving her without any feedback on her reading. I assumed that if she wanted feedback she would have asked for it.

The one person who shocked me the most, though, was my own beloved husband. When we first married, my late beloved told me he had “played around” with a Rider Waite tarot deck as a teen, but never really got into it. He had tried it because he found a card from that deck on the ground once and carried it with him for years, but really had no interest in tarot, otherwise. That all changed when we started studying the occult in depth.

My late husband was scary, very scary indeed, when it came to reading the tarot for people. Once he got “into” studying the tarot, he found himself drawn to several different decks. As such, he became a collector of decks, and on meeting someone new, he would engage them in discussions about the weather, or something going on in the world. He purposefully avoided personal information. It was a point of pride with him that the first reading, knock their socks off.

Therefore, Az looked the person over, felt the energy coming off them, then; he would reach for a specific deck. It was amusing to watch, as sometimes people would point to a different deck and ask for the reading from it because it was a cooler looking tarot deck, prettier tarot deck, spooky looking tarot deck, more well known tarot deck, and he would say, “No. This is your deck.” He shuffled the deck and handed it to the person to cut; he repeated this action three different times. He always reminded them to think the question while they touched and cut the deck, but not speak it aloud. He did not want to know. He would choose a layout based on what he wanted not what was ornate or popular, then, it was reading time.

He specifically admonished people not to give any sort of feedback during the first reading, but hold it until after he was finished. He would ask them to just listen, absorb what he had to say and hold any questions until he was through, as well. Sometimes people would blurt something out after he made a comment and it would piss him off and he would show it. As a 6’ 5” tall and very broad shouldered and masculine man, he had a great scowl that could turn off chatter as quickly as a faucet being turned, so there was usually only one “slip up” during a reading.

When I say scary, I mean that his feedback, after the fact, in the entire time he gave readings was never rated as less accurate than an eight or nine in relativity to the question. He got a few that low, however, most often people said he was dead on target for the question and rated him a 10. It was hilarious to watch his first time readings. Seeing people go pale when he would give them specific information. Watching their eyes widen with surprise, their mouth drop open in absolute shock at times was funny because Az rarely looked up from the cards during a reading and that only when he was searching for a specific word. Even then, he kept his eyes closed. You could practically see his mind spinning; hear the wheels turning as he sought the best possible way of explaining what he was getting from the cards. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing sometimes as people would gape at him openly, yet there he was… staring down at the cards, or facing the heavens, frowning with his eyes closed searching for what he needed to express, just so.

Invariably, the person would walk away one day and return another, often with a friend in tow. When you have the talent, you know and it shows to others around you. If not, then that, too, is obvious to those who are paying attention.

Bear in mind, I have met some extremely good fakes over the years. Fakes with crystal balls, fakes with tarot cards, fake palmists, all of whom are good at reading body language, asking the right questions and feeding you information which seems right at the time, but when you look back on it, the information is so generic it could apply to anyone you know.

The true readers have been rare in the almost 30 years I have been visiting and testing them, but they certainly do exist. Some talents, exploited by those people who want to make a quick buck, get a bad reputation as a result, but bad reputations or not, carefully seeking one with true talent can pay off in the end, when you get the assistance you need.


4 thoughts on “All Psychics are Fake. Seriously?

  1. Didn’t people get irritated if he picked a different deck to use than they one they requested? Did he still expect payment when he didn’t do what the customer wanted?


    • After the success of the readings, no one ever complained about his choice of a deck, add to the fact that he did not charge for the readings. People did occasionally bring him gifts though, his favorite was the lady who kept bringing him pineapple upside down cakes, as they were his favorite cakes of all time!


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