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Witchery: To Use a Pendulum

How do pendulums work? It has been theorized in several different ways. Some people believe a “universal energy” or “universal knowledge” flows through everything and supplies the answers to the questions. This energy being described as something akin to “The Force” in Star Wars movies, an energy, which is in all living things and generated by all living things thus being the “essence” of all things… it knows all things.

Others say the “soul” or “spirit” of the querist is that which actually guides the answers. That the person or persons doing the querying are immortal beings, and thus being timeless entities are all knowing and all seeing, we only hide the answers from our physical bodies and conscious mind.

Some believe deities show us the answers, when they are called upon. As they are super beings that have existed for millenniums, whether as creators or the created,  they have a unique perspective of events and actions due to their timelessness.

Still others say time doesn’t exist as most people think of it, in a straight and seamless line, but it co-exists all together at the same instant and as such, since past, present and future are simultaneously occurring “now” all questions are answerable “now”.

Finally, some believe loved ones or other spirits from the other side of the veil, the side of the non-living are working with the querist in order to provide answers to questions asked.  Because on the other side of the veil lies the answers we all seek, the access to all knowledge, they are able to assist the querist.

Regardless of where the answers come from, it is important to note the answers provided will depend upon the skill of the querist in asking questions and interpreting the results.

First, you need to find or create a pendulum. You can purchase one online, or in local occult or new age shops. If you choose to create your own, you may use any weighted item, such as a small crystal or stone of your choice, which has been altered to fit a chain. Attach it to a length of chain or ribbon, at least six to eight inches in length.

How to use a pendulum is easiest of all.

First, relax your body and take a few deep and cleansing breaths, take a moment to  ground and center yourself to prepare for the session.

Take a comfortable seat at a table and lightly loop the chain so that you are not pinching it between your fingers. Loop it around your palm and between fingers to allow it to rest on your hand comfortably without exerting any pressure. Allow it to dangle an inch or so above the surface of the table. Hold it steady so that there is no movement to the pendulum.

Speak to the pendulum, either in your mind or aloud, whichever is most comfortable for you and tell it to show you your “yes” response. If the movement is too slight, ask again until you can clearly determine the movement. Pay attention to the motion of the pendulum. Does it move from side to side, forward and back, in deosil circles, or widdershins circles? This will be how the pendulum will report an affirmative response to your queries.

Once you are certain of the affirmative response, using your mind or voice, tell the pendulum to stop. You may have to repeat the command more than once to stop the pendulum completely, when you receive a forceful answer.

Speak to the pendulum, again and tell it to show you your “no” response. Again, note the movement of the pendulum, whether side to side, forward and back, in deosil or widdershins circles, etc. This will be your negative response.

After you have asked the pendulum to stop and it has, the third time you will ask it to show you a “not now” or “maybe” response, which it will use to indicate that you are not ready to know that answer to the question you have asked or if the final result is not yet determined.

After you have learned the ways in which the pendulum will answer you, test it by making several simple declarative statement both true and false to which you know the answers so you may verify you are reading the responses correctly.

Once you have done so, you are ready to use your pendulum. The hardest thing to remember is to ask questions in a way, which leaves no room for interpretation of the question.

For example, when Azrael and I had been married about a week, he asked it to help located pictures of my gorgeous feline, Sinatra, to take to work and show a friend. We had just moved into together, so many of our belongings were still in boxes in every room. He had no idea where they might be, but he knew they existed. He carefully made a map of the rooms in our new home and went to work. He held the pendulum over each room and asked if that room held pictures of Sinatra. It advised him pictures were the living room. He created another map showing the location of all the existing boxes and items of furniture. It told him they were located in the armoire, which held our television. He searched in vain for photo albums or stacks of pictures. Finally, when I arrived home he told me of the dilemma and his frustration. I opened the bottom cabinet and immediately found the bag where I kept undeveloped film and my 35mm camera and handed it to him. I was always taking pictures so I knew that was what the pendulum was trying to tell him. The rest of the pictures were not inside the house at all, they were still out in the trailer in our new front yard waiting to be unloaded into our home.

Moral: Think the question through thoroughly and word it to leave no alternative interpretations. Whatever powers the pendulum, whether it is a universal energy, our spirits through our subconscious or time itself, it does seem to have a sense of humor on occasion.

18 thoughts on “Witchery: To Use a Pendulum

    • I find it is easier for me to ask yes or no questions, though I know some who have used it in conjunction with an alphabet based board, similar to a Ouija layout. It is your choice, which ever works best for you.


  1. I like the way you guys don’t try to tell us you know it all and everything about this stuff. You give a list of ideas and talk about how things might work and let us decide for ourselves how we believe it works from there or even something different. Thanks for not being a know it all like some of the sites that post this kind of stuff. It makes it a lot more fun to think about when I read your blog.


    • Oh, hell no! No one knows it all, and we are not about to try and fake it. All we can do is pass on what we have heard discussed through study groups, what we have learned from brighter witches than ourselves and from personal experiences over the decades of practice, and sometimes pass on our failures as well, to keep others from suffering the same stupid mistakes. Witchcraft must be shared, IMO, if we ever hope to destigmatize it from the mainstream lies told over millennia.


  2. Useful info. Fortunate me I found your web site unintentionally, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.


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