Witchery: How to Create Sun Water and Moon Waters

Witches and their waters, I know. Such a simple thing, water and yet it rules our lives in so many ways. We need it to live; certainly, we need it to clean ourselves and other items in our world. We need it to grow our plants, water our livestock and pets, and here in Texas, we need it to keep our foundations from giving us fits. (Sorry, slight tangent there from the drought stricken North Texas area.)

We had a good storm the other afternoon/night and it got me to thinking about the waters some of us witches use in our magicks. Not all witches ascribe to using waters, but many do, hence the “how-to” posts of the last few days. We covered Holy Water, and we covered Mars/War Water, so on to Sun and Moon Waters.

With Moon Waters, the affects of these waters depends upon the times a witch chooses to set the waters out to charge. It harnesses the power of the new, waxing, full, and waning moons. It can harness the moon according to the Zodiac. It can harvest the power of a “super” moon; it can even harvest the changing power of the moon during an eclipse.

Dark Moon Water – This water may not be useful for everyone, but for those who practice dark spells, this water is perfect. If you need to cross, hex, or bind someone, use this water with the spell work to engage the darkest phase of the moon. When justice is called for and not available outside your spell work, casting in the dark of the moon and adding Dark Moon Water will shine a tight focus on the justice you seek.

New Moon Water – Spells that focus on new beginnings, new employment opportunities, and new relationships are best served using this water. If you open a new business or take a new job and want to encourage success, use New Moon Water with spells for these purposes to give them and extra boost of energy. Planting a new garden or tree? Use an ounce of New Moon Water with the water you soak the plants in with to help them thrive. When moving into a new home, add an ounce or two to the water you initially cleanse the house with, in blessings and consecrations of the new home. Every spell related to a new proposition, prospect or beginning benefits from the addition of this water.

Waxing Moon Water – Add to your spells as an exponential way to grow the strength of your spells and work on growing magicks. If you have spells to increase your abilities, your skill, or your knowledge, this is the water to add when you cast them. The power of the growing moon increases the potency of fertility spells. Spells to increase your wealthy, luck, business, and the health of your relationships can only benefit from the addition of Waxing Moon Water. For illness, either long term or short term, focus on growing health using this water. I would not recommend using it for health issues, such as cancer, due to the growth properties of the waxing moon. Cast the spells at the beginning of the waxing moon and allow the Waxing Moon Water and the waxing moon to combine in strength to achieve your goal.

Full Moon Water – If you have spells that require a push of extra energy, use this water to help the spell. Strength spells, spells for love and protection for family members, spells to strengthen your spiritual gifts, strengthen your health, and achieve your dreams aided by using Full Moon Water with the spell work are more effective.

Super Moon Water –If you need a big kick to your spell, add Super Moon Water to the spell. Think Full Moon Water on steroids.

Waning Moon Water – It is an additional strengthener for all of your magicks to get rid of all the things you want to remove from your life, once and for all. This is particularly useful in getting rid of diseases that linger, fighting cancers, fighting chronic pain, fighting diabetes or heart diseases related to weight. Use the Waning Moon Water with spells for with weight loss/weight banishing, or any other problems, which tend to be long lasting. Get rid of stress in your life, which causes weight gain and high blood pressure as well as a myriad of other health problems. Rid your life of people who are negative or draining, bad habits, and addictions to things you know are not good for you. Negativity you feel toward yourself or others. All things banished with spells as the moon wanes helps take them away as the moon fades to new.

Lunar Eclipse Water – When drastic change is needed use this water with your spells. If you, or someone you know, is in a terrible situation and you need a drastic change, when casting your spell for change, add Lunar Eclipse Water to draw on the phenomenal change shown as the moon cycles through all of its stages in a single instance. This water should not be used for simple situations in which a bit of change is needed. For example, if you want to switch from one position to another within a company. This is the water you use if you want to change industries, or changes countries of operation. If you want to leave your old self behind and construct an all new you, use Lunar Eclipse Water in your spell.

Remember that the specific properties of the Zodiac will be infused in the water, too. As well as using lunar-based waters, those who prize balance in their practice may opt to use solar-based water, as well.

Solar Water – Solar Water is highly charged water to use in concert with spells calling for ego, honor, dignity, power, and pride. If you have spells to increase your self-confidence, improve your leadership abilities and increase your vitality, using Solar Water to enhance the efficacy of the spell is perfect. Just as the sun brings so much life to the earth, Solar Water breathes new life into spells used, which incorporate this powerful water. If you time the period of gathering around peak sunspot activity, it gives the Solar Water and extra boost.

When crafting your moon and sun based waters, you might choose to add specific stones or even metals to the jar as well. This adds additional properties to the water. Some of the most popular are adding silver to moon-based waters and gold to sun-based waters. These tricks are popular with many witches.

Depending upon the source of the water, if it is clean enough, you may drink the waters and gain the energy of the water before practicing the spells, as well as adding the water to the spells. It is your magick, only you can decide how you want to practice it.

The crafting process for these waters is excessively easy. Simply fill a jar with water, add any stones, metals, herbs, etc, you wish to infuse into the water as well and close the jar lid tightly. For moon waters, take it outside after the sun has set in your area. Personally, I prefer to invert the jar to get the maximum coverage surface. Leave it outside in an area that is clear of brush, trees, and buildings so the moon has an opportunity to shine down upon the jar. Granted the actual light of the moon is not crucial (cloudy nights will still charge the water sufficiently for your use) but it gives the water a clearer taste. Simply remember to bring it in before sunup the next morning. Solar water is the exact opposite, of course, take the jar out after the sun has risen and bring it in before it sets. As I said, very simple indeed, any witch can do it!