Poppet Magick: Earth-Healing Poppet

Every witch that I know is concerned with the damage that has been done to our home planet. From pollution of land, water, and air, to the depletion of its natural resources and every ill in between, we realize the need to work together and separately to try to heal our planet, and restore some measure of balance to her delicate health.

As witches, we can choose to work separately, or in groups to create poppets to help heal the damage to the earth. Creating poppets that are biodegradable and infusing them with nutrients, such as compost, or nutrients specifically designed to help the soil in the areas where we intend to bury them, will provide not just magickal assistance for the earth, but practical assistance, as well.

A poppet made using any medium that will naturally rot and return nutrients to the soil, can benefit the earth’s health. Inclusion of seeds with magickal properties as well as written parchment spells that will rot and return to earth can be a great project to share with groups, even young children. You may even choose to include stones with magickal properties to return to the earth. The witch should also remember to gather a bit of soil and plant matter from the location it will be buried in order to honor the place itself.

Create a poppet to represent the earth. If you use a potato, carve it into as round a shape as possible and add seeds to the soil just above your poppet when you bury it. As the seedlings grow, they can use the rotting potato as food. If using cloth, you can create a two-dimensional circle using a loose weave cloth and after lining the inside with paper from a used phonebook, stuff it until it bulges to a “round” shape with biodegradable material such as potting soil or clean compost material. The inner phonebook pages are highly biodegradable paper. After this add seeds just in the top few inches of the poppet and do not sew it closed. This way, the seedling(s) can use the delicious biodegradable food you provided to get a good start on life. Feel free to embroider it, draw on it with homemade, all natural watercolors, whatever it takes to make it resemble the earth for the sympathetic magick to work at its best.

If using Paper Mache, start with a lightly crumpled ball of paper in a round shape, add seeds directly to the homemade, biodegradable paste on the surface of the poppet. Once the outside has dried thoroughly, use a tool to poke a small hole and compress the paper inside. Then, earth-loving witches may add seeds, composting material, soil, etc. before burying it for the seeds to feed on.

As you create the poppet focus on the damage to Mother Earth that concerns you, focus on the harm done that you want to see undone when you plant the earth shaped poppet. Speak a short spell and be certain to specifically name and visualize the problem that poppet is meant to fix and state your wish that the earth accept it and use the nutrients that you are providing with loving care.

Take it to an area that is in need of the specific type of plant life you are providing for with the seeds you added, bury it a few inches beneath the soil, and be certain to water it in well, no matter the type of poppet. If every witch took the time to build an earth healing poppet, once per planting season just think of the healing we could accomplish together.

By Diethard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Witches Tools: Poppets as Spells

For millennia, witches have been using poppets of various sorts as ways of applying sympathetic magick to people, for various reasons. These small, handmade dolls, used for all sorts of magickal purposes, are easy to create and cross all sorts of boundaries in magick, today. Because it is such a simple way of getting magick focused to target a specific person, it has only become more popular as time goes by.

For the most part, creating a poppet is a simple matter of choosing your medium, adding a few magickal items to the poppet, and then linking it to the person for whom you are creating the poppet.

Cloth Poppets: Choosing fabric is easy. All the witch has to do is cut out a shape to resemble the person for whom you are creating the poppet, stuff it with various materials to help focus intent, such as herbs, flowers, stones and personal items, like hair or fingernails, relating to the person and voila! You are ready to link it to the person and start casting. If you have a piece of clothing worn by the person repeatedly, it is a simple matter to use it for a poppet. If not, go to a fabric store and look for solid color remnants or even patterns that can assist with the magickal intent, hearts for love, night scenes for banishing nightmares, prints with cats or dogs for animal poppets, skulls for harming magick, etc. Each witch can best determine for himself/herself what color or pattern best suits their needs for each specific poppet they create.

Wooden Poppets: If a witch has a talent with carving, they may choose to carve a poppet that resembles the person they are casting for, if not, wooden artist manikins can be found for less than $10, in various online stores. Wrap it with a metal wire relating to the magickal purpose, string the wire with stones, or not, as pleases the witch. Dress the poppet with scraps from clothing the person has worn, draw a similar face and add a few strands of hair to the head, do a simple spell to link it to the person and you are ready to begin.

Wax Poppets: Get wax chips or a block of wax, then use a slow cooker to heat the wax until it becomes malleable. Be careful that you do not let the wax get too hot, or you can burn yourself. Also, please remember that beeswax gets a great deal hotter than paraffin style wax. Once the witch can begin handling the wax, add items from the person, such as fingernails and/or hair, and be certain to add several magickal items into the wax prior to shaping it as the person for whom you are casting the spell. Add herbs and stones for healing, or anoint it with spell oil for bringing them wealth, etc. If the witch chooses, he/she may even use wax of a specific color to aid with the magickal working. After linking the poppet to them, you can begin to cast actively for them.

Paper Mache Poppets: Recipes for Paper Mache are easy to come by online. Usually a few household ingredients can be combined to create all the Paper Mache you need. Using a few tiny balloons as a base will give the shape you need. Inflate them to the desired size, hook them together with a length of waxed dental floss (for easier removal, then, cover it with the Paper Mache and leave a spot uncovered to pop and remove the balloons once the poppet is dry. After removing the balloons, add leaves from trees, herbs, stones, written parchment spells, fingernails, hair, etc. and use a bit of tape to close the opening to keep the items inside. Color the Paper Mache to aid the magick, or use white and paint the resemblance onto the poppet. Link the poppet to the target person and you can begin to cast magick for them to break a bad habit, improve their confidence, or cast whatever spell work the witch desires.

Modeling Clay Poppets: A witch may choose a commercially created clay, or use the Internet to research one of the many recipes for clay available online, in order to create their poppet. Shaping the clay into the likeness of the target of the magickal working and then inserting small stones, pieces of metal, and herbs, as well as fingernails and hair from the target. Even adding fibers from clothing that the target of the spell has worn, or dressing it in scraps of clothing the person has worn. If the clay is one that dries when exposed to air, after dying thoroughly, the witch may choose to paint it to resemble the target. Then, link the poppet to the person and let the magick begin.

Other Natural Poppets: Corn Dollies, potatoes, Mandrake roots, etc. can be use as poppets, as well. Shape a corn dolly from the shucks of an ear and add personal and magickal items into the head area before tying it off and forming the limbs. Carve a potato into the shape of the person and insert fingernails stones, herbs, and other magickal items into the meat of the potato, or dress a Mandrake root in clothing belonging to the target, wrap it with metal wire pertaining to the magickal intent. Once the poppet is formed and the magickal items added, link the poppet to the person and cast your spells, as you wish.

Just as with any other magick, the intent behind the magick, the tools a witch chooses to use and the imagination they use to tailor the magick toward their specific needs is all subjective to their process. Every witch has to decide for themselves how, when and if to use poppets in their witchcraft.