Witches’ Spell: Parchment Spells

It is often common for witches to write out spells or partial components of spells for use in conjunction with their magickal workings. Some witches track their success rates, performance, etc. in their personal journal the more expensive of which may be handmade, covered in leather or suede, and boast natural parchment pages or vellum pages. There are witches who also practice spells by writing out simple parchment spells. Parchment spells are very common and easy to learn. In fact, throughout history, some of the oldest writings found on earth are spells and spell fragments from various sources on ancient parchment, vellum, papyrus, as well as carved in stone, metal, and clay.

While the types of spells shared on this post are often referred to as “parchment spells”, the use of “true” parchment is not necessary to their success. Whereas some witching purists will insist on “true” parchment for their spells, meaning certain types of animal skin/by-product prepared by an age-old ritual that has existed for thousands of years, other witches prefer high quality “true” vellum (calfskins) for spell work. Still other witches are less fussy.

For the average witch on a budget, both of the above are cost prohibitive, even though the links lead to some of the most inexpensive products I have found available online. If the witch is an active caster, an experimental witch who enjoys creating new spells for themselves and others, or a new witchling still testing new spells regularly, the cost of high quality parchment or vellum becomes exorbitant over a short time. Add to that the fact that some of the modern witches and pagans among us, are part time animal activists, some are full time and very vocal activists. Some are vegetarians or vegans, which means that both true parchment and true vellum are anathema due to being considered nothing more than “treated animal remains” by these section of our folks.

However, since spell work has been popular among various religions for several millennia and it does not seem to be going out of style with modern day witches any time soon. After a few thousand of years of writing all sorts of books, information, and even spell books, the time came when the volume of writing and printing in the world began to outstrip, by far, the volume of animal skin available for use. As such, a new, less time intensive, less expensive source became necessary and the enterprising publishing world began mass creations of papers of various styles, thicknesses, and qualities to replace the true parchments and vellums.

With the advent of parchment papers and other papers to replace the animal membranes, the “new” trend started a few hundred of years ago still thrives, today. While plant matter and cloth fibers combine to make many of the higher quality parchment papers, it is a case of to each witch their own, when it comes to preferences. Some witches prefer to buy professionally produced parchment papers and other witches prefer to make their own parchment paper.

Homemade paper is thriving because witches can add various bits of herbs or add in tiny fibers of cloth of a specific color based on their magickal intent to strengthen the spell from the ground up, as it were. There are D-I-Y instructions everywhere on the Internet that teach you how to make your own paper; you may even purchase paper making “kits” online, or special order paper from local pagan shops in many areas. Experiment until you learn what works best for you.

About Parchment Spells

A witch’s spell can be, but does not have to be, a grand affair where a circle is called, spells celebrated with specific spell incenses, burning candles, chants to a favorite deity, or complex rites around the altar, blood rituals or even sacrifices of personal items to achieve results. Sometimes a simple spell written on a piece of parchment and burned in the flame of a candle of a specific color, chosen to represent the witch’s intent is all that is necessary for a spell to succeed. Some witches will include bits of various herbs bound inside a folded spell to strengthen it. Spell specifics that are performed according to the needs and the individual path each witch; however, garner the best results. Some basic guidelines for parchment spell ideas are common across the board, as shown below:

  • Crossing or Hexing – When crossing or hexing someone with a parchment spell, the name of the target is written on the parchment in Bat’s Blood ink first, then the curse or hex is written across the top of the name at an angle to for the tradition “X” shape of the crossing spell. A single line for the curse or hex is preferable and aesthetically pleasing. I prefer them to be as equal in length as possible, but that is a personal choice.


  • Uncrossing or Unhexing – If you are uncrossing or unhexing another, write the name of the person who did the crossing/hexing on the parchment, then write the name of the person crossed/hexed on top of their name on the parchment in the “X” pattern. If you choose, over the top of these two names you can make the red circle with the diagonal line through it (in Dove’s Blood ink) the international symbol for banning or disallowing.uncrossing_a
  • Binding – My favorite way to do this is to link words together relating to the person in a crossword puzzle format, writing down several specifics for their life in Lampblack ink. (If you can scan and print their picture on the parchment… even better!) Give a 45-degree spin to the page after writing the facts to write out your bindings boldly in Dragon’s Blood ink over the facts/face.For example, let us say we are binding a manager, Laura Smith, who was born on December 1st. Her nickname around the office is Bobblehead because she is about as effective as a wooden bobblehead. She goes out dancing every night, was a cheerleader in high school, is married with children, has brown eyes and hair, and has a wide face with lots of moles all over it. She was born in Boise, now lives in Irving. This person is prejudiced, hateful, and wrathful. She likes to harm others, lies, spreads gossip, and spreads negativity. The finished item looks like this:bobblehead fake
  • Wishes – When writing out wishes with parchment it is a simple matter of the witch literally spelling out what they want in Dragon’s Blood ink, or want to happen. Do not be afraid to be specific in the request. If you leave the details to chance, do not complain if you are not happy with what you get.wishes_a
  • Do as I Say – Think of this parchment spell as you think of the “I will…” lines teacher made you write on the blackboard in school. (Well… if not you, then me, because I was always at that damned board!) Get a magickal focus on what you want to happen or do not want to happen. Focus on your intent as you take a piece of parchment and write “lines” in multiples on the page in Dragon’s Blood ink. “I will get the raise I deserve this month.” Perhaps, “That weird person at work will stop asking me out.” Do the lines in sets of power numbers, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.


  • Breaking Habits – As previously stated in the spell specifically on breaking bad habits a few weeks ago, I needed to stop smoking. I have smoked the majority of my adult life since picking up the habit at 21. Az and I put it down for just over 4 years almost a couple of decades ago, but after those four years, as the first anniversary of Az’s crossing over approached, I picked it back up. I tried in vain to put it down several times since, but there would always be a lot of stress in the days immediately following the attempt. The craving would be so intense; I would end up wanting a cigarette desperately, within a day or two of stopping I would invariably “sneak one” to chill. I knew it was better for me to stop but I love smoking, I would give in after a few days or a week; pick them back up cussing myself the whole time.After casting the spell now, I have had a day or two where I really missed smoking for a few minutes, but the intense craving is just not there. One night, last week, in particular, I was extremely stressed, but cigarettes were the furthest thing from my mind right then. I thought about them a day or two later, remembered how much I enjoyed smoking for a minute or two when remembering the stress, but the craving did not come. I have not picked them back up even though I still love smoking. Usually the craving had me back to smoking by now, this time, nah. It is a handy spell for anyone looking to put the cigarettes, or other bad habits, down. I performed my spell during the waning moon, with very little modification from the spell as written on the other blog post.

stop smoking, break bad habits,
As always, the decision to personalize the parchment spells, such as using Dragon’s Blood ink is up to you. Adding runes, glyphs, or power sigils to increase the magick, adding a pinch of herbs to the top of the spell after you have written it, to fold into the parchment, tying it with a specific color of cord, ribbon, yard or thread is a choice for the individual witch. Sealing the parchment packet with your choice of wax dripped from a colored candle to secure the edges or encase the knot work the way I do it, is optional.

Your spells and rituals should be unique to your needs and desires. Adding Mars or War Water, Venus Water or Venus Oil, Satyr Oil, a specific Moon Water, Zodiac Oil, or whatever else, a witch deems as necessary, is a personal preference and adds layers of power and complexity to the witch’s spell.

When adding runes, glyphs, sigils, etc, to a parchment spell, adding them to the four corners of the spell prior to folding them in is a good choice for any witch. When adding spell oils, spell waters, you can add a single drop for each corner and one in the center, or trace your preferred holy/power symbol over the top of the spell. If you want to add additional power, you can anoint the edges of the parchment spell, beginning at the top right hand corner and circling the parchment edges widdershins to send away as for uncrossing, unhexing, and breaking bad habits spells. When drawing power into the spells for wishes, crossings, bindings, etc. start at the top right hand corner and dress the edges of the paper in a deosil motion.

The best folding pattern I have found to lock the potential into the parchment is to do a tri-fold with the written spell and any oils, herbs, etc. inside, then turning the parchment 90 degrees, do another tri-fold, to “lock” the intent of the spell inside the parchment packet.

Tying the packet closed, is a three-way system as well with my parchment spells. I loop and tie in direction based on intent of sending or receiving, rotate the packet widdershins/deosil also based on intent, rotating three times, total, and tying three times total, then dripping wax thrice on the knot work.

As always, this is my way… not the way. Take any of these spells and personalize it to suit your individual needs adding and subtracting any layers you deem necessary for your spell work. No spell is written in stone when it comes to modern or eclectic witchcraft, the individual witch makes the spell or tweaks an existing one to suit their needs.


magick amulet, amulet

Witches’ Tools: Creating a Magickal Amulet

Previously, we discussed creating a personal talisman to work on specific magickal intent. Here we will discuss the creation of a magickal amulet. While many people believe these items to be interchangeable and while they may sometimes serve a same or similar purpose, the primary difference is that a talisman and the majority of its power come from the creation and creator of the talisman, itself. With an amulet, you are relying on using a naturally magickal item, or items, and turning it/them into something worn or carried as a protective device, or a device to repel bad fortune. Amulets are a more generalized form of magick usually used to send something away. Talismans are for focusing intent or drawing something toward you.

Some of the most common items used for amulets are different types of crystals, gemstones, nuts, hag stones, etc. which already have power on their own. Once you determine the item you intend to use it and find it, it needs to be properly cleansed prior to use.

After you have cleansed the item, you may choose a colored ribbon to help strengthen the power, or a specific type of metal chain based on its magickal properties. This allows you to wear it and receive the protection of the amulet. You may even choose a colored bag to contain it and carry it in a pocket if you choose not to wear it. As long as you have it on your person, the protection is the same.

As with other tools, an amulet may be painted or carved with a rune, personal sigil, or magickal glyph to increase the power of the item, as well. Once it meets you personal specification for the purpose, charge it for your personal use or the use of the person you intend to gift with it.

Magickal talisman, talisman,

Witches’ Tools: Creating a Personal Talisman

Talismans are empowered objects created and used to amplify a witches powers or their focus. Whether used to focus on balancing out a problem, protection from harm, drawing luck, drawing love or for another reason, a talisman is created with a specific purpose in mind.

When creating a personal talisman:

  1. You need to decide what purpose you wish the talisman to serve.
  2. You need to decide what form you wish the talisman to take.
  3. You need to decide what medium(s) you wish to use.
  4. Remember that multiple mediums may be used in creating a talisman.

Whereas some people like to use wood, others may favor metals, stones, feathers, a tiny bottle filled with a charged oil and herbs, or a spell written on a piece of parchment, with either Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, or Lampblack ink depending upon the needs for the spell, inscribed clay, etc. The medium does not matter as much as the empowering of the individual talisman, although I will say that a talisman made, which incorporates more than one natural element in its construction that have power in their own right, will make a talisman more powerful in the end than simply empowerment by the witch creating it. You may even choose to invite a specific deity or deities to bless the item with their power in addition to your own.

Let us say we want to create a talisman to bring peaceful relations in our working life. We might choose to make a charm bracelet. First, we would need to determine which metals, stones, woods, figurines; etc. would best represent this purpose. Choose any deities and representations of their power/strength we want to add.

Gathering the items would be the next logical step, then once gathered, they would need to be consecrated and charged individually, and then the bracelet would be created and aligned in a manner to please the individual witch. After building it to the witch’s satisfaction, it needs to be charged as a completed whole and consecrated to the purpose or intent for which it was created.

When the items is worn, it not only allows the witch to link to the natural power of the items in the talisman, harness the power they have imbued the talisman with but also serves as a focal point in keeping the witch on task throughout the time the talismans is worn. Often times, just the act of wearing a talisman will help a witch to remember to focus on the purpose of the talisman throughout the day while attached to them. They will often touch the item, feel it moving about, and focus on it, which helps to reinforce the magickal intent of the talisman. As they touch it, feel it moving about, they remember the focus of the magick and their focus narrows to the intent, which causes the intent to become stronger each time they refocus. The talisman helps access the law of attraction when a witch focuses on the intent, which helps to attract the very thing the intent was created to bring into fruition

In constructing a talisman, there will normally be one major piece of the talisman used as a primary focus. While you may choose a specific metal for the bracelet, target colored ribbons, or other various items, there is one piece that will hold the greatest focus. You may decide to use a medallion of wood specific to your needs. On the medallion, you can carve or burn your personal sigil, or make the focal point from clay and inscribe a rune related to the intent, use metal and stamp it with your favorite glyph to focus your power and symbolize the intent of the talisman. Buy a tiny bottle and fill it with charged spell oil that you can access and use to anoint yourself or an item, or a charged essential oil, even a tiny piece of parchment with a spell, sigil, rune, etc. You may target the intent based on a certain color of beads or ribbon used, or choosing certain gemstones based on their magickal properties. Help the magick along by closing the tiny piece of parchment with drippings from a spell candle of a certain color, which was anointed and inscribed to your purpose. The crafting of your talisman is limited only to your own imagination.

You may decide to make different talismans for different days of the week if you choose, focusing on work life one day, home life another, personal prosperity on a third, etc. These are very handy tools to use and they become stronger, more potent tools with every use, so why limit yourself to creating just one talisman? Creating them as gifts is a lovely way of letting someone know how much you care about them.