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Children’s Spell: Knot a Problem

Spells for children are by their very nature, easy to learn and easy to practice. This does not mean, however, that the magick itself is any less strong. It merely means that the child is starting with easy to learn practices and that the spells can be worked with a minimum of magickal items, a minimum of words to remember, and a minimum of actions to take in order to make the spell work.

As with any magickal workings at young ages, you need to remember to show the child the process several times over before allowing them to do the spell on their own. Working with children calls for learning things by rote,  through repetition and practice. When it comes to the recitation, if the child has a problem remembering the order and words of a spell, print it out or make it into a song for them. Children can learn almost anything, no matter how complex, if you put it in song. Our children learned their home address, including the zip code, the phone numbers with area codes to our house, my cell, their aunts’ houses and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house all in a few days practice during the year our eldest started kindergarten. Bear in mind the twin were 17 months younger, so that is very impressive if you ask me!

This is a simple spell that an elementary school aged child can learn to work. The spell requires nothing more than a piece of yarn and an ability to visualize and recite a small chant.

If the child is having a problem in school or at home and is stressing over it. Help them pick out the proper color yarn to address the problem. (This is an opportunity to start teaching the child about color magick as well.)

Have the child sit in a comfortable position. This would be a good time to introduce deep breathing as a way to attain calm before working a spell and breathing slowly and in a measured pace while performing the spell. Once the child is calm, you are ready to begin.

Have the child hold the string and close their eyes, tell them to “see” what the problem is in their head. Are they having a problem remembering their ABCs? Are the multiplication tables giving them fits? Is a child in their class distracting them when they are trying to listen to teacher? Is a sibling annoying them with questions?

Ask the child to “see” that this problem is not going to bother them anymore. Explain that through the use of the magick they will not stress over the alphabet or math tables as these will start to become easier. They will not have a problem in the future when ignoring the chatterbox distracting them. The younger sibling will not bother them as much even when the questions continue because the child will have more patience. You might also stress that the younger siblings are typically in awe of their older siblings being so much smarter, stronger, and knowing so much more.

When the child has the “solution” to the problem in mind and can “see” it clearly, have them tie a knot with their eyes closed while focusing on the solution and recite the first line in their head while breathing in and the second line while breathing out:

What was a problem once before,
Is not a problem anymore.

Tell them to keep “seeing” the solution as long as they can. Each time they finish a knot have them repeat the chant at the same time; have them think it, repeatedly as they feel the magick working. Tell them that they should think this chant and tie knots for as long as they are able. Once they cannot “see” the solution anymore or if they run out of room for tying knots, then the spell is done. They should take the yarn outside and bury it in the yard. Tell them that as the yarn starts to rot, the problem will start to fade away and as soon as the yarn is gone, so the problem will be gone, as well. Remind them that they cannot disturb the yarn once it is buried or it will undo the spell and the problem will return.

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Children’s Spell: A Simple Spell for the Smallest of Us

I choose to let our sons attain their adulthood hearing about and/or seeing the craft worked from a distance, however, I refuse to allow them practice it (in earnest) until they reach/reached an age of majority. Our eldest son reached his majority in 2013, the other two will in barely over a week. I explained that I did not want them reaching adulthood and regretting having taken part in spiritual ceremonies to please a parent or parents, then regretting it later, as I regretted being baptized to make my father happy when I was young, then realized a few years later that the Christian faith was absolutely not for me.

Instead, I have asked our boys to study and find the right path for themselves, with the promise that even if one wishes to become a Rabbi, another wishes to become a Priest, and the third wishes to become a Southern Church of Christ preacher, they will all still have my undying and unconditional love. As I have said many times before, a spiritual path is a sacred thing that each soul should discover on their own through seeking, studying, and introspection.

This said, I also know many friends and family who believe in taking a more Abrahamic approach. After all the Abrahamic faiths admonish their followers to raise up their children in the way they would have them go, (which I believe I have done as I want them to think for themselves) but the churches, synagogues, and temples mean that the parents should raise the children to follow the faith of the fathers. As such, every year, the number of witches raising their children into the practice of the craft expands exponentially.

Even so, all too often spells are written for those witches who are more advanced, older, and/or more knowledgeable, yet the smallest children have the same needs as their older counterparts in the craft. If they are going to be raised in the craft anyway, we should at least begin by teaching them some of the basics and what better way to do so than with miniaturized spells to match their miniaturized bodies and craft levels?

As I said before, our sons were never taught to practice any spells, however, there was one I performed for them nightly, a simple sleep blessing, that they each started repeating back for me by the time they were in Kindergarten. It is a simple spell to keep away nightmares, which is as good a place to start as any, since children are prone to so many confusing and frightening things in their dreams in their youngest years.

This simple spell may begin with explaining how visualization works at the level of the child. Have the child visualize sleeping peacefully throughout the night, waking up happy and well rested the next morning. Once they have that thought in place, using the index finger of your sending hand, you will draw a banishing pentagram on their forehead over their third eye chakra. Once you complete the pentagram and reach the starting point again, without lifting your finger, you will also completely encircle the pentagram so that your finger is making one fluid movement to draw he symbol. As you draw the banishing symbol, you recite:

Maiden, Mother and the Crone
Make bad dreams leave (Child’s name) alone.

Then, to “seal the spell” you kiss the symbol, which you have just drawn and tell the child that they are safe from nightmares. As they become more familiar with the process, you can have them do it themselves just after you do it for them. Make certain that they do not do a mirror function and end up invoking instead of banishing, also, remind them that the second line they will say is going to be a bit different:

Make bad dreams leave me alone.

Even children as young as the mid-single digits can learn this very simple spell, and in addition, the very act of “chasing the bad dreams away” for themselves, will help the child learn about empowerment from a very young age. This will come in handy as their magick advances and will also teach them that they have power over their own lives. If they want to “bless your dreams with peace” allow them to do so. It will help strengthen their confidence and increase their working craft experience.

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Witches’ Ethics: Children – To Teach or Not to Teach

It is a personal choice if a witch wishes to teach their children magick. Some witches raise their children in the family practice of witchcraft and some do not. It is a very personal choice and should be made with an eye to the child’s future and what the parent considers best for their individual child, or children, in particular.

Personally, Az and I allowed our children to know that we were practicing witches throughout their lives; they saw us practicing magick from very early ages, before they could even speak. They were allowed to watch rituals performed and spells cast throughout their lives while their father was alive and I have continued the traditional after Az crossed over in ‘99. Had Az lived, I am certain there would have been some very intense arguments, as I know he was eager to teach them from a young age to practice. However, I felt it best to wait and allow them their own choices once they reached the legal age of majority.

As the years passed, they have seen me cast several different spells: on behalf of themselves in nightmare banishing rituals, on behalf of others in healing rituals, in protection spells cast on our vehicle while they were inside, and on behalf of the animals, we pass on roads who have lost their lives, etc. I have refused to hide what I am from them, and though I cautioned them to remain silent about my craft to others when they were much younger, (I explained the prejudice some feel and how it could affect our family) however, for many years now, they have had my permission to “out” me to their friends if they wish.

Our eldest, now 19-years-old, has developed an interest in the practice of alchemy. Our twins, who will be 18-years-old in nine more days will choose at that time whether they wish to practice. If they wish to practice, they will gain access to my personal library, my knowledge, and guidance on their paths. If they choose not to practice, that, also, is their choice.

Others of our coven have chosen to raise their children in the craft. While I do not necessarily agree, I do respect their wishes and am currently in the works of crafting a new Yule ritual that will incorporate four of the children in the celebration as active participants. The children are eager to learn and as a result, they will take part in a limited manner suited to their individual ages.

If a person wishes to teach their children magick, there are many spells, which may be taught, depending upon their age, to help them increase their sensitivity in tune with their growing abilities. In the following weeks, I will be adding a few of the spells that I consider appropriate for children to the blog.

The first will be a spell that my children picked up from me, without my intention, which served them well in the intervening years. It is simple and it is the only one I have allowed my children to practice prior to reaching their age of majority.

Feel free to pass this spell and any others I share, on to your own children if you feel they are appropriate to your child’s needs.