Spoken and Thought Only Spellwork

Many magickal spells you find on our blog, and other places, use anything from a few to a great many components in order to work effectively; however, sometimes less can be more when it comes to your witchery.

Simple spoken or thought only spells are easy to create, all it takes is a little time, imagination, and effort. As always, everything depends on the needs and desires of the witch doing the spell casting. Any problem a witch can address with a large spell they can address with a spoken spell or thought spell. Some of the major benefits of using spoken and thought only spells are that witches may use them anywhere, and on short notice. With no preparation needed, no physical components to compile or carry around, one cannot beat the convenience of simply speaking or thinking a specific set of words to achieve a desired result.

Whether you create a chant to speak, make a more extensive, or even a one sentence “spell”, you can use the spell wherever or whenever you wish. It allows a witch the opportunity to be private with spells in situations where the witch does not wish to draw attention to their spell casting.

Getting even more personal for the witch, they can create a unique one word spell by combining various sounds to express specific meanings, similar to creating a written sigil. Choose a goal and create a sentence. Play around with the sentence structure, choosing sounds that are pleasing from the sentence and combine the sounds in a new way. For an example, if you chose “I want a good job that suits me “, you may reorder the thought to create a single word, such as: sumejowango. To any other person, it sounds like nonsense, but the witch knows the ultimate intent behind the word. It can then be used, even on a current job around coworkers, or a boss that is making the witch miserable. Think it, speak it. The intent of the word is still occult. Once a verbal sigil has been created, it can be spoken once, or even chanted according to the witches will.

For those among us who were taught, or brought up with the idea that “proper” magick takes written components, candles, herbs, metals, stones, or other components, it can be difficult to make the jump to doing everything internally. Even though it simplifies the spells, it can leave an “otherwise trained” witch with the feeling that the spell is undone, incomplete, or useless. Nothing could be further from the truth. The energy and intent put into it, makes the spell. The spell, and especially the intent behind it, needs to be just as well thought out and focused as with any other magickal working. Just because a spell is simple does not mean you can throw it together with reckless or inattentive abandon and have it perform as you wish. Chaos begets chaos after all.

While more extensive spells and mid-range spells are preferred by many, including myself, a simple verbal spell can be just as effective when necessary. Mantras, affirmations, spell chants, wishing on a star, even making a wish as you blow out birthday candles are all great examples of spells, which need nothing but words, thoughts and energy.


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Guest Post: Self Determined Titles by Michael DeCamp

~~~Bloggers Note: Michael is a guest blogger here, chosen due to the number of years I have been blessed to know him and also for the verified potency of the “energy bombs” he sends to me. These bombs are sent both upon request, and occasionally, they are sneakily dropped on me simply because he feels my drain from half a continent away.

Michael is responsible for many interesting and helpful posts in the group I visit. The entire group has had many wonderful discussions thanks to his posts. He poses questions for thought, offers answers and insights on others’ questions. He shares knowledge gleaned from real life experiences. He is not a part of Sacred Hands Coven and I have never been graced to meet him IRL, but have been blessed to have him as a personal friend for a few years now online. Thanks for permission to post, Michael!~~~


As we go through this life, we come across words that hold meanings for us as individuals; meanings that differ from person to person.

Before my awakening, to me, magic was what I saw on TV and in movies. Merlin was a wizard of myth and legend, and magicians were tricksters. Later, I was made aware of Native American titles: Medicine (Wo)Men, Shamans, and Dream Warriors, each with special gifts.

After my awakening into the start of my path, I chose the title of healer. It was the first ability I worked on and studied. However, as I grew into my other abilities, the title I chose changed. I thought of myself as a magus, a sorcerer, enchanter, and even an adept.

The more I learned to do, the more my ‘identity’ changed, as my identity changed, so did my title. Again, these titles were self-defined. Determined as I saw how they fit me as a person.

Finally, eleven years after my first awakening to the spirit/occult/divine path, I came to my final title. My personal identifier. I had just stumbled upon my current path; a path of balance. It was during this reaffirmation of my beliefs and values that my personal title identifier changed to what it remains today. I am an Energy Weaver.

My gifts allow me to tap into multiple energy threads. I see different energies as different and distinct colors. I follow their courses through everything perceived. It is a very uncommon ability, apparently. I have discovered only a handful of individuals who relate to energies, and their uses, in the same manner.

This is who I am. This is my personal title.

I hope that others, through personal introspection and exploration, can find who they are. Perhaps you don’t need a title. Perhaps you identify with a title already. Whichever the case, as long as you are comfortable with whom you are within the mindset of magic and the occult; this is what matters most, in my opinion.