This blog deals with witchcraft, paganism, druidism, and alternate belief systems. Witches are not strange people you see lurking in dark places. Witches are not like the ones you see portrayed on television and in movies. Witches may be your sisters and brothers, witches may be your friends, neighbors, your doctor, your accountant. Some witches bag groceries, others teach in schools and universities, some deliver pizzas, or help you when you call tech support. Witches work in local restaurants and even own them, and yes, even the person who stops to help you on the side of the road may be a witch. You should not fear witches as a whole as they are just as human as you are, have their own lives, and loved ones, just as you do. Witches will not persecute you, hex you, or cast a spell on you for no apparent reason.

Truth be told, more often, witches are the ones persecuted. The ignorant ones who do not understand anything about us, our beliefs, or our paths, nor do they care to try are happy to cause us trouble for their own enjoyment. They fear and hate us because we believe differently. They make up stories about us simply to cause strife and distrust. We must learn to cope with those who throw things at our homes in the night, those who try to get us evicted from our homes, fired from our jobs, and who bother our children all in the name of their religious beliefs. Sadly, there are many and they cover the globe. They are on every continent and in every nation.

However, our numbers are steadily growing. Our beliefs are becoming more familiar to the common person on the street. Mainstream media with its misinformation and its prejudice has lost ground to the Internet, where the truth spreads more easily than in the heavily politicized and commercialized forms of media our parents and grandparents had to use to learn about their world. It is becoming a new world. Perhaps one day soon, we will no longer hate or fear each other… one day soon we will get to know each other and accept each others differences and learn to live in peace together, instead.

We are willing are you?


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  1. You said: a witch decide if coming “out of the broom closet” is safe for them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    It took me years to come out to my family for exactly those reasons. You are right, even after being grown, there are still reasons to stay hidden for some people.


    • I completely agree, Joyce! I have several friends who have chosen, due to locale or issues within family, to stay in the closet their whole lives so far. While it is sad to think they have to hide their choice of path from almost everyone they know, sometimes for reasons of safety or family unity, it can be necessary.

      I am glad that you were able to come out, because I can still remember the stress and sadness I felt at having to hide. No one should have to feel that way about the path they have chosen for themselves.


      • If I was Spanish I could still explain that whilst I am also a person I am also defined as Spanish for a reason. I thought you wanted people who are not witches to understand you. Possibly the reason for the misunderstandings and persecution if you allow others to define you in a vacuum of non-information FROM you?

        “The ignorant ones who do not understand anything about us, our beliefs, or our paths, nor do they care to try…”
        I cared to try. Over and out.


        • Well, people is about as accurate as I can get and be truthful. As the story says we are all genders, all walks of life, all nationalities… no way to really define it further that I have ever figured out. Some are raised to it, some convert. It is a religion to some and to others it is a practice. I know witches from pretty much every denomination of faith since I am a member of some of the group forums where we hang out and discuss ideas, ethics, spell work, etc. We welcome all in as long as they abide by the rules so we can really get a good mix in the room at times. Disagreements can get the fur to flying also! We try not to be mean to one another, but if we disagree with one another, no one is really hesitant to say so.


          • Okay let me ask the questions that most would ask who have never met a witch before and clearly whose ignorance of them could explain some of the persecutions. Of course you don’t have to answer any or all if it makes you uncomfortable.

            Is being a witch something satanic or anti God?
            What kind of spells can you cast?
            Do you (witches in general) tend to keep the fact that you are a witch anonymous?
            How could I become a witch?

            That’ll do I think.


            • I am so sorry for the late reply, between the holiday and hectic issues coming up in family life, I was delayed and am just getting back to the blog, but I will happily cover each question for you!

              Is being a witch something satanic or anti God: For many, absolutely not, witches come from every religion around the globe. Some believe in the same deity as Christians, some believe in the same deity as Jews, some believe in he same deity as Muslims, etc. That being said, yes, some witches are also Satanists. When I say that witches comes from all religions I really do mean ALL religions, including those who do not practice any religion, such as atheists/ Best way to know what religion a witch practices is simply to ask them. Most who have been around a while are more than happy to answer any question they can.

              What kind of spells can you cast: If you mean the generic “you”, witches can cast anything they wish, or they can specialize in a specific “field” of magick. per se. If you mean a specific “you”, I have cast a variety of spells when needed, but I tend to work most often with healing spells for my loved ones, and friends and family of my loved ones. Just an FYI, healing spells in witchcraft are similar in practice to prayers for healing in religions. They are not meant to take the place of medicine and primary care, but used in conjunction with them to help the person who is ill.

              Do you (witches in general) tend to keep the fact that you are a witch anonymous: Secrecy tends to be a personal matter for each witch. Some of us are in large suburban areas or big cities where it seems mostly safe to disclose our practices, if we choose to do so. Others who live in small towns or in areas where there may be a lot of prejudice, may choose to keep their practices hidden from others. Family and friends may play a part in the decisions as well. Think of alternative religions the same way you think of alternative lifestyles in that regard. Just as a person has to decide whether or not coming “out of the closet” is a good choice for them in their current place and time in life, so must a witch decide if coming “out of the broom closet” is safe for them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

              How could I become a witch: Anyone interested in becoming a witch can easily do so by looking for groups in their area to study with (http://witchvox.com/ has a great tool to look up established groups in any area) or by studying on their own. There are many reputable websites and books where they may learn the basics before moving on to meatier subjects relating to specific magickal “fields” for those who may wish to specialize. Some choose to learn how to be a witch by belonging to a specific tradition (trad), which involves studying a particular path and following a set of specific rules for that trad. Some may join a trad only to get the basic knowledge and then discover it is not a good fit and choose to switch to a trad that fits better, some go eclectic and use bits and pieces from various trads and combine them with their own deeply held personal beliefs, some even choose to learn from a trad and then go solitary and practice alone by choice.

              I hope this helps you understand a bit more and thank you for the questions! Your earlier questions pretty much set in motion the topic I posted earlier today. Questions I have had in my past helped me to research and clarify my own positions and beliefs as to my magick and practices. Questions now encourage me to explain my own beliefs to others in a way that I hope helps them to understand that just as each person is different, so is the path that each person travels. Just as religions encourage their followers to build a relationship with their deity via studying their holy books, praying and asking for guidance which may give them a unique interpretation of those holy books, so is it with everyone. Each path is as unique as the person traveling it.


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