Quicken the Divorce

Begin this spell after sunset but complete it before midnight. For successes in matters of law, you perform it on Thursdays, but Sundays are best for victory over troubles. You can define the issue as one or the other as the best wish for the spell, or if you want to double down and do it twice, it will just reinforce the matter.

You will need:
Two candles of the appropriate gender (or one candle each, colors befitting each person’s zodiac sign)
Red thread
Divorce Oil
A sharp implement for carving the candles
A piece of parchment
Dragon’s Blood Ink (or a black pen)
Black thread
A pinch each paprika, tarragon, tobacco
A lighter
A fire safe cauldron or bowl

First using either a male and female candle (or two candles, one each to represent the zodiac signs of those involved) carve the involved persons’ names into the appropriate candles. Then, only on the sex that is to be pushed away, place the reversed rune for Wunjo.  It will bring sorrow, strife and frenzy to the offending party. Anoint both candles with divorce oil, start in the center of the candle, and anoint it widdershins from the center of the candle to top and then center to bottom to “send” the spell out when the candle burns.

Divorce oil contains Sandalwood to banish negativity, Pine for clean breaks and to promote new beginnings, Yerba Mate to end relationships, Wisteria to overcome obstacles  and Passion flower to diminish stress.

**A single oil can be substituted if you only have one of them, or oils may be left out if you have some but not all, the oils used will bring the properties mentioned above to the spell.

Tie the candles together with a red thread to symbolize the love that the people once shared and set them aside.

Write the spell

On a piece of parchment using Dragon’s Blood Ink (a black pen will work in a pinch) write out the following spell.

We once were  bound with holy ties
Now ripped asunder through your lies (with scissors, cut the thread binding the candles, put in cauldron)
This cord’s now cut to set me free
You’ll walk away and let me be

From here on out I’ll walk in peace
Your influence, it will now cease
Divorce be granted now and here
My life without you will be clear

No heartache follows from this place
Of you there’ll be no lasting trace
You’ll have no power over me
As I declare so mote it be

Once you have finished writing the spell on the parchment, read the spell over the candles. When you reach the place where you cut the cord binding the two candles together, you will light only the candle of the person you are getting rid of, and then finish reading the spell.

Once the reading is completed, you will lay the parchment flat before you.

Add one Pinch each:

Paprika – Adds energy to spells
Tarragon – Heal the abused
Tobacco – Win in court

You will do two tri-folds to hold these inside. (i.e. Fold the paper into threes trapping the herbs and tobacco inside, turn it 90 degrees and fold it into three the other direction. You end up with a small filled packet.

Use the Dragon’s Blood Ink (or pen) the draw the following sigil for “Quick Divorce” on both front and back. All lines should be touching. (Unfortunately, the computer makes this hard to do.)

Bind the packet closed with the black thread, knotting it seven times. This packet you will set fire to by holding it over the lit candle to ignite it, and then lay it aside into the cauldron or fire safe container holding the cut red thread.

Allow the candle to burn to the end before snuffing it out. Once it is out, take both candles and the ashes of the parchment and thread away from your place and throw them in the trash.







13 thoughts on “Quicken the Divorce

    • LMAO Really, Brandi? May I ask how I am “pushing” anyone into anything by simply posting spell information? Frankly, my late beloved and I vowed to love and stay married “as long as we both shall live” specifically because I do not believe in divorce. What other people believe and choose to do is their choice. I wrote this spell for someone because I knew they wanted the divorce and with the spouse they had at that time, they needed the divorce for the sake and safety of their children. I do not tell others they must or must not divorce because their life and their choices are exactly that: THEIRS. I was in my 30s before I wed, after 15 years of saying I never would marry, because I met the perfect person for me. He was not perfect, but perfect for me. That is why I choose to honor my vow to this day even though he crossed over more than two decades ago.


  1. I have always honoured my vows and for years of being married put my wife first of all. Now find she was getting involved with another mans and now I’m expected to pay pennants by staying married to her tho I am no longer love her because this. A lot more of her family members are depend on me to live back home, when considering immense problems and suggesting me to be quiet and stay here just for me marrying her. The united states are different when wedded, and she is going out I can divorce. There it is bad for face, makes me looking bad and in addition is very bad with the system. I am supposed to be polite plus tolerant make excellent husband and keep peace. I do not want this any more. Can I divorce?


    • Walt,

      I am not certain how to respond to this. If you are in the United States and you want to remain married then of course you may, if you do not then you may divorce. It is your right to do as you think is right here. Whatever is in your heart, whatever you feel is right is what you should do. If you do not feel right in the marriage, if you are hurt by her, if you are suffering, then do what it takes to make you feel whole. If you want to keep helping her family back home then of course you may, even if you divorce you may help them if you choose to. Only you can decide what is right for you. No one else can, no one else should. Just because things have been done one way in your family, home country or your culture does not mean it is the only way it can be done. I wish you good luck with whatever you decide to do.


  2. We’re married for sixteen years but love is gone, but that doesn’t mean I want I want to cause her any grief, so can’t I do the spell without making trouble for her?


    • Of course, Crispian! You can leave off the rune and make any alterations you need to the spell, tweak it to suit your needs, use it as a guide to create your own from scratch, whatever works for you. Your magick should always reflect who you are and your specific intent. Which is why I often remind people that the writings here are reflective of our way of practice and are not the only way. The spell as it currently exists was written for one of our adopted “kids”, a beloved girl who is an honorary coven member dating back to over two decades ago, to use and/or to give to her sister. I performed the spell for her a couple of times as well as a favor to the family.


  3. Я був зацікавлений у дитинстві в чаклунстві і знайшов цей блог. Я читаю сторінки і розумію, що ви даєте інформацію, але ви кажете, що це не єдиний шлях. Тут батько, який виховує дітей, стверджує, що його єдиний спосіб підняти їх. Дякую за те, що я зрозумів. Я можу змінювати речі і не точно точно, але це може змінитись для того, що має сенс для мене.


  4. Дякуємо за інформацію на сторінках, які допомагають з питаннями, які я над темою. Я читаю сторінки і отримую допомогу з питанням, який я довго цікавив. Приємно, я можу прийти сюди за допомогою


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