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Poppet Magick: Safe Travel Poppet

Whether traveling to work, school, on vacation, or simply to the grocery store, every witch needs protection during their daily travels. Roads are dangerous places in today’s society. Now, we do not have to worry only about car accidents related to traffic and drunk drivers, but also inattentive driver’s focused on texting while driving, carjackers, road rage sufferers, and many other dangers on our roads. Creating a Safe Travel poppet can help any witch to alleviate the fear and worries we may otherwise experience during the daily treks we are required to make in the course of living our lives.

I suggest using air-dry clay for this poppet because it allows the witch to create two “sides” to the poppet that can be shaped in a similar manner to match up. Items may be pressed between these “sides” for convenience sake. It is easily carved to make it customized so you may include any details you wish. Then, when the poppet is dry, it can be decorated with paints and it will be strong enough to stand up to the sometimes-jarring nature of daily travel, where hard braking and swerving to avoid danger is a part of life.

Focus on safe travel as you create two sides of the poppet to symbolize your vehicle. You may even add, as decoration, representations of “the people” that normally travel in it. Add in the herbs, metal, stones, and personal items belonging to each person who normally travels via the vehicle, to the center of the clay sides when they are joined. At the “north, south, east and west” points of the “vehicle poppet”, carve in Raido, Eihwaz, Nauthiz, and Algiz to protect the vehicle and people who belong in it. If you wish, create a personal sigil for safe travel and carve it into the center of the “doors” area of the poppet.

Once you have allowed the poppet to dry and harden, paint the car including the inner and outer color scheme of your vehicle, and paint the people inside the vehicle to represent those travelers normally found within the vehicle. Once the paint dries, store the poppet in the glove compartment, in a general storage area, in the door storage, etc. As long as the poppet is safe from flying around in case of sudden stops or swerving, or being stepped on and broken, it will begin the increase the safety of travel for those within, especially ones depicted on the poppet. Every witch should have poppet for safe travel in his or her vehicle.


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