Noblesse Oblige: Is it Dead or Just M. I. A.?

Perhaps it comes from being born in and growing up in the United States of America. Perhaps it comes from being told that you are the most fortunate of people in the entire world due to the honor of being born as a citizen of a country where, if you can dream it, you can achieve it; a citizen of a country whose “American Dream” concept has been shared with the entire world. Yet, in the current times, I am not “Proud to be an American”, indeed… I am disappointed.

As a citizen who was born and raised for decades on the lie that if you work hard, are a loyal “company man” or “company woman”, and do your very best for the company… that the company will reward your years of service, loyalty and dedication to their needs by retaining you as an employee, giving you a living wage,(at the very least) and allowing you to retire with dignity, honor and celebration. Instead, I am not disappointed, I am outraged that companies are allowed, by law, to under pay you for your efforts, over work you, sometimes without additional pay, and terminate you with “no fault” declared on them” without your having done a single thing wrong.

This is not the American Dream as advertised.

Meanwhile, the “Fat Cats”, the boards of directors, upper managements, business owners, and stockholders who have raked in record breaking profits from the labor of millions of workers world-wide, sit back on their massive piles of cash, paying the actual workers as little as possible, smirking as the Middle Class dwindles away, watching as the hard working people take on multiple jobs to care for themselves, their children, sometimes even their elderly parents. What do the “Fat Cats” do as the other 99% of humans work themselves, literally to death? They use their massive wealth to purchase politicians to stack the laws in their favor, of course.

This is not worthy of any nation.

Noblesse oblige has become a foreign concept to the “Fat Cats” in businesses and governments around the globe. Gone are the days, when being a person of great wealth, power, and privilege were honorable, indeed noble lives. The ideals that were worthy of aspiration, that in addition to having great wealth, great power and great privilege one was responsible for living up to those honors nobly. One was expected to feel a sense of duty to improve the lives of the less fortunate. One was expected to give back to their community, to make certain that the world was better for their existence in it. Instead, studies show that the opposite has become true. Those with the most, give the least, while those with the least give more than ever before. In every major nation around the globe, there is an ever increasing abundance of monetary wealth in the top one-percent of the citizens, while there is also an increasing dearth of nobility in these same people.

All nations are not created equally.

I have a friend who set out, a couple of decades ago, with the concept of creating a new micronation, the Empire of Lemuria, where there is still a primary focus on the belief of noblesse oblige. If one has the ability to support oneself, one is duty-bound to help those who are in need in their community and around the globe. The more personal wealth one has accrued, the more one is required, by honor, to do for those who cannot do for themselves. This is one of his reasons for the founding of the Empire of Lemuria. They want to show other nations, and other micronations, what it should mean to be a citizen of this world.

I am not a member of this micronation, yet, but the more I learn about it, the more I consider it from the standpoint of being a good role model for other nations, just as I try to be a good role model for my children, the more I am impressed by it.

Is it just me, or is forming a micronation founded on “doing the right thing”, its own form of nobility?


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