From the Forums: Guard Your Privacy by Heather Treehugger

If someone is new to the Internet, using FaceBook or other communities, to the practice of their path or seeking a new path:

If you have questions or are seeking help please, please be wary of people who want you to contact them via private emails, private messenger, and/or phone calls. Guard your privacy well. People who run scams, steal identities, ask for money for false claims of skills, and the types who send viruses to people whom they judged to be “not like them” are not above lurking in these groups and doing what damage they can to people out of sheer maliciousness. Requests for these “private” conversations have been happening a lot more frequently in this group lately. If someone is actually there to help, provide accurate information, etc. it can be done in the forum just as easily.

As several people have been mentioning lately in threads, if you are seeking information, ideas, etc. and someone says that they can help, there is no reason that they cannot help you right here in the open forum area or via Facebook message area. One big reason to go outside Facebook is to ask something personal or ask for personal information that is better off guarded and protected. Another reason is to separate people who are new from those who know better. When posted in the group, anyone trying to pass false information, charge an outrageous fee, or collect information of a personal nature not actually needed will be called out by those who know better and are willing to help protect other members.

Going private on Facebook messages should be more than sufficient until you get to know that person and trust their judgment. Granted it might be necessary to discuss personal info in creating a specific spell and the private chat function on Facebook is more than sufficient for that purpose. (i.e. I went private in FaceBook messages area to ask a member about a personal health issue for a friend as I did not know how private or embarrassing her friend’s issue might have been and I was discussing a specific targeted spell for that issue.)

Just be careful, please. Not everyone who joins these groups is who or what they claim to be and that could be dangerous for people new to Facebook, new to a specific path or just seeking info in general. Better bet may be to watch the threads until you get a feeling as to whether or not you can trust the person or ask the advice of people who are on here often whom you DO trust to see what they may know of that person.

On a personal note: Just because a person is in a group with you and may share magickal beliefs in the group, wait until you know more about each other to go around inviting them to be your FaceBook friend or accepting their invitation to you. You may not want to see their other opinions and beliefs (other than magickal) on your regular wall. i.e. I am a rabid liberal and not everyone wants to see all my liberal rants on their walls!


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