By Mysticvoodoo Created by artist Denise Alvarado. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Poppet Magick: General Protection Poppet

Witches create poppets to serve many magickal purposes and one of the most popular uses is for protection. A poppet can be made using any medium and including any or even many items with magickal properties. As long as the witch remembers to add something of the person and link it to the person, for whom it is intended, before casting spells on it, all is good.

*Remember: Always use gloves and a mask when working with lead. Due to its highly toxic nature, you should not touch it with bare skin, breathe it in (as dust), or consume anything that was exposed to the lead. Lead is especially toxic to children because it interferes with proper development of the nervous system. It is known to cause damage to the nervous system, reproductive system, bones, heart, and other organs. Once a poppet has been created using lead, it should not be touched with bare hands or placed where children may come in contact with it. Clean any items that come in contact with the lead very carefully and very thoroughly.

Create a poppet to represents your target. It can be a simple “Gingerbread Man/Woman” shape or something more complex. Embroider it, draw on it, whatever it takes to make it resemble the person for whom it is intended in order to strengthen the link for the sympathetic magick to work its best.

As you create the poppet focus on the person, think about their physical, mental, and spiritual attributes. Think about what makes that person distinct from everyone else you know.

When it is ready, the witch may stuff it with any or all of the above listed items, even a written protection spell on parchment, not forgetting to add something from the person to link to them. Speak a short spell and be certain to name the person the poppet is meant to represent.

The poppet can then be given as a gift to the person the poppet represents. The poppet may be carried in their vehicle to protect the person, especially if they drive long distances regularly. The witch may, also, choose to retain the poppet so they can supplement the energy given toward the target’s protection on a regular basis. Just be certain that if given as a gift, you warn the recipient of the dangers if you decide the poppet should contain any lead* to enhance the spell.

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