Poppet Magick: Earth-Healing Poppet

Every witch that I know is concerned with the damage that has been done to our home planet. From pollution of land, water, and air, to the depletion of its natural resources and every ill in between, we realize the need to work together and separately to try to heal our planet, and restore some measure of balance to her delicate health.

As witches, we can choose to work separately, or in groups to create poppets to help heal the damage to the earth. Creating poppets that are biodegradable and infusing them with nutrients, such as compost, or nutrients specifically designed to help the soil in the areas where we intend to bury them, will provide not just magickal assistance for the earth, but practical assistance, as well.

A poppet made using any medium that will naturally rot and return nutrients to the soil, can benefit the earth’s health. Inclusion of seeds with magickal properties as well as written parchment spells that will rot and return to earth can be a great project to share with groups, even young children. You may even choose to include stones with magickal properties to return to the earth. The witch should also remember to gather a bit of soil and plant matter from the location it will be buried in order to honor the place itself.

Create a poppet to represent the earth. If you use a potato, carve it into as round a shape as possible and add seeds to the soil just above your poppet when you bury it. As the seedlings grow, they can use the rotting potato as food. If using cloth, you can create a two-dimensional circle using a loose weave cloth and after lining the inside with paper from a used phonebook, stuff it until it bulges to a “round” shape with biodegradable material such as potting soil or clean compost material. The inner phonebook pages are highly biodegradable paper. After this add seeds just in the top few inches of the poppet and do not sew it closed. This way, the seedling(s) can use the delicious biodegradable food you provided to get a good start on life. Feel free to embroider it, draw on it with homemade, all natural watercolors, whatever it takes to make it resemble the earth for the sympathetic magick to work at its best.

If using Paper Mache, start with a lightly crumpled ball of paper in a round shape, add seeds directly to the homemade, biodegradable paste on the surface of the poppet. Once the outside has dried thoroughly, use a tool to poke a small hole and compress the paper inside. Then, earth-loving witches may add seeds, composting material, soil, etc. before burying it for the seeds to feed on.

As you create the poppet focus on the damage to Mother Earth that concerns you, focus on the harm done that you want to see undone when you plant the earth shaped poppet. Speak a short spell and be certain to specifically name and visualize the problem that poppet is meant to fix and state your wish that the earth accept it and use the nutrients that you are providing with loving care.

Take it to an area that is in need of the specific type of plant life you are providing for with the seeds you added, bury it a few inches beneath the soil, and be certain to water it in well, no matter the type of poppet. If every witch took the time to build an earth healing poppet, once per planting season just think of the healing we could accomplish together.

One thought on “Poppet Magick: Earth-Healing Poppet

  1. Hello,

    I noticed that for one you are someone who is properly concerned with more than just trying to make a profit off other witches and people interested in witchcraft. In reading through several pages on your blog I see that giving information means more than just an attempt at making money off people who come here. There are too many that post information and then say that only by doing things their way or paying for their experience is the only way to learn, or that you need to buy their assistance to learn how to do witchcraft correctly. I am pleased to see that there are still witches out there who care more about the people, and especially the environment and are willing to help by trying to get the most knowledge in the most hands with apparently no agenda other than spreading the knowledge. Thanks for standing out from the crowd, it is noticed, it is appreciated!



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