Celebrating Mabon

Some brilliant ideas shared from a trusted friend.

A Witch's Log

If you live in the northern hemisphere, autumn is more in the air than before with the Autumn Equinox approaching. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change color, and the amount of pumpkin spice goods in stores is starting to become a bit ridiculous. Historically, this would be around the time of the main harvest and would be a time of gratitude and celebration of Life, Death and Rebirth. The crops lived to maturity, would die in a sense as they are being harvested and will later be reborn in the spring. Named after the Celtic Goddess of Motherhood, Mabon is the second of three Celtic harvest festivals celebrated around September 21 by many modern day pagans (the first would be Lughnasadh and the third is Samhain). Since the holiday falls on a Monday this year, I am going to try to balance my tips both towards those who are…

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