By User Gflores on en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One Finger Position Away…

This is going to be my witch’s call to arms. One year ago tomorrow, I read a blog post in which the author briefly described being “one finger position away from nothing in the word making sense anymore” and that thought has stuck with me for the past year. It struck a chord in me and I keep coming back to that thought over and over. To me, that seems to be where our world is at the moment. It is one finger position off. We are lost in a world of gobbledygook, where politics, religions, races, genders, etc are all fighting against one another. It seems to be a world at conflict with itself in every way you can think of and with no end in sight. Stories of racial tensions, stories of abuses, stories of violence committed upon one another lead in every nation. What the hell are we thinking?

As witches, as practitioners of magick, I believe that we can and should do more to aid the world around us. We know we can affect real changes in the world around us, so what are we waiting for? Do we need an engraved invitation to work on behalf of those who are hurting in the world? Do we need to be invited to the skirmishes between good and evil? I know that both are needed for the balance in the world, but from what I see of the world, currently it is unbalanced in favor of the evil of the world winning. Youth gunned down, youth abused, youth stolen and used for evil purposes.

I am not naive. I know that a certain amount of darkness must exist in order that we may know light when we see it, but enough is enough. I am sick, physically sick, of hearing how much darkness is in the world and how much of it is caused by the so-called religions at work in the world. I have been sitting in darkness for months, stewing in despair of the world around me. Fearing for the children I brought into this world and what they will have to survive in their futures. I have let myself become heart sick over what will/may befall them in the future. Enough.

I am calling on all those who practice magick to try and restore the balance in the world. If each one of us works on our own little area of the world, then I believe that we can turn the tide back toward balance. When casting spells, reach out to others; do for others who have no magick of their own to call upon. Work spells for your community’s benefit. Work spells for your city, your county, your state, your country as a whole. Do what you can so that the future world can be balanced and not careening off into the darkness.

What do you think? We are interested in your comments, feedback, questions and ideas!

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