Ma’at Mirror Spell

Sometimes in life, people will make choices for themselves that negatively affect others. They will choose actions that bring harm, distress, and damage to the lives of other people, simply because they can, or they selfishly wish to do so. This is an example of a spell to help a person of this sort learn to make better choices with their lives.

You will need:

Before you begin the spell, make certain you have all the elements needed, laid out, and ready to go.

On the parchment:

  • If using a crossing style spell, write their name (ex. Linda Smith) and the desired result to cross the name (ex. No more lies)
  • If using a binding style spell, write their name, and use the crossed-word style over the name.
  • If using a Do-as-I-say style spell, repeat an instruction or instruction on the parchment. (Ex. No more lies, no more harm.) Repeat the line 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, or 13 times as these are powerful numbers.
  • If using a breaking habits style spell, state the habits, (ex. Lying, deceiving, harming) write out what effect their habit has had on others, (caused loss of job, caused family strife, broke up marriages, etc.) state what retaining the bad habit will cause him/her (lose friends, lost family member’s trust, etc)
  • If using runes to bring just desserts home you may choose:
    • Draw Isa on its side to draw in deceit, illusions, and betrayal.
    • Draw Ansuz reversed to draw in delusion, vanity, and boredom.
    • Draw Wunjo reversed to draw in sorrow, strife, and frenzy.
    • Draw Hagalaz reversed to draw in failure, hardship, and loss.
  • Create a sigil expressing what you want them to experience, or what you want them to stop doing.

Have the herbs, personal items or any other additions, stones or metal to strengthen the spell, etc. standing by, or laid out on the finished parchment.

Before you speak the first verse, hold the picture and stare at it. Envision all the lies the subject of the spell has told about others and those told about himself/herself to make themselves look better. Visualize every friend and family member lied to as having their eyes opened and seeing the truth of the subject’s character.

You’ve lied to strangers, lied to friends
Lied to family, now it ends
Each time you speak to tell more lies
Your words they will now analyze
Instead they’ll see the truth of you
Now all your falsehoods they’ll see through

Before speaking the second verse, concentrate on the people you know who have been harmed by this person. See them turning their back on him/her and walking away (just as you turn the picture over to face away from you) no matter what the subject says. As you speak this verse, place the picture of the subject against the mirror so all he/she could “see” is their own evils (If you use a magnified mirror, see their faults becoming magnified in the subjects own mind, as well) as you lay the picture on top of the mirror.

You have strewn harm both far and wide
Now let no one stay by your side
With this no help for you be found
As to your actions you are bound
Thus face to face so you can see
As all your harm returns to thee

Before you speak the third verse, bind the picture to the mirror with the black cord or ribbon. As you bind the picture, visualize that all the harm they caused is being directed back to them and them alone. No matter who lives with them, is related to them, rides in a vehicle with them, stands near to them or works with them, etc. all others are protected because they are not reflected in the mirror’s view. See the truth dawning on the subject that their ways are returning to them only. See him/her understanding that they have to change to bring an end to their suffering.

Harm to you will be directed
But all others are protected
Innocent ones shall remain so
As harm returns so apropos
Yet once this lesson has been learned
Then due forgiveness you’ll have earned

Before speaking the fourth verse, wrap the mirror with the picture bound to it inside the parchment with the black salt, any personal item you wish to include to zero in, and herbs against the picture side. Fold it closed around the picture so that none of the salt or herbs can escape. Visualize that if the person begins to see the light and stops lying to harm other with their words, stops lying to cover up the harm they do and blame it on others, then they earn a reprieve from the spell. However, if he/she thinks the worst is over. If they backtrack and start returning to their lying, harmful and deceitful ways, then, see the spell return to them full force like a stretched rubber band snapping back against their psyche. See as they feel its burn every time they lie thereafter until they have fully learned the lesson, no matter how long it takes.

All the power here enacted
Will at that time be redacted
Should your bad habits then return
You will again feel this spell’s burn
Once clean of heart, you’re judged by Ma’at
Return to bad ways you will not

Before speaking this last verse, see him/her as having learned their lesson. Let their features appear vague in your mind, since you do not know how long it will take them to learn to stop lying and harming others through their words and actions, you cannot tell their new age at this point. See that they are clean of heart and do not intend to harm this way again. Watch as they treat others honestly, speak truthfully, and try their best to make amends. As you speak the names Warrior, Father, Sage, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, tie a knot for each name in the last black cord, which holds the parchment package closed.

Thus by the power in this spell
No more your loved ones go through hell
Warrior, Father, Sage I intone
Join power with Maiden, Mother, Crone
Through power raised this night by me
Thus, as I will so mote it be

After the last verse, take the spell package outside. Dig a hole and bury it (being careful not to break the mirror) in a safe place in your yard so that you may watch over it. Never dig the package up, but let the parchment, herbs, picture, and all other components stay in the ground to rot and return to earth. This cements the spell. Each time the witch sees the spot the spell is buried, sending an additional burst of energy toward it will keep it working indefinitely.


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  2. I am thinking I need to consider some of the data you have in this article. I agree with a lot of your points. I’ll have to get my brain working on some of these.


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